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Africa, Lake Region in, Article, by Bennett, (F. E.), Life of Louise

Daniel C. Gilman,

14 Juliane, Electress Palatine, and

Aids to Faith, edited by W. Thom- her Times, noticed,


361 Benton, (T. H.), Thirty Years’View,

Alingham, (W.), Poems, by, no- referred to, by Timothy Farrar, 194


163 Boies, ( W. E.), The Country Parson

Annihilation, Is the Doctrine of, in Town, reviewed, by,


Taught in the Scriptures ? Arti- Bonar, (H.), God's Way of Peace,

cle by Wm. D. Love,

248 noticed,


Annual of Scientific Discovery for Bonar, (H.), Hymns of Faith and


647 Hope, noticed


Arabs, Pre-Islamic, article, by W. Boston Public Library, Catalogue of

H. Thomson,

- 385 the, Article, by Daniel C. Gil-

Atonement, The, the Foundation of

- 135

the Christian Religion, Article, by Boyd, (A. K. H.), Leisure Hours in

W. B. Brown,

485 Town, reviewed, by W. E. Boies, 442

Bacon, (G. B.), The Gospel accord- Brown, (John), Five Sermons to

ing to Job, Article,

746 Working People on Health, no-

Bacon, (Leonard), Noah's Prophecy, ticed,


“Cursed be Canaan," Article, 341 Brown, (John), Spare Hours, re-

Bacon, (Leonard), The Wars of the viewed, by Julius H. Ward, 294

Lord: or the Early Wars of Brown, (W. B.), Christ Dying for

New England, Article,

115 the Sins of Men, the Foundation

Bacon, (Leonard), What is the Cost of the Christian Superstructure,
of Tract Distribution ? Article, 587 Article,

- 485

Bacon, (Lord), Article in the Knick- Browne, (E. II.), Essay on Inspira-

erbocker on, by John W. Ed- tion, noticed,


monds, criticised, by Henry Dut- Buck, (Edward), The Drift of the


37 War, by, noticed,


Bacon, (Lord), Personal History of, Buckle, Ü. T.), History of Civil-

by Wm. Hepworth Dixon, criti- ization, reviewed, by John Bas-

cised, by Henry Dutton,

37 сот, ,

- 173

Bacon, (Lord), Works of, Edition Buckle, (H. T.), Synopsis of the

of Brown & Taggard, noticed,

Belief of,


169, 379, 874 Budington, (W. I.), Life of Adju-

Baptism, History of the Modes of tant F. A. Stearns, reviewed, 773

Christian, by James Chrystal, Burton and Speke, Explorations of,


155 in Central Africa, referred to, by

Bascom, (John), Review of Buckle's Daniel C. Gilman,


History of Civilization, - · 173 Burton, (R. F.), City of the Saints,

Bascom, (John), The Laws of Po- noticed,


litical Economy, in their Moral Cairnes, (J. E.), The Slave Power,

Relations, Article,

649 noticed,


Bayly, (Mrs.), Workmen and their Calhoun, (J. C.), Works of, referred

Difficulties, noticed,

647 to, by T. Farrar,


Bengel, (J. A.). Gnomon of the New Canaan, Noah's Prophecy respect-

Testament. Edition of C. T. Lew- ing, examined, by L. Bacon, - 341
is and M. R. Vincent, noticed, 620

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Carr, (E.), Dr. O. E. Daggett's Ser- Discursive Reason, Article, by
mon at the Funeral of, noticed, 380 Lester M. Dorman,

Cecil Dreeme, by Theodore Win- Constitution, U. S., Adequacy of
throp, noticed,

· 157 the, Article, by Timothy Farrar, 5.
Christ Dying for the Sins of Men, Constitutional Power of Congress

the Foundation of the Christian over the Territories, Article, by
Superstructure, Article, by W. Timothy Farrar,

B. Brown,

- 485 Cook, (F. C.), Essay on Ideology
Christ, Hulsean Lectures for 1859, and Subscription, noticed, 362

on the Life of, by C. J. Ellicott, Cooley, (Wm. Desborough), Inves-

154 tigations of, in African Geogra-
Christ our Life; The Scriptural Ar- phy, 1845, referred to, by Daniel
gument for Immortality through C. Gilman,

Christ alone, by C. F. IIudson, Coolidge, (A. H.), The Justice of

reviewed, by Wm. D. Lore, 248 God as a Theme for the Preach-
Chrysostom, The Pulpit Orator of er,

the Fourth Century, Article, by Daggett, (O. E.). Sermon at the
Wilder Smith,


Funeral of Dr. E. Carr, noticed, 380
Chrysostom, Works of, referred to, Dana, (J. 1.), Investigations re-
by Wilder Smith,

1 specting the Hessian fly in Eu-
Chrystal, (James), History of the


Modes of Christian Baptism, by, Dane's Abridgment, On the Subor-

155 dination of the State to the Gener.
Church Architecture, Article, by J. al Government, quoted, by Timo-
S. Sewall,
24 thy Farrar,

Church Going, Article, by J. W. Death, Intermediate State after,

537 Views of C. F. Hudson on, re-
Chwolson, (D.), on the Remains of viewed, by Wm. D. Love,

Ancient Babylonian Literature in Dickens's Works, J. G. Gregory's
Arabic Translations, reviewed, Illustrated Edition of, noticed, 169

505 Dorman, (L. M.), Conscience as
Civilization, History of, by 11. T. Contrasted with the Discursive
Buckle, Article, by John Bascom, 173 Reason,

Classical Study, Method of, by Sam- Dutton, (Henry), Dixon's Personal
uel Taylor, noticed,

- 163 History of Lord Bacon, reviewed, 37
Coke, (Lord), Defense of, against Dwight, (B. W.), Reminiscences of,

the Charges of W. H. Dixon and by his son, B. W. Dwight, no-
J. W. Edmonds, by Henry Dut-



37 Ecclesiastes, Commentary on, by
Colleges, The Clainis of, on the Lib- Moses Stuart, noticed,

erality the Wealthy, Article, Education, The Claims of the High-
by J. M. Sturtevant,

84 er Seminaries of Learning on the
Colportage, Cost of, Article, by L. Liberality of the Wealthy, Arti-
600 cle, by J. M. Sturtevant,

Colton, (J. O.). Greek Reader, Edi- Eggleston, (N. H.), Emancipation,
tion of H, M, Colton, noticed, 375 Article,

Commentary, Bengel's Gnomon of Ellicott, (C. J.), Commentary on

the New Testament, edition of Ephesians, noticed,
C. T. Lewis and M. R. Vincent, Ellicott, (C. J.), Essay on Scripture

620 and its Interpretation, noticed, 363
Commentary on the Epistles to the Ellicott, (C. J.), Life of Christ, no-
Seven Churches in Asia, by R. ticed,

C. Trench, noticed,

618 Eloquence, Patriotic and Heroic,
Congregational Church History; noticed,

from the Reformation to 1662, Ely, (Alfred), Journal of, while a

by J. Waddington, noticed, 866 Prisoner of War in Richmond,
Congress and the Territories, Arti. noticed,

cle, by Timothy Farrar, 194 Emancipation, Article, by N. H.
Conscience as Contrasted with the Eggleston,




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England, Constitutional History of, Green, (W. H.), Hebrew Grammar,
by T. E. May, noticed, 376; re- noticed,

viewed, by G. M. Torele, 457 Guerrilla Parties, F. Leiber on, no-
England during our War, Article, ticed,

by J. P. Thompson,

656 Guthrie, (T.). The Way to Life, no-
England, History of Civilization in, ticed,

by H. T. Buckle, reviewed, by Hadley, (J). The Book of Naba-
John Bascom,

173 thæan Agriculture, Article, • 506
Ephesians, Commentary on, by C. Hagenbach, (K. R.), History of
J. Ellicott, noticed,


Doctrines, Prof. H. B. Smith's
Erasmus, Life of Chrysostom, by, edition, noticed, -

referred to, by Wilder Smith, 1 Harwood, (E ), Convention Sermon,
Essays and Reviews, Replies to, 1862, noticed,

- 870
with a Preface, by the Bishop of Hautefeuille on some recent Ques-
Oxford, noticed,

614 tions of International Law, Arti-
Parrar, (Timothy), Adequacy of the cle, by T. D. Woolsey,

U. S. Constitution, Article, 51 Hautefeuille, (L. B.), Quelques ques-
Farrar, (Timothy), Congress and tions de droit international mari.
the Territories, Article,

194 time a propos de la guerro ď
Farrar, (Tinothy), State Rights, Amerique par, reviewed, by T.
695 D. Woolsey,

Félice, (G. de), on the Immediate Hebrew and English Psalter; ar-
and Complete Emancipation of ranged in Parallelism, noticed,

the Slaves. quoted,

108 Hebrew Poetry, The Spirit of the,
Fitzgerald, (W.),Essay on the Study by I. Taylor, noticed,

of the Evidences of Christianity,

Hebrew Worshiper, The, Article,
noticed, .
362 by I, N. Tarbox,

French War, The, as it Relates to Herrick, (Edward C.), Investiga-

the Early History of the New tions respecting the Hessian fly, 826
England Churches, Article, by Herrick. (Edward C.), Sketch of
Leonard Bacon,

115 the Life and Character of, by T.
Frick, (J.), Physical Technics, no- A. Thacher,

648 Hessel, (Eliza), Memorials of, by J.
Frousard, (P. S.), La Cause des Priestley, noticed.

Esclaves, quoted,

110 Hessian fly, E C. Herrick's investi.
Gage, (W. L.), Schleiermacher as a gations respecting the,

Man, Article,

427 Heurtley, (C. A.), Essay on Mira-
Gasparin, (A, De), Le Bonheur, no- cles, noticed,


865 Hill, (Thomas), Phi B. K. Address
Gasparin, (, Les Perspectives at Cambridge, on Liberal Educa.
du Temps Present, noticed, 860 tion,

Gasparin, (A. de), Uprisings of a Historical Magazine, and Notes
Great People, noticed,
645 and Queries, noticed,

Geographical Society, Journal of

Holland, (J G.), Tim. Titcomb's Les-
the Royal, London, 1845–6, on sons in Life, noticed,

Explorations in Central Africa, Holmes, (0. W.), Songs in Many
referred to, by D. C. Gilman, 14 Keys, noticed,

Gieseler, (J. C. L.), Text-Book of Hopkins, (Samuel), The Puritans

Church History, Vol. IV, no. and Queen Elisabeth, noticed, 164

626 Hopkins, (T. M.). Spots on the
Gilman, (Daniel C.). Catalogue of Sun; or Plumb-line Papers, no-

the Boston Public Library, Arti- ticed,

135 How to Accommodate a Worship-
Gilman, (Daniel C.), The Lake Re- er, Article, by J. S. Sewall, 24

gion of Central Africa, Article, · 14 Hudson, (C. F.), Christ our Life;
God, The Justice of, as a Theme the Scriptural Argument for Im-

for the Preacher, Article, by A. mortality through Christ alone,
H. Coolidge,

74 reviewed, by Wm. D. Love, 218

Hudson, (C. F.). Human Destiny;



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a Critique on Universalism, re- Lincoln, (President), Message of,
viewed, by Wm. D. Love,
248 Sept., 1862, noticed,

· 817
Hurd, (J. c.), Law of Freedom and Livingstone, (Dr.), Explorations on

Bondage in the United States, the Zambesi and Shiré, referred
- 379 to, by D. C. Gilman,

Immortality, Christ our Life; or Lloyd, (J. T.), Military Maps, no-
the Scriptural Argument for, ticed,

through Christ alone, by C. F. Love, (Wm. D.), Is the Doctrine of
Hudson, reviewed, by Wm. D. Annihilation Taught in the Scrip-
248 tures? Article,

Indian, and other Wars of New Maclay, (R. S.), Life among the
England, Article, by Leonard Chinese, noticed,

- 380

115 Madison, (J.), Virginia Resolutions
International Law, Hautefeuille on of 1799, referred to, by T. Farrar, 695

Some Recent Questions of, Arti- Mansel, (Prof.), Controversy with
cle, by T. D. Woolsey,

140 Goldwin Smith, reviewed, by 0.
Irons, (W. J.), Essay on the idea of

W. Wight,

the National Church, noticed, 616 Mansel, (Prof.), Essay on Miracles
Irving's Works, G. P. Putnam's Na- as Evidences of Christianity, no-
tional Edition of, noticed,
168 ticed,

Jefferson, (T.), Kentucky Resolu- Maurice, (F. D.), The Mote and the
tions of 1798, referred to, by T. Beam, noticed,


695 May, (T. E.), Constitutional Histo-
Jenkins, (J.), Vest-Pocket Lexicon, ry of England, noticed, 376; re-

634 viewed, by G. M. Towle, 457
Job, The Gospel according to, by McCaul, (A.), Essay on Prophecy,
G. B. Bacon,
746 noticed,

Job, Translation of the Book of, by M'Cosh, (J.), The Supernatural in
G. R. Noyes, noticed,

156 Relation to the Natural, noticed, 359
Judgment, State of the Wicked Methodism, History of, by Abel
after the, discussed, by Wm. D. Stevens, noticed,


- 281 Military Maps, J. T. Lloyd's, no
Justice of God, as a Theme for the ticed,

- 172
Preacher, Article, by A. H. Cool- Mill, (J. S.), Considerations on

74 Representative Government, no-
. W.), Church-going, Arti- ticed,


537 Montrose and other Biographical
Kirke, (Edmund), Among the Pines, Sketches,


644 Moore, (Frank), The Rebellion Rec.
Larned, (W. A.), Sketch of the Life ord, noticed,

167, 642, 871
of, Article, by T. D. Woolsey, 324 Mormons, Observations on the, by
Larned, (W. A.). President Wool- R. F. Burton, noticed,

sey's Discourse at the Funeral Muller, (Max), Lectures on the Sci-
of, noticed,

874 ence of Language, noticed, - 627
Lee, Gov. of Penn.), Letter of, to Nabathæan Agriculture, The Book

George Washington, quoted, 112 of, a Literary Forgery, Article,
Leisure Hours in Town, reviewed, by J. Hadley

by W'. E. Boies,

442 Neander, (A.), Life of Chrysostom,
Liberal Education, Rev. Dr. T. referred to,

Hill's Phi B. K, Address on, at Neptune, Horses of, Article, by E.
873 L. Porter,

Library, Catalogue of the Boston New England, The Wars of the

Public, Article, by Daniel C. Lord, Article, by Leonard Bacon, 115
Gilman, -

· 135 New England, The Religious Char.
Lieber, (F.), Guerrilla Parties, no. acter of, shaped by the Indian,

- 872

French, and Revolutionary Wars, 115
Lincoln, President), Message of, Ngami, Discovery of Lake, re-
March 6th, 1862, noticed, 783 ferred to, by Daniel C. Gilman, 14

Nile, Recent Explorations in Search

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of the Sources of the, referred Queen Elizabeth, by Samuel Hop-
to, by Daniel C. Gilman,
22 kins, noticed,

Noah's Prophecy, "Cursed be Ca. Quetelet, Correspondence with E.

naan," Examination of, by Leon- C. Herrick, respecting shooting
ard Bacon,
341 stars,

Noyes, (G. R.), Translation of the Reason, Conscience as contrasted

Book of Job, by, noticed, 156 with the Discursive, Article, by
Nyassa, Discovery of, noticed, by

L. M. Dorman,

Daniel C. Gilman,

21 Rebellion, Attitude of England
Olmsted's Journey to the Seaboard during the, Article, by J. P.
Slave States, quoted,
109 Thompson,

Owen, (J. J.). Edition of Xeno- Rebellion Record, F. Moore's, no.
phon's Anabasis, noticed, 372 ticed,

167, 642, 871
Palmer, (Ray', Memoir of Alexis Rebellion, The, its Latent Causes

de Tocqueville, reviewed, · 669 and True Significance, by II. T.
Pamphlets received,
384, 875 Tuckerman, noticed,

Patriotic and Heroic Eloquence, no-

Rebmann, Letters of, on the sup-

382 posed Lake Uniamesi or Uke-
Petermann's Geographische Mitthei- rewe, in Central Africa, referred
lungen, Gotha, 1850–60, on Ex. to, by Daniel C. Gilman,

plorations in Central Africa, no- Rejected Stone, The, or Insurrec

ticed, by Daniel C. Gilman 14 tion vs. Resurrection in America,
Petherick and Speke, Expedition


of, to the Victoria Nyanza and Rice, (W.), Moral and Religious
the Sources of the Nile, noticed, Quotations from the Poets, logic-
by Daniel C. Gilman,
22 ally arranged, noticed,

Plumb-Line Papers, by T. M. Hop-

Rich Men, Claims of Colleges upon
kins, noticed,

869 the Liberality of, Article, by J.
Poems, by Wm. Allingham, noticed, 163

M. Sturtevant,

Political Economy, The Laws of, in Ropes, (J. S.), Letter on the Free
their Moral Relations, Article, Banking Law, noticed,

• 378
by J. Bascom, noticed,

649 Rorisun, (G.' Essay on the Crea-
Porter, (E. L.), The Horses of Nep-

tive Week, noticed,

tune, Article,

477 Rose, (H. J.), Essay on Bunsen and
Power, (P. B.), The “I Wills" of reply to Dr. Williams, noticed, - 616
Christ, noticed,

623 Rural Affairs, Annual Register of,
Preacher, The Justice of God, as a noticed,

Theme for the, Article, by A. H. Sabbath, The Christian, Discourses

74 upon, by various Clergymen, no-
Preaching as Affected by Church ticed,

Architecture, Article, by J. S. Schirwa, Discovery of Lake, by Dr.

24 Livingstone, noticed, by Daniel
Preaching, Modern Impediments to C. Gilman,

its Influence, Article, by J. W. Schleiermacher as a Man, Article,
539 by W. L. Gage,

Preaching of Chrysostom during Schleiermacher, Life and Letters
the Fourth Century, Article, by of, reviewed, by W. L. Gage, 427
Wilder Smith,

1 Seiss, (J. A.), Parable of the Ten
Priestley, (J.), Memorials of Eliza Virgins, noticed,

Hessel, noticed,

381 Self-love as Related to the Laws of
Princeton Review for October, 1861, Political Economy, Article, by
on some late Developments of J. Bascom, noticed,

American Rationalism, reviewed, 303 Sewall, (J. S.), How to Accommo-
Psalms, The Book of, in Hebrew date a Worshiper,

and English; arranged in Paral- Sewell, (W. G.), The Ordeal of Free
lelism noticed,

157 Labor in the British West Indies,
Pulpit and Rostrum, nuticed,
382 reviewed, by N. H. Eggleston,

Puritans, The, or England during Shedd, (W. G. T.), Discourses and
the reigns of Edward VI and Essays, noticed,

. 870



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