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annexing to his pages such portions as serve his turn of the vast body of Shakespearean lore which is now common property. The present editor has availed himself also of stores of Shakespearean learning less generally familiar in England, in particular of many valuable articles in the Jahrbuch der deutschen Shakspeare Gesellschaft (referred to below simply as Jahrbuch), Anglia, and Englische Studien. He desires to call attention to the admirably concise and suggestive monograph on Shakespeare by Professor Brandl of Berlin, and also to his edition, with valuable Introductions, of the Schlegel-Tieck translation.

English and American work upon Shakespeare has recently been very abundant and often of great value. It is needless to recall, among others, the writings of Messrs Barrett Wendell, Boas, Lee, and Gollancz, to all of whom the editor owes stimulus and suggestion. Following the example of the last-named scholar he has included, at the outset of each of the Comedies and Histories, an analysis of the Time Arrangement, as made out by Mr. P. A. Daniel in his valuable study for the New Shakespeare Society (Transactions, 1877). In adopting these tables as records of fact, he would. not, however, be understood to accept in all cases Mr. Daniel's mode of solving the anomalies they disclose.

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