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think to cut and polish diamonds with so little pains and skill as we do marble. He who can write a profane poem well,

write a divine one better ; but he who can do that but ill, will do this much worse, and so far from elevating poesy will but abase divinity. The same fertility of invention—the same wisdom of disposition—the same judgment in observance of decencies—the same lustre and vigour of elocution—the same modesty and majesty of number-briefly, the same kind of habit is required in both, only this latter allows better stuff, and therefore would look more deformedly drest in it."

The errors of a great author are often more valuable than his sound sentiments; because they tend, by the reaction they provoke, and the replies they elicit, to dart new light upon the opposite truths. And so it has been with this dogma of the illustrious Lexicographer. It has led to some admirable rejoinders from such pens as those of Montgomery, and of Christopher North, which have not only rebutted Johnson's objections, but have directed public attention more strongly to the general theme, and served to shed new light upon the nature and province of religious poetry.



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Improved by His Majesty .
Of Her Royal Highness, Mother

to the Prince of Orange; and
of her Portrait, Written by
the Late Duchess of York,

while she Lived with her
Upon Her Majesty's New Build-

ings at Somerset House
Of a Tree Cut in Paper
Verses to Dr George Rogers,

on his Taking the Degree of
Doctor of Physic at Padua,

in the Year 1664
Instructions to a Painter, for

the Drawing of the Posture
and Progress of His Majesty's
Forecs at Sca, under the
Command of His Highness-
Royal; together with the
Battle and Victory obtained

over the Dutch, June 3, 1665
Of English Verse.
These Verses were Writ in the

Tasso of Her Royal Highness

The Triple Combat

Upon our Late Loss of the Duke

of Cambridge

To my Lord Northumberland,


upon the Death of his Lady 123

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To my Lord Admiral, of his To the Queen, upon Her Ma-

late Sickness and Recovery 124 jesty's Birthday, after Her

To the Queen, occasioned upon

happy Recovery from

sight of Her Majesty's Picture 126 Dangerous Sickness

To Amoret

128 To Mr Killigrew, upon his

To Phyllis

129 Altering his Play, ‘Pandora,'

To Sir William Davenant, upon

from a Tragedy into a

his Two First Books of Gon-

Comedy, because not Ap-


130 proved on the Stage, .

To my Worthy Friend, Mr To a Person of Honour, upon

Wase, the Translator of Gra-

his Incomparable, Incom-


131 prehensible Poem, entitled,

To a Friend, on the different

· The British Princes,'

Success of their Loves 133 To a Friend of the Author, a

To Zelinda

134 Person of Honour, who lately

To my Lady Morton, on New-

Writ a Religious Book, en-

Year's Day, at the Louvre

titled, “Historical Applica-

in Paris

135 tions, and Occasional Medi-

To a Fair Lady, Playing with

tations, upon several Sub-

a Snake

137 jects,

To his Worthy Friend Master To the Duchess of Orleans,

Evelyn, upon his Translation

when she was taking Leave

of · Lucretius.'

. 137 of the Court at Dover,

To his Worthy Friend Sir To Chloris,

Thomas Higgons, upon his

To the King,

Translation of · The Vene-

To the Duchess, when he Pre-

tian Triumph'

139 sented this Book to Her

To a Lady Singing a Song of

Royal Highness

his Composing.

140 To Mr Creech, on his Transla-

To the Mutable Fair

140 tion of Lucretius'

To a Lady, from whom he

Received a Silver Pen 143 SONGS:-

To Chloris

144 Stay, Phæbas

To a Lady in Retirement 144 Peace, Babbling Muse

To Mr George Sandys, on his

Chloris ! Farewell

Translation of some parts of

To Flavia

the Bible.

145 Behold the Brand of Beauty

To the King, upon His Ma-


jesty's Happy Return 146 While I Listen to thy Voice

To a Lady, from whom he Go, Lovely Rose

Received the Copy of the Sung by Mrs Knight to Her

Poem entitled, “Of a Tree

Majesty, on Her Birth-

Cut in Paper,' which for


many years had been Lost. 150


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