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able one, of Sir H. Davy, 396-singular Flowers, knowledge which bees have of
one of Buonaparte's son, 513

their structure, 380
Dresden, attempt of the Allies on, 509 Food, its relation to population considered,
Drones, periodical massacre of, 382

107–110-of ants, (see Ants)
Duel, description of an Italian, 340

Foote, anecdote of, 352
Duels of bees, 381

Forby, (the Rev. Mr.) his Vocabulary of
Duff, (Mary) Lord Byron's first love, 221 East Anglia, 301
Dutch, the personal' hostility of, in the Four Years in Southern Africa, by C. Rose,
East, to Sir S. Raffles, 484


France, education in, 154-judgments of
East India Company, specimen of their

God upon, 143—145—history of, by W.

C. Taylor, 469-narrative of the war in,
fitness to govern their Asiatic dominions,

in 1813-14, 500
East, literature of, 420-sketches of society

Franklin, (B.) his share in drawing up the

Declaration of Independence, 280—his
and maoners in the, 322
Education, iu France, 154

brevity of Speech in the Senate, 283.
Eggs, remarkable case of the care of insects

Frogs, song of triumph for, by a Hungarian
for their, 372

poet, 411

Fuchs, (Counsellor) his Anecdotes of Su-
Egypt, arts of, 196

woroff, 20
Electricity, discovery of its powers as an
agent, 172-a traditional practice in

Funeral at Sea, described, 335-account

of one on the island of Sumatra, 482
Lombardy connected with, 173
Elephanthunter, account of one, 215-

Fuseli, the painter, brief account of, 454
aitaek on a group of elephants in South

Africa, 216

GAINSBOROUGH, anecdote of, 448
Elements of Physics, (Dr. Arnott's) second

Galileo, description of, 343
vol. of, 86
Floquence, Pulpit, 115--139

Galt, his Laurie Todd, 466

Garrick, anecdote of, 449
Emigrant, the visionary hopes of one, going

Genlis, (Madame de) account of, 124
to New South Wales, 259—description
of the condition of a settler there, 260-

Geological Philosopher, anecdote of one,

description of the emigrants from Eng-

Geometry, use of, in sculpture, 195
land, 265

George the Fourth, character of, when
Emigration, importance of, 258

Prince of Wales, 284
England, effects of the Poor-laws on, 309

Germany, Narrative of the War in, in
-state of painting in, 433-her character

1813-14, 500-translation of select Ser-
on the Continent, 185–her junction with

mous of the most eminent modern di.
the Allies in 1813 to effect the overthrow

vines of, 139
of Buonaparte, 502

Gin Lane, Hogarth's picture of, 437
English, their superiority in arms over the
Scotch in early times, accounted for, 18

Girdlestone, (Lord) anecdote of, 366

Glasgow, early inprovements in, 59
- number resident in France, 616
Enquiry into the Natural Grounds of Right

Glass, tax on, 547.

Gleiz, (Rev. G.) his Life of Şir T. Munro,
to Vendible Property or Wealth, by s.

Read, 468

Goderich, (Vis.) praise of his financial
Etiquette, a critical case of, 508

principles, 551

Goldsmid, (F. H.) his remarks on the Civil
FABLE, a Hindoo one, 457

Disabilities of British Jews, 298
Faction, political, 493

Godwin, bis Tale of Cloudesley, 596
Felatahs, African, 290

Gouger, (R.) his Letter from Sydney,
Fall of Nineveh, by E. Atherstone, 514
Fame, the ship, the burning of, 487 Government of New South Wales, 266–
Family Library, the, account of, 252

its power, ib.
Feast of the Tabernacles, the event pre Gould, the principal investigator of the
dicted by, 121

habits of ants, 387
Federal principles in America, Jefferson's Grain, erroneously supposed to be the food
successful stand against, 281

of ants, 387
Figure, the human, measurement of, 192 Grandier, (Urbain) account of, 132
Fine Arts, early susceptibility of love an Grecian composition, Flaxman on, 195-201
indication of a genius for, 221

Greece, sculptures of, 199---power of the
Fire, apparatus for resisting, 304

sculptors of, in delineating animals, 201
Fishing, pearl, anecdotes of, 44

Gregoire, (M.) his sectarianism, 102
Flaxman, his Lectures on Sculpture, 191 Gregory, (Dr., of Edinburgh) his prescrip-
Florence, ceremony of the opening of the tion for the cure of mercantile indiges-
quarantine iv, 343

tion, 61


Hale, (Sir Matthew) anecdote of, 191
Harding, a poet of Oxford, some account

of, 352
Hardy, (Lieut. R. W. H.) his Travels in

Mexico, 39
Harleian Dairy System, the, 56—its pecu-

liarities, 61
Harley, (Wm.) lis life, 57
Harrow, Lord Byron's habits at, 224
Harvey, the discoverer of the circulation of

the blood, anecdote of, 369
Hastings, (Marquess of) an elegant literary

criticism by, 327-picture of him in his

study in India, 329
Hatfield, (Miss T. E.) her poetry and

prose, 300
Hay, (Jas.) bis system of mechanics, 151
Haydn, anecdote of, 195
Heat, animal, conjectures on the phenome-

non of, 403
Heidegger, anecdote of, 441
Herculaneum, anecdote of a surgical in-

strument found in, 174
Hernani, a French tragedy, plot of, 617—

parody on, 618
Histoire des Sectes Religieuses, par M.

Gregoire, 112
History, the uses of, in a religious point of

view, 145—of France and Normandy, by

W.C. Taylor, 469
Hive, bee, component parts of, 378-occu-

pations in the interior of, 378–382
Hogarth, Life of, 435-anecdotes of, 440
Holland, New, superiority of its situation,

Honey, mode in which bees collect it, 380
Hop-plant, mode of protecting, proposed,
Horæ Homileticæ, by Mr. Simeon, 114
Hospitality, specimen of Dutch, in Batavia,

Houghton Tower, Lancashire, tradition of,

Hours of Idleness, publication of, 227
Huber, studied the habits of bees though

blind, 378--his account of a battle of

ants, 384
Humbug, as it is practised in India, curious

chapter on, 324
Hume, on parties, 492, 493
Humphrey's, (J. D.) his Correspondence

and Diary of Philip Doddridge, 73
Hungary, account of some poets of, 410
Hunt, wild cattle, 50
Hunter, an elephant, description of one, in

South Africa, 215
- (John) anecdote of, 367
Hunterian Oration, the, 471 — Museum,

the, ib.—Hydrophobia, Mexican receipt

for the “ Cure” of, 55
Hyliscus, the first philosopher that studied

the habits of bees, 377"
Hymn, a poetical one, composed by a

Christian Kaffer, 213

INDEPENDENCE, circumstances attending the

declaration of, in America, 280
India, description of a life spent in, 421-

character of the men in, 423—our erro-
neous notions respecting the English in,
323—necessity of exposing the conduct
of British emigrants in, ib,_chapter on
humbug in, 324—the career which awaits
the civil, military, or commercial adven-

turer in, 331
Indigestion, mercantile, prescription for the

cure of, 61
Infant, best age of, for vaccinating, 532
Ingestrie, (Lord) his protection of a quack

and letter from, 368
Immigration into New South Wales, ought

to be encouraged,
Industry, effects of taxes on, 545
Insect architecture, 370
Iusects, natural history of, 370—(see Bees

and Ants)
Inspiration, views of Warburton and the

Bishop of London on, 254-poetical,

speculations as to its sources, 221
Instinct of insects, (see Bees and Ants)-

of fishes, 404
Intellect, history of, 406
Invention, singular instance of, 377
Ireland, proposed application of the poor

laws to, 309---rebellion of 1798 in, story

connected with, 270
Islamites, character of those in Africa, 290
Italy, literature of, effects of the writings

of Manzoni and Rosini on, 347


Java, administration of, by Sir S. Raffles,

479, 480
Jefferson, (Thomas) Life of, 279
Jenner, (Dr.) anecdote of, 369_Got the

first who vaccinated in this country, 531
Jews, British, civil disabilities of, 298–

state of the population of, in London and
in Great Britain and Ireland, 299—the
history of, in the Family Library, 252—
result of the labours of the Society for
Converting, 118-speculations concern-

ing, 121---and prophecies, 122
Judgments of God, a German clergyman

upon the, 141
Julian, attempt by the Jews to rebuild the

Temple of Jerusalem under, 257
Justice, Criminal, in Africa, 291

Kaama, a Kaffer chief, account of, 213
Kafferland, account of the natives of, 210

and the country, 211
Kazincki, a Hungarian poet, song by, 411
Kisfaludy, (Alexander) a Hungarian poet,

410-specimens of his love songs, 412
- --, (Charles) a Hungarian poet,

specimen of his poetry, 413
Knight, (Mr. H. Gally) his Letter to the

Earl of Aberdeen, 183


Mahommed, character of, 127
La Monaca di Monza, by G. Rosini, 339 Mahommedans, character of those in Africa,
Lancashire, Traditions of, by J. Roby, 25 290—their faith making rapid strides
Lander, (Rich.) his Records of Clapper there, 291

ton's last expedition to Africa, 286— Maid of Scio, by Miss Snowden, 300
sketch of his life, 287

Maintenon, (Mad. de) character of, 127
Landlords, influence of good and bad, in Malacca, probable cause of its being re-
Ireland, contrasted, 319

tained by the East India Company, 479
Landon, (Miss) her Venetian Bracelet, Malay girl, polite conduct of one, 483
and other poems, 159

Mallam, a sacred character in Africa, 290
Language, that of the Celts, 4

Malt, tax on, 547
Lansdowne, (Marquess of) his conduct as Malthus, (Mr.) his correspondence with
an Irish landlord, 319

Mr.Senior, 106--his principle with respect
La Paz, description of, 577

to population, 312
Lardner, (Dr.) his Cabinet Cyclopædia, 1 Man, depravily of, illustrated, 120
Last Supper, latent beauty pointed out in Manual of the economy of the human body,
Da Vioci's picture of, 437

in health and dieease, 470
Lawrence, (Sir Thomas) death of, 304 Manners, account of early, in Scotland and
Lawrie Tódd, a novel, by Mr. Galt, 466 England, 16
Laws, account of those in force, in the Manuring, the Harleian system of, 64
Pagan countries of Africa, 291

March to Finchley, Hogarth's, 437
Lectures on Sculpture, by J. Flaxman, 191 Maria Louisa, wife of Buonaparte, her
Leipsic, battle of, 511

conjugal affection, 513
L. E. L., (see Landon)

Marie Antoinette, reproachful character of,
Leslie, (Professor) his objections to light by President Jefferson, 283
· ping rods, 174

Marshall, (Mr.) his evidence as to the ex-
Letter to the Earl of Aberdeen, by Mr. hausted state of some of the Irish pea-
Knight, 183–from Sydney, edited by santry, 320
R. Gouger, 258—on the Present Disa

-, (J.) his popular summary of
tress, by C. C. Western, 455

vaccination, 530-seasonableness and im-
Letters, I'wo, on Population, by Mr. Se portance of his work, 530-533

nior, 106-character of those of the Massacre, periodical, of drones in hives,
East, 420

Life in India, estimate of, 331, (see Munro Materialists, doctrines of, 404_answered

by Sir H. Davy, 405
Life, Ages of, a poem, by a Hungarian Mechanics, concise system of, 151
poet, 413

Medes, poetical description of their march
Life and Times of Edmund Calamy, by J. towards Nineveh, 525
T. Rutt, 241

Memoirs and Correspondence, &c. of Pre-
Light, phenomena of, 91

sident Jefferson, 277of the Life and
Lightning-rods, Mr. Murray on, 172— Services of Sir T.S. Raffles, 475
plan for constructing, 175

Mendicity, vagrant, the grievance of in
Lion, Californian, anecdote of a, 49

Ireland, 315
Literature, Eastern, Sir T. Munro's opinion Mennais, de la, character of, 137
of, 420

Mercantile Teacher's Assistant, by J. Mor-
Loncarty, battle of, 5-6

rison, 150
London, (Bishop of) his remarks on the Merchants, their profits during the war, 459
inspiration of Moses, 254

-cause of their present want of profits,
-, University, yearly accounts of, 471 460
Londonderry, (Marquess of) his Narrative Mercy in civil war, remarkable instance of,

of the War in Germany and France, 500
Long, St. John, (see St. John)

Metternich, (see Austria) his suspicious
Longs, (the Misses) misrepresentations conduct, 511
with respect to, 182

Mexicans, character of, 41
Lost Heir, a novel, 468

Mexico, Travels in the interior of, by Lieut.
Louis the Sixteenth, character of, 283
Love, early susceptibility of, a proof of a Michael Angelo, 196

genius for the fine arts, 221-Sir T. Middlemen of Ireland, remarks on, 317–
Munro's opinion of love, 425

Love Letters from Dr. Doddridge, 80–84 Miguel, (Don) his assumption of the mo-
Lushington, (Dr.) letter of, to Lady Byron, narchy of Portugal, 187-right of Eng-

land to interfere, ib.
Luther, character of, 128

Milbanke, (Miss) account of her marriage
Luxuries, tax on, 547

with, and separation from, Lord Byron,

Magyars, Poetry of, by Dr. Bowring, 408 Mill, (Mr.) on population, 107

--song of the conquest of, 410


Hardy, 39


Milman, (Rev. Mr.) bis History of the Narrative of the War in Germany and
Jews, 252

France, by Lord Londonderry, 500—its
Mind, reply to the arguments for the mate character, 514

riality of, 405—characteristic property of Natural History, loss sustained by, 489
a great one, 477

- of Insects, 370
Mines, Mexican, 40

Negro slaves among the ants, 371-de-
Alioing, new review on, 471

scription of them, 385
Mining Speculations, remarks on, in South Negroes in Africa, religious opinions of,

America, 568
Minister, a British, a character of one, Neuters, amongst ants, nature of, 383

494-short account of the present mi. Newnham, (Rev. F.) bis dramatic poem
nistry, 496

of the Pleasures of Auarchy, 237-his
Minto, (Lord) letter from to Sir S. Raffles, admirable candour, 238—his letter to the

manager of the Surrey Theatre, 239
Miracle, the explosion which prevented the Newspaper, au Egyptian, 472

rebuilding the Temple, under Julian, Newspapers, circulation of, in France, Eng-
was one, 255—necessity of it towards its land, and the Netherlands, 616
end, 256

New South Wales, superiority of its situa-
Missionaries, some account of, in South tion, clime, &c., 259—Emigratiou to

Africa, 210—description of their princi ought to be encouraged, particularly from
pal establishment in Kaffreland, 212-- China, 264-English settlers in, 265—
good result of their labours, 214

Government of, 266- Wool, the great
Missionary, humane conduct of one in the object in, 268
East, 489

Newstead Abbey, Lord Byron's farewell
Moments of Loneliness, by S. E. Hatfield, revelries at, 228

Nineveh, the Fall of, by Mr. Atherstone,
Montaigne, cbaracter of, by various authors, 514—the propbet Elkoshite's denuncia-

tions against that city, 516
Montgomery, (Robert) his Satan, a poem, Novels, New, 462

159—foolish praises of, quoted, 165— — , the, of 1829, their evanescent cha-
title of the poem preposterous, 166– racter, 268
specimen of its bombast, 167

Noncouformists, (see Dissenters)
Moore, (T.) his Letters and Journals of Norfolk, Vocabulary of, 301

Lord Byron, 217---translation of one of Nun of Monza, the, a novel, 339—its plot
his melodies into French, by Sir S. explained, 340
Raffles, 478

Moreau, (Gen.) death of, before Dresden,

Ople, the painter, 454

Opposition, Parliamentary, evils of an un-
Morland, the painter, 454

principled one, 494-cannot be justified
Morrison, (James) his Guide to Book

against the present administration, 499
keeping, 150

Optics, 86–89-94
Mortality of Penang, 479

Orange, (Prince of) his embarkation at
- rate of, amongst the Jews in

Holland for England, 246
London, 299

Oxford, G. Colman's first night at, 351
Moses, speculations with respect to his five

Oxygen, curious properties of, 403
books, 254
Mothers, example of the good effects of

Oyster, the pearl, account of, 45
the early care of their children, 57-

those of poets have generally reason to PAGANISM, threatened to be superseded in
be proud of their affection, 230

Africa by Mahommedanism, 291
Mummy, the art of making, probably de Painters, Lives of the most eminent Bri.
rived from a practice of bees, 380

tish, by A. Cunningham, 432
Munro, (Sir T.) Life of, 417

Painting in England, causes of its inferio-
Murder, how punished in Africa, 291

rity, 433-historical, particulars con-
Murray, (J.) his treatise on Atmospherical nected with, 434-source of the pleasure
Electricity, 172

we derive from contemplating, 443-es.
Museum, the Hunterian, 471

tract from Burke on this point, 444–
Music, the, of the Africans, 294

observations on, 196, 197-painting of
Mythology, folly of employing, in modern statues, 199
fine arts, 203

Paper, the wasp an excellent maker of, 375

- history of, ib.377
NABOB, an Indian, pleasant description of Paper, tax on, 547

one newly returned to England, 336 Papyrus, remarks on, 376
Napoleon, description of his exhibition at Paracelsus, bis character, 357

the Champ de Mai, in 1815, 275–his Paratouneres, (see Lightning)
speech on the occasion, 276

Paragreles, Mr. Murray on, 172


Parents, infringement of the rights of, by Wales, 262-state of the Jewish in Great
the Lord Chancellor, 177

Britain and Ireland, 299_erroneous opi-
Paris, population of, 156

nions of Mr. Pitt respecting, 312-Nr.
Passumahs, real character of, 482—religion Malthus's doctrine concerning, ib.-wo
of, 483

letters on, by Mr. Senior, 106—Mr. Mill
Partridge, quack speech of, 365

on, 107—its relation to food, 110—reme-
Party, evils of, 492

dies for the excessive increase of, :12
Paupers, impolitic construction of the poor Portugal, the policy of England towards,
laws in favour of, 311

discussed, 186-right of the people of to
Pearls, diving for, 44

choose their mode of government, 187
Peasaotry, the Irish, character of, 314 Potosi, mountain of, 565—-town of, 566--

real staie of, 316-increase of, 318– climate of, 567-education in, 570
their physical strength, 320

Poulson, (G.) his Antiquities of Beverley,
Peel, (Right Hon. Robt.) anecdote of, in 299

connection with Lord Byron, 225 . Power, (Mr.) author of the Lost Heir, 468

-, (Mr.) his character as a minister, Preaching, science of, vindicated, 114-

Mr. Simeon's attempt to reform, 116–
Penang, first establishment of, by the East his bints on, 119–recommendations to

India Company, 479—its mortality, ib. those who wish to be good preachers. 123
Pepper, bad system of growing in Beucuo Prejugés, Des Reputations, by J. B. Sal-
len, 482

gues, 123
Perception, speculations as to the mode of, Presentiment of Death, instance of, 449

Prince of Wales's Island, mortality of, 479
Persecution of the Jews, 253

Profits, commercial, the golden period of,
Perth, battle of, 10

459-cause of the present want of, 460
Peru, Travels in various parts of, 564 Prophecy, Scriptural, Mr. Simeon on, 118
~ Literary and Antiquarian Society of, -concerning the Jews, 122

Propolis, the, of Aowers, collected by bees,
Pestalozzian system, 607

ils use in the hive, 380
Petrarch, Life of, by Mr. Moore, 472 Protecting Duties, impolicy of, 548
Pettyman (Capt.) his Resources of the Prussic acid, salutary effects of, 364
United Kingdom, 492

Public men, moderation of the present, 493
Pharmacopæias, Rennie's Supplement to Publication, its true end perverted, by a
the, 470

sordid love of gain in certain booksellers,
Phidias, his superior conception, accounted 348
for, 198

Pulpit Eloquence, character of English,
Physics, Elements of, by Dr. Arnott, 86

Picts, some account of, 3

- , the German, 139
Pitt, (Mr.) his erroneous opinions on popu- Punkah, an article of furniture in India,
lation, 312

Plant-lice, are milked by Ants, 386

Puritanism, account of the modification of
Plato, bis influence on the arts, 199

its character in the time of Charles 2d,
Pleasures of Anarchy, a dramatic poem, 248-effect of on pulpit eloquence, 115

Pæstum, the ruins of, beautifully described,

QUACKERY, (see St. John Long)

Quacks, account of one, 357-character-
Poet, a poor one, described, 352
Poetry, (see Landon, Montgomery)-cot-

istics of, 359—laughable speeches of, 365
tage, 152-of the Magyars, by J. Bow-

- their success accounted for, 367, 368
ring, 408_sources of the inspiration of,

Quarantine, ceremony of the opening of in
221-specimen of the African, 292

Florence, 343
Political Economy, S. Read's work on, 469

Queen-bee, singular account of, 378
- , (see Population)

Pollen, the, of flowers, mode in which bees RAFFLES (Sir Stamford) Memoir of, 475-
collect it, and its use to them, 380

-- -, (Lady) her memoir of her hus.
Poniatowski, (Prince) his death, 511

tand, 475—-conduct of a Malay girl to,
Poor Laws, proposal to apply them to Ire 483
land, 309

Rainmaker, office of, in South Africa, 214
Pope Pius the VIIth, anecdote of, 399 Rains, account of, in Africa, 296
Popish Plot, account of hobby-horsing pro Raising of Lazarus, picture of, 444
cessions connected with the, 244

Rake's Progress, by Hogarth, account of,
Popular Summary of Vaccination, by Mr. 440
Marshall, 530

Randolph, (T. J.) his Memoirs and Cor-
Population, mode of increasing without respondence of President Jefferson, 277

raising the price of labour in New South his want of skill as an editor, 278

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