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THE Reasons which induced her Majesty to create the Right Ho-

nourable Robert Harley Esq. a Peer of Great Britain, 4to, containe



An Essay upon the Original and Design of Magistracy; or, a modest

vindication of the late proceedings in England, 4to, containing

sixteen pages
Voz Regis : or, the difference betwixt a King ruling by Law, and a

Tyrant by his own Will; and, at the same time, declaring his royal

opinion of the excellency of the English laws, rights, and privileges,

in the speeches of King James the First, to his parliament in 1603

and 1609
A Plea for limited Monarchy, as it was established in this Nation,

before the late War; iu an humble address to his Excellency,General

Monk, by a Zealot for the good old laws of his country, before any

faction or caprice, with additions, 410, printed in the year 1660,

containing eight pages


A Letter written by the Emperor to the late King James, setting forth

the true occasion of his fall, and the treachery and cruelty of the

French, 4to, containing four pages

The Speech of his Highness the Lord Protector, made to both Houses

of Parliament at their first meeting, on Thursday the 27th of

January, 1658, 4to, containing four pages. And


His late Highness's Letter to the Parliament of England; shewing

his willingness to submit to this present government: attested under

his own hand, and read in the house on Wednesday the 25th of

May, 1659, 4to, containing two pages


The Plots of the Jesuits, viz. of Adam Contzen, a Moguntine, Tho-

mas Campanella, a Spaniard, and Robert Parsons, an Englishman,

&c. how to bring England to the Roman Religion, without tumult,

The Protestants Doon in Popish Times, 4to, containing eight pages 36

The present Case of England, and the Protestant Interest, 4to, con-

taining six pages


The Pre-eminence and Pedigree of Parliament, by James Howell,

Esq. 1677, 4to, containing eight pages


The Mischiefs and Unreasonableness of endeavouring to deprive his

Majesty of the Affections of his Subjects, by misrepresenting him

and his Ministers, 1681, 4to, coutaining eight pages


A Word without Doors, concerning the Bill of Succession, 4to, con-

taining twelve pages


Robin Conscience: or, Conscionable Robin; his progress through

court, city, and country, with his bad entertainment at each several

place, &c. 1683, 12no, containing twenty four pages


An Address agreed upon at the Committee for the French War, and

read in the House of Commons, April the 19th, 1689, folio, con-

taining four pages


Machiavel's Vindication of Himself and his Writings, against the

imputation of Impiety, Atheism, and other high Crimes; extracted

from his letter to his friend Zenobius, 4to, containing eight pages 78

The History of the most unfortunate Prince, King Edward the Second;

with choice politicalobservations on him and his unhappy favourites,

Gaveston and Spencer: containing several rare passages of those

tinies, not found in other historians; found among the papers of,

and supposed to be writ by the Right Honourable Henry Viscount

Faulkland, sometime Lord Deputy of Ireland, 12mo, containing

eighty-fonr pages


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A Letter from the Nobility, Barons, and Commons of Scotland, in

the year 1320, yet extant, under all the seals of the nobility, direct-

ed to Pope John; wherein they declare their firm resolutions to

adhere to their King, Robert the Bruce, as the restorer of their

safety, and liberties of the people, and as having the true right of

succession: but withal, they notwithstauding, declare, that, if the

King should offer to subvert their civil liberties, they will disown

him as an enemy, and choose anotherto be king for their own defence.

Translated from the original, in Latin, as it is inserted by Sir

George Mackenzy of Rosehaugh, in his observations on precedency,

&c. 4to, containing eight pages


An Historical Narration of the Manner and Form of that memorable

Parliament, which wrought wonders. Begun at Westminster, 1386,

in the tenth year of King Richard the Second. Related and pub-

lished by Thomas Fannant, Clerk. Printed in the year 1641, 4to,

containing forty pages.


The Praier and Complaint of the Plowerpan unto Christe : written

not long after the yere of our Lorde, a thousande and thre hundred.

[Christus Matth. x. [If they haue called the Lorde of the House

Beelzebub: how much more shal they so call them of hys houshold.

[Printed, without date, 8vo, black letter, containing ninety six



Love Letters from King Henry the Eighth to Anne Boleyn: and two

Letters from Anne Boleyn to Cardinal Wolsey; with her last to

Henry the Eighth


A Brete Comedy or Enterlude of Johan Baptystes Preachynge in the

Wyldernesse; openyoge the craftye assaultes of the hypocrites with

the gloryouse baptyme of the Lorde Jesus Christ. Compyled by

Johan Bale, 1538, 4to, containing eighteen pages


The very Beggars Petition against Popery; wherein they lamentably

complain to King llenry the Eighth of the Clergy ; Presented to

King Henry the Eighth in the twenty ninth year of his reign, Anno.

Dom. 1538, eight years before his death, and now printed, verbatim,

from a very old copy, only mending the autography, for the ease

of the several sections, and collecting the contents, folio, containing


An Epistle of the moste myghty and redouted Prince, Henry the viii.

by the Grace of God, Kyny of England, and of Fraunce, Lorde of

Irelande, defender of the faithe, and supreme head of the church of

England, nexte under Christe. writen to the Emperours Maiestie, to

all Christen Princes, and to all those that trewly and syncerely

professe Christes religion. London, printed by John Berthelei,

1538, 8vo. containing nineteen pages


A Lamentable and pitevus Treause, very necessarie for euerie Chris-

ten mannc to reade, wberin is contayned, not onely the high enter-

prise and valeauntnes of Themperunr Charles the v. and his army,

(in his voyage made to the towne of Argier in Afrique, agaynst

the Turckes, the enemyes of the Christen tayth, thinhabitoures of

the same) but also the myserable chaunces of wynde and wether,

with dyuerse other aduersites, hable to moue euen a stonye hearte

to bewayle the same, and to pray to God for his ayde and succoure.

Whiche was written and sent unto the Lorde of Langest. Truly and

dylygently translated out of Latyn into Frenche, and out of Frenche

into English. 1542. Ricardus Grafton excudebat, cum Priuilegio

ad imprimendum solum. 8vo..containing twenty seven pages . : : . 231

A Breie Chronycle concerning the Examinacion and Death of the

blessed Martir of Christ, Sir Iohan Oldcastell, the Lord Cobham,

colected together by. Iohan Bale. Imprinted at London, by Anthony

Scoloker, and Wyllyam Seres, dwelling without Aldersgate. Cum

Gratia & Priuilegio ad Imprimeudum solum


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The Lamentation or Complaint of a Sinner, made by the most vertu-

ous and right grations Ladie, Queen Catherine, bewailing the

ignorance of her blind life, led in superstition; verie profitable to

the amendment of our lives. 4to, containing forty-seven pages 286

The Lord Bishop of Rochester's Letter to the Right Honourable the

Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Ecclesiastical Court. Contain-

ing one folio page


The Instrument by which Queen Jane was proclaimed Queen of Eng-

land, &c. setting forth the reasons of her claim, and her right to

the crown, [from the first edition, in three folio sheets.).


The Copie of a Pistell or Letter sent to Gilbard Potter, in the tyme

when he was in prison, for speakinge on our most true Quenes part,

the Lady Mary, before he had his eares cut off, the xiii. of Julye.

Si Deus nobiscum, quis contra nos. Anno. M.D.L.III. the firste

of August


The Commvnication betwene my Lord Chauncelor and Iudge Hales,

being among other Iudges to take his oath in Westminster-hall,

Anno, 1553, the 6th of October. Printed in 8vo, containing five



The Vocacyon of Iohan Bale to the Bishoprick of Ossorie, in Irelande,

his persecutions in the same, and finall"delyueraunce, Imprinted in

Rome, before the Castell of S. Angell, at the sign of S. Petre, in

Decembre, Anno. D. 1553. In 12mo, black letter, containing

ninety eight pages


An Epistle of the Ladye lane, a righte vertuvus woman, to a learned

man of late falne from the truth of Gods inost holy word, for fear

of the worlde.

Read it, to thy Consolacion.

Whereunto is added, the communication that she had with Master

Feckenham, vpon her faith, and belefe of the sacraments. Also,

another Epistle whiche she wrote to her Sister; with the words she

spake vpon the scaffold before she suffered. Printed Anno M.D.LIV.

12mo, containing thirty-one pages


A Declaration of the Quenes Maiestie, Elizabeth, by the Grace of

God, Quene of England, Fraunce, and Irelande, Defender of the

Fayth &c. Conteyning the causes which haue constrayned her to

arme certeine of her subiectes, for defence both of her owne estate,

and of the moste Christian Kynge Charles the nynth, her goodi

brother, and his subiectes. September 1562. Imprinted at London,

in Powles Churchyarde, hy Rycharde Iugge and Iohn Cawood,

Printers to the Quenes Maiestie. Cum Priuilegio Regiæ Maiestatis.

In 4to, containing thirteen pages, black letter


A letter from Sir Henry Sidney to his son, Sir Philip Sidney, consisting

of Rules in his conduct of life, MS.


The Copie -of a Letter, written by one in London to his frend,

concernyng the credit of the late published detection of the doynges

of the Ladie Marie of Scotland. Without date, black letter, 12mo,

containing fourteen pages, and, by some, thought to have been

written by the learned Buchanan

An Epitaph, or, rather, a short Discourse made vpon the Life and

Death of D. Bonner, sometime vnworthy Bishop of London, whiche

-dyed the 5th of September, in the Marshalsie, 1569, 12mo,

containing fourteen pages


A Copie of a Letter lately sent by a Gentleman, Student in the Lawes

of the Realme, to a frende of his, concernyng D. Storie. Black letter,

8vo. containing twenty-two pages


The Case of the Bishop of Ross, Resident of the Queen of Scots;

who was seized and committed to the Tower by Queen Elisabeth,

for traiterous practises and endeavouring to raise a Rebellion against

her; folio, containing four pages

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A Declaration of the Lyfe and Death of Iohn Story, late a Romish

Canonicall Doctor, by professyon. 1571. Imprinted at London, by

Thomas Colwell, 8vo, containing thirty-two pages


Ane Admonitioun direct to the trew Lordis Mantenaris of the Kingis

Graces Authoritie, M.G.B. Imprentit at Striviling by Robert

Lekprevik, Anno Dom. 1571, 8vo, containing thirty pages in the

Scotish tongue


A True and plain Report of the furious Outrages of France, and the

horrible and shameful slaughter of Chastillion the Admiral, and

divers other noble and excellent men, and of the wicked and

strange murder of godly persons, committed in many cities of

France, without any respect of sort, kind, age, or degree. By

Ernest Varamund, of Frieseland. Printed at Stirling in Scotland,

1573. 19mo, containing one hundred and forty-three pages 431

A Disclosing of the great Bull, and certain Calues, that he hath gotten,

and specially the Monster Bull, that roared at my Lord Byshops

Gate. Imprinted at London, by John Daye, dwelling oure Alders-

gate. Black letter, 8vo, containing twenty pages

. 483

The Execution of Iustice in England, for maintenauncc of publique

and Christian Peace,against certeine stirrers of sedition,and adherents

to the traytours and enemies of the realme, without any persecution

of then for questions of religion, as is falsely reported and published

by the Fautors and Fosterers of their treasons; xvii December,

1583. Imprinted at London, 1583, 4to, containing five sheets,

black letter, the first edition; though, as it appears from some

manuscript additions, and alterations on the title, and in other

parts of the book, prepared a second time for the press, by the

Author, on the 14th of January, 1583


A Declaration of the favourable Dealing of her Maiesties Commis-

sioners appointed for the exaınination of certain traitours, and of

tortures vniustly reported to be done vpon them for matters of

religion, 1589. In black letter, 4to, containing six pages 514

The trve Report of the lamentable Death of William of Nassame, Prince

of Orange; who was trayterouslie slayne with a dagge, in his owne

Courte, by Balthazar Serack, a Burgunian, the first of Iuly, 1584,

Herein is expressed the murtherers confession, and in what manner

he was executed, vpon the tenth of the same month; Whose

death was not of sufficient sharpnes for such a caytife, and yet

too sowre for any Christian. Printed at Middleborowgh, by Derick

van Resperwe, Anno 1584. In 8vo. containing eight pages . 518

A Discuuerie of the Treasons practised and attempted against the

Queenes Maiestie and the Realme by Francis Throckmorton,

who was for the same arraigned and condemned in Guyld Hall in

the Citie of London, the one and twentie day of May last past,

1584. 4to, containing twenty eight pages


Treason pretended against the King of Scots, by certaine Lordes and

Gentlemen, whose names hereafter followe, with a declaration of

the Kinges Maiesties intention to his last acts of Parliament, which

openeth fully in effect all the saide conspiracy. Out of Skottish

into English, Imprinted at London, for Thomas Nelson, and

are to be solde at the West ende of ules 585. Black letter, Svo,

containing twenty-four pages.


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