Report of Progress ..., Teil 1

Board of Commissioners for the Second Geological Survey, 1877

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Seite 25 - Exposures throughout are very bad, and no connected section of the series could be obtained, so that for the benefit of those who may not have access to the report...
Seite 27 - National road, and at both the exposure is so incomplete that the thickness of the bed cannot be determined. The rock is ferruginous and shows dark patches on the weathered surface. Elsewhere throughout the district its place, when reached, is concealed. In Fayette county, the Lower Washington Limestone was seen in German township, on Mr. Struble's property, and in Redstone township, on Dunlap's creek, above Merrittstown. At both localities the exposure is imperfect, and the thickness of the bed...
Seite 37 - It is no doubt present as one of the higher limestones seen in the railroad section of Hempfield township. In the Lisbon trough this is a marked stratum, being readily identified at least as far north as the southern border of North Huntingdon township, of Westmoreland. Beyond this, northward, it disappears, and along the Pennsylvania railroad the interval between the Uniontown coal and the lower division of the Great Limestone is greatly lessened. In German, Luzerne, Redstone, Manellen, Franklin,...
Seite 70 - D unbar creek a definite measurement of the whole series was obtained, showing the thickness to be very nearly 520 feet; on Cove run, in North Union township, of Fayette, the same interval is but little more than 480 feet ; in the extreme southern portion of the district, on the Monongahela river, it is little more than 400 feet; on the Youghiogheny river, under the Saltsburg axis, near Layton station, the thickness is certainly much greater, for at one locality 520...
Seite 250 - Lump, but differing from it in that it this is the ordinary gray carbonate, while that is a very handsome kidney ore. This deposit is very persistent along the river face from New Geneva to below the mouth of Cat's run, the northern boundary of the township, where the coal goes under the river. On Georges creek it is finely exposed on Judge Crow's property, where it is very compact, 2 to 3 feet thick, and evidently a very good ore.
Seite 178 - ... layers of a slightly carbonaceous ore, above which is shale. This may be the Waynesburg a, or possibly the Waynesburg. The exposures in the vicinity are not such as to aid in determining the relations of the bed. Along the railroad, which follows quite closely the eastern outcrop of the Pittsburg coal bed, exposures of that bed are numerous.

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