Spectacle de la Nature: Or, Nature Display'd. Being Discourses on Such Particulars of Natural History as Were Thought Most Proper to Excite the Curiosity, and Form the Minds of Youth ... Tr. from the Original French ...

L. Davis and C. Reymers, 1763

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Seite 307 - The lines marked on the carton, are not traced on the warp, because an iron wire, which is longer than the width of a parcel of ten threads, supplies the place of a cross line. This wire is managed by a crook at one end, at the workman's right hand ; towards the other end it is flatted into a sort of knife, with a back and edge, and grows wider to the point.
Seite 218 - ... at last the whole is made up into a roll, well bound at both ends. This roll is laid on a polishing table, and over it a thick plank, loaded with stones, which men work backward and forward for two whole days, by which means the needles become gradually polished.
Seite 307 - Afterwards, he brmgs the woof-thread round the wire in order to begin again to thrust it into the warp. He continues in this manner to cover the iron rod or wire, and to fill up a line to the tenth thread of the warp. He is at liberty either to stop here, or to go on with the same cross line in the next division, according as he passes the thread of the woof round the iron wire, and into the warp, the threads of which he causes to cross one another at every instant ; when he comes to the end of the...
Seite 232 - The grain and wrinkles, which contribute to the pliancy of calves and cows leather, are made by the reiterated folds given to the skin in every direction, and by the great care taken to scrape off every excrescence and hard place on the grain, or cplourside.
Seite 219 - ... with oil and emery, are insensibly polished. After polishing they are taken out, and the filth washed off them with hot water and soap : they are then wiped in hot bran a little moistened, placed with the needles in a round box, suspended in the air by a cord, which is kept stirring till the bran and needles be dry.
Seite 166 - Leibnits, or the difputative bombaft of the dogmatifts ; but there is no one who would not acquit himfelf better in his employment, was he to acquire a true knowledge of the arts and trades wherein the common people are bufied. This kind of philofophy is a thoufand times more to be elteemed, than thofe fyftems whofe inutility is their leaft fiult.
Seite 165 - When our reafon begins to acquire more ftrength, it is put under the direction of matters, •who, after a vaft deal of preparation, demonftrate that we have a body, and that there are other bodies round us: or fpend whole hours, nay, even days, in proving, that of two. propofuions contradictorily laid down, concerning a poffible future which may never happen...
Seite 166 - ... and fooleries of the fchools-» the arts of pedantry, and the crack-brained altercations of enthufiaftic zealots, than of what they have fpent in the learning of mufic, which is fometimes an amufement to them.
Seite 7 - ... This universal Passion for Society in Man is as much a Gift of the Creator as his very Arms are. ... the Love of Society is previous to all manner of Utility. It is the Intention of God: It is so far our natural Condition, that when our own Utility ceases, we do not however go out of Society, nor are we ever free from the Ties that bind us to it, as they were made by the divine...
Seite 209 - ... fibre in motion ; and from thence it is carried upon another roller, which draws it even by the help of a wheel or engine forthat purpoie.

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