John Vanbrughs Leben und Werke, Band 7

W. Braumüller, 1898 - 199 Seiten

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Seite 27 - That's not concluded yet; for, though marriage be a lottery, in which there are wondrous many blanks, yet there is one inestimable lot in which the only heaven on earth is written.
Seite 130 - tis the fate of a man and his wife To consume all their days in contention and strife: Since whatever the bounty of heaven may create her, He's morally sure he shall heartily hate her; I think 'twere much wiser to ramble at large, And the volleys of love on the herd to discharge.
Seite 86 - Constancy's an empty sound, Heaven and earth, and all go round, All the works of nature move, And the joys of life and love Are in variety.
Seite 29 - A Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage, together with the Sense of Antiquity upon this Argument. By JEREMY COLLIER, MA The Third Edition.
Seite 32 - What necessity is there/ he demands, 'to kick the coronets about the stage, and to make a man a lord, only in order to make him a coxcomb...
Seite 186 - Dear, dear, how thy fair bride will be delighted; go. get thee gone, go : go fetch her home...
Seite 86 - Constancy's a brave, free, haughty, generous agent, that cannot buckle to the chains of wedlock. There's a poor sordid slavery in marriage, that turns the flowing tide of honour, and sinks us to the lowest ebb of infamy. 'Tis a corrupted soil; ill-nature, avarice, sloth, cowardice, and dirt, are all its product.
Seite 182 - Valet de chambre de l'un, laquais de l'autre, grison de celle-ci, espion de celle-là. Je fais tout avec une discrétion admirable. Dans la plupart des aventures dont je me mêle, je suis presque toujours pour et contre ; je conduis quelquefois les affaires de la femme et celles du mari tout ensemble. Je sais toujours tout, et ne dis , jamais rien, et je ne cherche qu'à...
Seite 140 - ... twould strike you with all the awful thoughts that heaven itself could pretend to from you ; whereas I turn the whole matter into a jest, and suppose her strutting in the self-same stately manner, with nothing on but her stays, and her under scanty quilted petticoat.
Seite 77 - I now see little hopes of ever getting it, near 2000/. due to me for many years' service, plague, and trouble, at Blenheim, which that wicked woman of ' Marlborough' is so far from paying me, that the duke being sued by some of the workmen for work done there, she has tried to turn the debt due to them upon me, for which I think she...

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