A word to a young governess: by an old one [K. Naish].


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Seite 11 - Teach the children to do, to use, and to understand, those things which they will want to do, use, and understand, when they leave your care." Teach them what you have felt the want of; what you have felt the benefit of. It is easy to say,
Seite 8 - as one said to me, whose views of education Pestalozzi declared, of all he had met with in England, most nearly to reach his ideal. If you will bring out your cannon continually, you must be content with butterflies. When an important occasion arises, you cannot meet it, for you have nothing heavier than what you have used before.
Seite 7 - the state in which you began the morning's work. Were you well ? and cheerful ? and ready to see everything in the pleasantest light in which it could truthfully be seen? The next thing we would say to you is, Give up entirely the expectation
Seite 11 - made practical;" but we will come, a little more in detail, to what we mean. We will suppose, then, that while your pupils' attention is fresh, near the beginning of the morning, you have a lesson in
Seite 9 - when I heard the observation made, with reference to a particular school, "And they get as much as possible out of the boys, I suppose ?" " Before they do that," was the reply,
Seite 3 - thought best, I should have been not only interested, but helped, by such suggestions as I mean to take courage now to put down. The subject is boundless; all is not said that there is to say; and, though there are many speakers and writers at whose feet I would gladly sit to learn from them, yet, perhaps, the very simplicity of what is in my mind
Seite 11 - Miss Louisa, who brought home that showy cipheringbook last half-year, with " Simple Proportion," " Double Proportion," " Decimal Fractions," so beautifully printed in German text, or old
Seite 12 - the meaning of a post-office order, or a cheque ? Whether she can calculate,— supposing her new dress takes fourteen yards of silk three-quarters
Seite 3 - WHEN I first, some sixteen years ago, was introduced to a school-room, with four dear children, whom I was to teach as
Seite 11 - Now this is the next thing we have to say to you, as we could wish some one

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