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Silvia. The trayedy, then, so far, appears likely to run the ordinary course of all comedies, and terminate in matrimony; but that would never do,so old Gomez, sooner than see his niece united to his rival, avails himself of the effectual means of preventing it which Hernani left at his disposal. He winds the horn; the fatal sounds are obeyed by Hernani; he swallows poison; his intended bride follows his example ; and Don Gomez completes the catastrophe by stabbing himself, of this tragedy, full of the most striking innovations on the French Drama, a parody has been got op at the Porte St. Martin, and it is admirably humorous and pointed. The title is · Ni Ni, a drama in Rhythmical Proge, translated from the Goth by a Vandal. Music by a Hun.' As a specimen of the manner in which the caricature has been done, we may mention one instance, in which the satire is not less amusing than it is critically just. The tragedy would appear to have its natural termination, as we already mentioned, where Charles pardons Hernani, and sanctions his marriage; this ends the fourth act. The parodist imitates the fault; but before the fifth act commences, which is to protract the action, and give it a different turn, one of the actors, grarely habited, and with a face of melancholy, comes forward, and begs to know from the audience if they will allow a few more last words.

Two more volumes, completing the literary labours of the celebrated Burckhardt, will shortly make their appearance. They are occupied chiefly with an account of the Wahabys, and Bedouins, and the modern Egyptians.

Paganini, the celebrated artist on the violin, is shortly expected in England. The great superiority of this performer is said to consist in an astonishing and unexampled effect which he produces on the fourth, or bass string, alone.

The first Valet de Chambre of Napoleon, M. Constant, is about to give us the late Emperor in his Slippers, we do not know in how many volumes. This valet was only eight days absent during sixteen years of personal attendance on his imperial master. · Mr. Rankin, of Bristol, will shortly publish a Familiar Treatise on Life Assurances and Annuities, comprising a Historical Sketch of the Origin, Progress, and Present State of the Science, and of Life Asssurance Offices, together with Observations on the Duration of Human Life, and on Various Objects of Interest connected with the subject.

*.* Dr. Bowring again! Ecce iterum Crispinus! We have received, since our last Number, an Epistle, left at our office, like an infant in a basket, in a most anonymous predicament. It is, however, so comically extravagant, that we have no hesitation in at once swearing it to Dr. Bowriug. They are as like as two eggs. The Doctor complaineth ; he is wroth at the familiarity of our reprehension, and can never forgive us for so unmercifully putting him in the pillory of a doggrel chorus beside the shade of the unfortunate Miss Bailey. Now all this, Dr. Bowring ascribes to personal malice ou our part-sheer envy, no doubt, being the proximate cause. Malice iudeed— The Monthly Review entertain malice against Dr. Bowring? Marry, but this is a more exqusite song than the other. Does any man imagine that Lord Tenterden is actuated by personal ill-will against the offender on whom he passes the just sentence of the law? But this is the way with all these delinquents. Convicted on the fairest evidence, they have no other resource than some such recrimination as this—" Its all a conspiracy; and judge and jury are at the bottom of the Poor Jack is as innocent a lad as the babe unborn : so help me,”-and the fellow pa out an oath,




ARTS, SCIENCES, AND PHILOSOPHY. Harrison on Water Colours, 8vo. 2s.6d. Francænr's Mathematics, vol. ii. 8vo. 15s. Merlet's French Grammar, 12mo. 2s. 6d. Hall on the Sea and Shores of the Realm,

.8vo. 12s. Bland's Philosophical Problems, 8vo.

108. 6d. Finleyson's Universe as it is, 8vo, 5s. Ingram's System of Mathematics, 8vo.

78. 6d, Conversations on the Art of Miniature

Painting, 8vo. 88. 6d. Arcana of Science and Art for 1830, 12mo.

58. The Commentaries of Gamboa on the

Mining Ordinances of Spain, 2 vols.

8vo. Johnson's History of Gardening, 8vo.

Mathias's Conversations on Geography,

2 vols. 18mo. 5s. Piercy's History of Retford, 18mo. 6s. Architectural Notes on German Churches,

7s. 6d. Sir W. Gell's Pompeii, lst part of 2d Come

Series, 10s, 6d. Cantu's History of the Diocese of Cosmo,

8vo. History of the United Parishes of St. Giles in the fields, and St. George,

Bloomsbury, 8vo. 14s. Registrum Ecclesiæ Parochialis ; or, the

History of Parish Registers of England, from their first Institution, in the Reign of Henry VIII, and of the subsequent Statutes and Ordinances concerning them, including the 520 Geo. III. cap. 146. 8vo. 10s. 6d..

BIOGRAPHY. Robinson's Last Days of Heber, 1 vol.

8vo.58, Memoirs of Sir T. S. Raffes, 4to. bds.

21. 12s. 6d. Essay on the Lives of Cowper, Newton, · and Heber, 8vo. 10s. Swift's Anecdotal Reminiscences of Dis

tinguished Literary and Political Cha

racters, with Autographs, 1 vol. 8vo. Dr. Monk's Life of Richard Bentley, 4to. Memoires par Sanson, 8vo. Memoires Authentiques de Maximilian

de Robespierre, 2 vols. Fisher's Remains, by Brown, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Life of Sir T. Munro, 2 vols. 11. 8s. Od. Life of Columbus, No. XI. of the Family

Library, 5s. 6d.

HISTORY. Lardner's Cyclopædia, vol. ij. of Scott's

Scotland, fcp. 6s.bds. Brief Memoir of the Jews in relation to

their Civil and Municipal Disabilities,

by A. Pellatt. The Dorians, 2 vols. 8vo. Pinnock's Grammar of Sacred History,

18mo. 58. 6d. Lessons in Antient History, by a Lady,

18mo. 2s. Bower's University of Edinburgh, vol. 3d,

8vo. 12s. Sandy's Freemasonry, 8vo.

Law. Atkinson's Forms in Conveyancing, 8vo.

ll. 48. Tucker's Records of the Supreme Court of

Newfoundland, 8vo. 15s. Codigo de Comercio, or Commercial Code

of Spain. Swan on Ecclesiastical Courts, 8vo. 5s.


Hernani, a Tragedy, by Victor Hugo, 8vo. Family Library, Dramatic Series, No I.

Massinger, 12mo. The Doom of Devorgoil, a melodrama,

and Anchindrane, or the Ayrshire tra

gedy, by Sir W. Scott. 1 vol. 8vo. Wismar, a tragedy, 3s.


QUITIES. Shaw's History of the Chapel at Luton Park, imp. fol. 41. 43. Od. VOL. XIII.

MEDICINE AND SURGERY. Seymour's Diseases of the Ovaria, 8vo..

with plates, 11. Is. Od. Hennen's Medical Topography of Gibraltar,

8vo. ll.
Morley on Diseases of Children, 8vo. 9s. .
Addison on Females, 8vo. 5s.
Abernethy's Lectures on the Theory and

Practice of Surgery, 8vo. bds. 8s.
2 p.

Fate on Hysteria, 8vo. 5s.
Heastie on Yellow Fever, 8vo. 5s. 6d.

Portugal, 12mo. 5s. 64.
Few Brief Hints on the Causes of the

Present Distress, Is.
Authentic Account of Mr. Canning's

Policy towards Portugal, 8vo. 2s. 6d. Practicability of Reducing Malt and Spirit

Duties, 2s. Mangler's Vindication of the East India

Company's government, 8vo. 3s. 6d. Pettiman's Resources of the United Kinga

dom, 8vo. Sinclair on Currency, 2s.6d.

MISCELLANEOUS. The Dominie's Legacy, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. Maunder's Treasury of Knowledge, 18mo.

7s.6d. Kincaid's Adventures in the Rifle Brigade,

8vo. 10s. 6d. The Log Book; or Nautical Miscellany, 8vo. Mac Diarmid's Sketches from Nature,

12mo. 7s. 6d. Humphry's Discourses to Youth, 1&mo.

38. 6d. Brady's Executor's Account Book, 4to. 12s. Maxims and Reflections, 12mo. 2s. Fry's Listener, 2 vols. 12mo. 12s. Bannister's Human Policy, 8vo. 14s. Sidney Anecdotes, 18mo. part i. 2s. 6d. The New Zealanders (part I.) published

by the Society for the Diffusion of

Useful Knowledge, 2s. Ouvres Completes de P. L. Courier, 4 vols.

8vo. The Almanack of the Carnival for 1830. Nolan's Supplement to an Inquiry into

the Integrity of the Greek Vulgate, 8vo. 8s.

NOVELS AND ROMANCES. The Jewish Maiden, 4 vols. 12mo. 11. 2s. Cloudesley, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. Gertrude, a tale of the 16th century, 2

vols. 8vo. Il. ls. Od. Walter Colyton, a tale of the reign of

· James Il. 3 vols. 8vo. The Oxonians, 3 vols. 8vo. Blandfords, by H. R. Mosse, 4 vols. 11.4s. My Own Story-a tale of old Times, 18mo. Protestant Truths and Roman Catholic

Errors, a tale, 1 vol. 12mo. 6s.

THEOLOGY. Newnham on Superstition, 8vo. 10s. 6d.. Deane on the Worship of the Serpent, 8vo.

12s. bds, The Drama brought to the test of Scrip

ture, 12mo. 2s.6d. Thomson's Sermons against universal par

don, 12mo. 6s. 6d. Strutt's Manual of Devotion, 18mo. 38. 6d. Blunt's Veracity of the Books of Moses,

8vo. 5s. 6d. Griffith's Sermons, 8vo. Ils. Acastor's Remedies for the Church in

Danger, 8vo. 48. 6d. Coventry's Revenues of the Church, 8vo.

6s. Andrews' Sermons on Prayer. The Bishop of Limerick's Practical Theo

logy, 2 vols. 8vo. ll. 45. Od. An Explanation of the Thirteen Articles

of the Jewish religion, 18mo. Family Oblation, 12mo. 5s. Hinton on the Holy Spirit, 12mo. 7s.6d. Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity, by B.

Hanbury, 3 vols. 17. 11s. 6d.

POETRY. Atherstone's Fall of Nineveb. vol. 20.

10s. 6d. Pilgrim of the Hebrides, 1 vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Steamers versus Stages, 18mo. 2s. Descent into Hell, 8vo. 78. 6d. The Reproof of Brutus, 8vo. 8s. 6d. Porson's Devil's Walk, 12mo. ls, Sotheby's Translations of the first book

of the Iliad, and other specimens, 8vo. Mrs. Norton's Undying One, and other

poems, 1 vol. 8vo. Edwards's Prayer, 8vo. 7s. 6d. Rose's Orlando Furioso, vol. 7. Portfolio of the Martyr-Student, 1 vol.

8vo. 6s. 6d.

TRAVELS AND VOYAGES. Duppa's Travels on the Continent, 2d edi

tion, 8vo. bds. 185. ' Moorsom's Letters from Nova Scotia, 8vo.

12s. Leake's Travels in the Morea, 3 vols. 8vo.

21.5s. Od. Lloyd's Field Sports of the North of

Europe, 2 vols. 8vo. Il. 12s. Od. Temple's Travels in Peru, 2 rols. 8vo.

11. 12s. Od. Dobell's Travels in Kamtschatka, 2 vols.

8vo. 11. ls. 0d. Dr. Walsh's Notice of Brazil, 1828-29,

2 vols. 8vo. Il. 14s. Od. Mackenzie's Notes on Haiti, 2 rols. 8vo. Webster's Poland, Crimea, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. Everest's Journey through Norway, &c.

8vo. 14s. Picture of Egypt, by Rifaud, Sro. Fuller's Tour in Turkey, l vol. large 8vo.

with map.

POLITICS. Affairs of the Nations, 12mo. 7s.




Authors, calamities of, 237—an unfortunate

but candid one, 238
Autobiography, reflections on, 243


[ocr errors]

Aberdeen, Letter to Lord, by Mr. Knight,

Academies, Dissenting, account of, 77-

The Royal, Anecdote of, 447
Administration, the present, 496
Adultery, how punished in Africa, 291
Æschylus, anecdote of, 354
Africa, (see Lander)
- Southern, Four Years in, by C.

Rose, 215
Air, indispensable to animal life, 404
Aldini, the Chevalier, 304
Aldini, (Chev.) fire apparatus of, 613
Alexander the 3d of Scotland, his marriage

and coronation, 7
Alliance, the Holy, 186
Allies, their unorganized and selfish proceed.

ings against Buonaparte, in 1813, 503
America, United States of, character of the

founders of the independence of, 279—
their limited hopes in the beginning, 280

-(see Jefferson)
Anarchy, the Pleasures of, 237
Ancients, their notions respecting bees, 377
Anglia, East, the vocabulary of, 301
Ants, their architecture and food, 370—

social ants, the phenomena of their his-
tory, 383—the pastoral ant, 336-food
of, 387—the ant-lion, its transformation,

371-account of its habits, 388
Aphides-(see Ants)
Aphis, mode of preserving the hop-plant

from, 176
Archers, skill of the English, in ancient

times, 18
Architecture, insect, 370—modern, 301-

influence of, 368
Arminianism, some account of, 103
Armies, ancient English, 18
Arnott, (Dr.) his 2d vol, of Elements of

Physics, 86
Artists, causes of the failure of some, 203

---(see Painters)
Arts, in Egypt, 196—influence of Christ.

ianity on, 201—(see Fine Arts, Painters)
Asia, geography of ancient, 612
Astrology, anecdote of, 34
Atheism, an argument against, 33
Athenians, their public character, 205
Atherstone, (Edwin) his poem of the Fall

of Nineveh, 514
Australasia, (see New South Wales)
Australian Agricultural Company, Mr.

Dawson's statement of his services to, 153
Austria, her conduct between the Allies

and Buonaparte in 1813, 504

BAKER, (Rev. S. R.) his German Pulpit,

Barry, the Painter, account of his career,

Battle, a night one, poetically described,

527_description of one, 5, 10, 48—of
bees, 381-of ants, 384

Field, poetical description of one,
Baxter, life of, by Calamy, 250
Baynard, the scourge of Quacks, 357
Beams, strength of, 151
Beauty, Intellectual, definition of, 327
Bees, their economy, 370
Bencoolen, the state of, 482
Bengalee, The, 322
Benefit Societies, number of, 321
Bernadotte, conduct of, in the campaigns

of 1813, 506
Bertha's Visit to her Uncle in England,

Beverley, Antiquities and History of the

Town of, by Ĝ. Poulson, 299
Bivouac, comforts of, described, 537
Blake, (Wm.) the eccentric painter, 453
Book Manufactory, the, of Burlington-

street, 268
Books, account of, in the East, 420
Book-keeping, Guide to, by Morrison, 150
Bowring, (Dr.) his Poetry of the Magyars,

408-his love of popularity, 409
Bows and Arrows of African Bushmen, 209
Brown, (Sir Thomas) character of his work

on Vulgar Errors, 138
Brickwood, his plan !or redeeming the Four

per Cents. 604
bruce, (Robert,) account of, 12-14
Buchanan, his description of the battle of

Loncarty, 6
Buonaparte, strange combination of chances

against him, 502—savage warfare of his

troops in the Peninsula, 537
Burke, E., on painting, 444
Butterfly, transformation of, 371
Bushmen of South Africa, their arms, 209
Byron, (Lord) Journals and Letters of, by

T. Moore, 217
Byron, (Lady) her“ Remarks," &c., 585

Calamy, (Edmund) Life and Times of,


Cambridge, mode of studying divinity'at, 140 Connoisseur, the periodical, 350
Camping, an ancient English sport, de- Consolations in Travel, by Sir H. Davy,
scribed, 302

Camping-land, description of one, 303 Consumption, pretended cure of, 367
Canning, (Mr.) his policy towards Portu. Controversialist, example of a good one, 74

gal, 186—policy of, to Portugal, 611 Coronation, description of a Scottish one, 7
Canova, curious distribution of his mortal Coro Laws, effect of the tax involved in,
remains, 156—his early love, 221

Cape Town, inhabitants of, 207

Correspondence and Diary of Philip Dod-
Carlisle, (Sir A.) his protection of Barry, dridge, 73
the painter, 453

Cosmoraina, curious visual deception con-
Carlo Dolce, anecdote of his youth, 342 vected with, 97
Cartoons, the, of Raphael, 444

Cottage Poetry, 152
Castalian Hours, by Miss S. Dixon, 300 Country Curaie, The, by the author of the
Catholic Disabilities, effect of the removal Subaltern, 467
of, on parties, 499

Courtship, Dr. Doddridge's curious, 80—
Celts, their language, 4

Champ de Mai, Napoleon's exhibition at Cow-house, description of the Harleian, 62
in 1815, 275

Cow-pock a complete safeguard against
Chancellor, (Lord) his usurpation in the small-pox, 530
case of Mr. Wellesley, 177

Crimes, how punished, in Africa, 291
Chancery, Wellesley on, 177

Crusades, Wilkens' History of the, 65
Charity, evils of its indiscriminate Aow in Csati, (Demetrius), Songs by, 410
Ireland, 314

Cuba, our policy towards, 610
Charles 2d, state of the kingdom in the Cumberland, Duke of, anecdote of, 578

time of, 242-oppressions of the Dis. Cunningham, (A.) bis Lives of Eminent
seuters under, 244

British Painters, 432
Chatillon, diplomatic conferences in 1813, Cures performed by Lt. Hardy, 55

Cyclopædia, The Cabinet, I., 2
Chaworth, (Miss) Lord Byron's passion
for, 226

Chemistry, the apparatus for experiments Dairy SYSTEM, the Harleian, 56–60

in, enumerated by Sir H. Davy, 407 D’Alton's Essay ia Ireland, 609
Childe Harold, first appearance of, 232 Dale, (Rev. 1.) his Introductory Lecture
China, anxiety of the lower classes of to on the Study of Theology, 148°
emigrate, 264

Dancing, description of, in Africa, 294–
Cbrist, second advent of, described, 118 dancing song, 415
-atonement of, 120

Davy, (Sir H.) his Consolations in Travel,
Christianity, its influence in ameliorating 391

the condition of women, 105—its prin. Death's-head, (the moth) anecdote of, 382
ciple illustrated, 120-effect of on the Dee, (Dr.) anecdote of, 34
fine arts, 201-importance of the history Departments, the public, Sir H. Parnell
of the Jews, as confirming the truth of, on, 552
254—some of its conservative effects dis. Descent into Hell, 592
played, 392

Digestion, process of, 361
Christians, attempt to reunite, 104

Dinner, a public one at Potosi, 581
Christmas-day, how spent at Potosi, 578 Disabilities, Civil, of British Jews, 298
Churchill, Hogarth's quarrel with, 438 Dissenters, state of, in 1719, 76
Clapperton, (Capt.) Lander's Records of Distress, Public, the great subject of dis-
his last expedition to Africa, 286

cussion in 1830, 455
Clarenilon, (Lord) a curious anecdote con- Divers, Pearl, anecdote of, 46
nected with one of his works, 250

Divine Judgments, observations on, 141
Clergymen, preaching by, should be re Diving for pearls, Lt. Hardy's experiment

formed, 116-hints as to the government in, 44-anecdote of, 47
of preachers, 119

Divinity, mode of studying it in Germany,
Climate, artificial mode of correcting, pro 140-at Cambridge, ib.
posed, 176

Dixon, (Miss J.) her poetry, 300
Cloudesley, by Mr. Godwin, 396

Doddridge, (Doctor Philip) his Corres-
Club, The Beef Steah, 472

pondence and Diary, 73
Cocula, description of, 43

Don Quixote, remarkable proof of partiality
Coliseum, the Roman, contemplations over for, 418
the ruins of, 392

Diamatist, a strange ope, 237-rules je.
Colman, (G., the Younger) his Random commended to he observed by, 354
Records, 347

Dream, a remarkable one, mentioned by
Colonies, governors of, their power, 266 Lord Byron, 229-the, of a 'Quaker, re-

considerations respecting British, 553 specting King William, 246-a remark-

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