The Knowledge Advantage: 14 Visionaries Define Marketplace Success in the New Economy

Rudy Ruggles, Dan Holtshouse
Wiley, 15.11.1999 - 292 Seiten
The Knowledge Advantage brings together a truly stellar line-up of the world's greatest knowledge gurus, including Lester Thurow, Edward O. Willson, W. Brian Arthur and Blur co-authors, Stan Davis and Chris Meyer. Each of these knowledge champions tackles a different aspect of the new economy's most vital resource, including: how to turn knowledge into products; understanding the dynamics of knowledge creation; building knowledge into strategy; profiting from the new economics of knowledge.

Autoren-Profil (1999)

Ruddy Ruggles Et Dan Holtshouse RUDY RUGGLES is at the Ernst and Young Center for Business Innovation and is the author of Knowledge Management Tools. DAN HOLTSHOUSE is Director of Corporate Strategy, Knowledge Initiatives at Xerox Corporation.

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