The British Flower Garden, (series the Second,): Containing Coloured Figures & Descriptions of the Most Ornamental and Curious Hardy Flowering Plants; Or Those that are Somewhat Tender ...

J. Ridgway, 1831

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Seite 9 - Tianguillo, at an altitude of nine thousand, four hundred and twenty feet above the level of the sea...
Seite 4 - The son of Tros, king of Troy, whom Jupiter, in the form of an eagle, snatched up and made his cupbearer.
Seite 2 - This plant has lately made a great noise among the country people, as infallibly curing the bite of a mad dog.
Seite 4 - ... protection we have ever given it, is, the covering of a single mat in very severe weather, the same as we use for the bulbs from Peru, Mexico, and the Cape; but we believe the present would succeed without the least protection if planted about four inches deep in the ground ; it is a native of Buenos Ayres, and flowered for the first time in this country in the Autumn of 1824, in the conservatory of the late Hon. and Rev. George Herbert, at Burghclere, in memory of whom the species is named....
Seite 3 - Franklin's Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea in the Years 1819-20 (1823).
Seite 1 - America; Septentrionalis ; and one of those is added by the side of his figure. Mr. Lindley's observations on Pursh's B. aquifolium are wrong ; the very specimen figured by Pursh is now in his Herbarium in Mr. Lambert's collection ; the name of B. repens, published in the Botanical Register, must therefore be disused.
Seite 8 - ... supposed that the limit of eternal snow reached down nearly to the surface of the sea in the northern part of Spitzbergen ; but from observations made on a range of rounded and uniform mountains, devoid of projecting points, etc., it was ascertained that this limit is at least one thousand Swedish feet above the level of the sea; so that there can be no glacier formation at a lower altitude. Another experiment of much interest was also made with reference to the temperature of the sea at great...
Seite 1 - whose ardent attachment to Botany, and successful introduction of useful and ornamental horticulture into the United States,

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