First reading-book; a selection of Grimm's entertaining tales and German poetry, with notes and dictionary, by H. Steinmetz

H. Steinmetz

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Seite 120 - IN ITALIAN LITERATURE. A Selection from the Prose Writings of the best Italian Authors from the thirteenth century to the present time ; with Critical and Explanatory Notes and Biographical Notices, for the Use of Students. By G. CANNIZZARO.
Seite 120 - NEW GUIDE to SPANISH and ENGLISH CONVERSATIONS, consisting not only of Modern Phrases, Idioms, and Proverbs, but containing also a copious Vocabulary; with Tables of Spanish Moneys, Weights, and Measures, for the use of the Spaniards as well as the English. 3rd Edition, enlarged and improved, square 18mo, cloth, 3s.
Seite 118 - This very admirable little work. compiled by the Professor of German at the London University, has met with much success ; and is as well suited for adults commencing the study of the Languages as for children.
Seite 120 - COMPLETE THEORETICAL and PRACTICAL GRAMMAR of the SPANISH LANGUAGE, in a Series of Lectures, with copious Examples and Exercises written with the new Spanish Orthography, and particularly adapted for SelfTuition.
Seite 120 - POCKET ABRIDGED EDITION. 18mo, roan, 6s. ITALIAN. BLANC'S NEW POCKET DICTIONARY OF THE ITALIAN AND ENGLISH LANGUAGES, from Baretti, Graglia, and others. Two parts in 1 thick vol., 32mo, 834 pages, roan, 3s. 6d.
Seite 118 - Grammar of the German Language philosophically developed. 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d., originally published at 10s. This is, undoubtedly, one of the most scientific and profound Treatises on German Grammar that has ever been published in this country.
Seite 122 - Bound with the above, making altogether Eighty very progressive French Lessons, and a small Treatise on French as it is spoken, sewed, Is.
Seite 118 - DEUTSCHE GESCHICHTE, with copious English Notes, and a short Sketch of German Literature, by DR. A. BENSBACH, Professor of German at Queen's College, Galway. 8vo, cloth bds., is.ftd.
Seite 118 - TAUSEND UND EINEN NACHT. 12mo, cloth, 3s. 6d. This little work contains a translation. by AL Grimm, of five of the most popular tales out of the Arabian Nights; it was reprinted at the suggestion of Dr. Tiarks. and is used in many schools.
Seite 120 - Grammar of the Spanish Language, In a Series of Lectures, with Copious Examples and Exercises written with the new Spanish Orthography, and particularly adapted for Self-Tuition.

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