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Quebec Official Gazette.

come into force on the twelfth day of the month of January now next ensuing : Of all which our loving subjects and all other whom the same may concern, are hereby required to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly.

In testimony whereof, we have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent and the Great Seal of our said province of Quebec to be hereunto affixed : Witness Our Right Trusty and well beloved the Honorable Sir Narcisse Fortunat Belleau, Knight, Lieutenant Gover. nor in and over our said Province of Quebec. At Quebec, this twenty first day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight, and in the thirty second year of Our Reign.

By Command,




Quebec, 11th January, 1869. DUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given hereby given that the Quebec

P Official Gazette will be published at Quebec, on Saturday, the sixteenth day of January instant, and on every subsequent Saturday morning.

All notices, documents and advertisements, mentioned in the Proclamation of the Lieutenant Governor, dated the twenty first day of December last, shall be published in the said Official Gazette.

The said notices, documents and advertisements should be accompanied with a communication indicating the number of insertions, as well as the date or dates of the publications.

The said notices, documents or advertisements, transmitted for 'insertion, shall be in both languages, unless the costs of translation be paid, and in the latter case the Queen's Printer incurs no responsibility. "' Communications should be addressed to the “Queen's Printer, for the Province of Quebec, at Quebec," and must be prepaid.

Pees of Provincial Secretary and Registrar.

Payment will be required in advance for the publication of - documents which are to be inserted only once ; and for those which

are to be inserted several times, payment of three quarters of the costs of publication will be required in advance, and the balance before the second insertion.

· The notices, documents and advertisements received on the Thursday proceeding, before ten o'clock in the morning, will be inserted in the number of the Gazette of the following Saturday.

The price of subscription is five dollars per annum, invariably payable in advance, and no subscription for a shorter time than one year will be received.

The terms for subscribing will commence on the first of January, April, July and October.

Application to subscribe made in the interval, will be counted from the current quarter, and the numbers already published will be delivered, if possible.

The said notices, documents and advertisements will be inserted on the following terms :1 insertion................... .......... 8 cents per line.

.................................. 4 5 6
and every subsequent

insertion.................... 3

By order,




Quebec, 26th September, 1868.

Present :


TT is ordered by his Honor the Lieutenant Governor in Coundil I that the following tariff be adopted for various services rendered up to the present gratuitously by the two departments of the Secre

Fees of Provincial Secretary and Registrar.'

tary and Registrar of the Province, which tariff while being a slight tax npon individuals will be a source of revenue, which will contaibute greatly to pay the contingent expenses of the department.


10. Certificate of legalization of documents, one dollar..

20. Pass under provisions of section 98 of the Merchant Shipping Act, five dollars.

30. Copies of all documents which are not above specified, for every hundred words, ten cents, and certificate, fifty cents. (It shall be at the discretion of the secretary to grant these gratis in certain Gases.)

40. Upon Registrar's commission, five dollars.
50. Commission of school inspectors, five dollars.
60. Commission of Prothonotary, fifteen dollars.
70. Commission of Sheriff, fifteen dollars.
80. Commission of Clerk of the Circuit Court, five dollars.
90. Commission of Coroner, ten dollars.
100. Commission of Fire Marshal, ten dollars.


Registration of Patents and grants of lands by the crown, fifty cents.

Commission of civil service officers, five dollars.

Registration of security bonds, two dollars.

Registration of land surveyors' commissions, three dollars.

Registration of Lotters-Patent for the sale and transfer of goodo held in Mortmain, twenty dollars.


Rogistration of commission of notary, five dollars.

Fees of Provincial Secretary and Registrar.

Copy of ordinary patents, two dollars and fifty cents.
Copy of commissions, two dollars and fifty cents.

... It is further ordered that the present Tariff be published in the Official Gazette, as being made and adopted in virtue of the Statute

assed in the first session of the Legislature of this Province 31 #. chap. 11, and that notice be given that no document will be registered or given, unless such fee shall be first paid.

Clerk Executive Council.

Quebec, 30th September 1868.
Present :

7 HEREAS it is expedient to make some additions to the tariff *WW for the offices of Secretary and Registrar adopted on the 26th September 1868, in order to charge a fee upon the commisions of Recorder, Judge of the Session of the Peace, of the inspectors of prisons and upon all commissions in the future for any appointment to a position under the government of this province and for which there is now no fee.

It is therefore ordered by His Honor the Lieutenant Governor in Council that the following supplement be added to the said tariff. Fees on Copies of Orders in Council.

10. Recorder's commission............. -------------- $15 00 20. Commission of Judge of the Sessions of the Peace......... ........................ ............ 15 00 80. Commission of clerk of the Peace.............. 15 00 40. Commission of clerk of the Crown............ 10 00

50. Commission of the President of the board of Inspectors of Prisons...... -------- ----------- :15 00

60. Commission for appointment to a position
under government and for which no fee
is already given............................. • - - - - - 5 00

Which may be refunded in whole or in part at the discretion of

the Secretary. FELIX FORTIER
clerk Ex-council.

Quebec, 27th January, 1871.
Present :
His HonoR THE LIEUTENANT GovernoR IN council.

WHEREAS it is expedient to make various additions to the tariff

of fees of the department of Provincial Secretary, dated the

twenty sixth and thirtieth days of September one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight, respectively.

It is ordered by this Honor the Lieutenant Governor in council , that the following fees be exacted in the cases hereinafter mentioned namely :

10. Upon letters patent incorporating joint stock
companies (31 Wict, ch. 25.)

1. When the capital shall not exceed ten thou

sand dollars a fee of............................. $25 00 2. From ten thousand dollars to fifty thousand

dollars.............................. ............... 30 00 3. From fifty thousand dollars to one hundred

thousand dollars................................ 40 00

4. From one hundred thousand dollars to two
hundred thousand dollars.................... 50 00

5. For two hundred thousand dollars and over. 60 00

20. For transfer of the minutes of a notary under
the provisions of 33 Wict., ch. 28............. 25 00

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