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[Cmd. 2795.]

Customs Law:

Notes Exchanged between the United Kingdom and Siam respecting drawbacks and the method of computing "Ad Valorem" rates under the Siamese Customs Law.

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Commercial Treaty :

[Cmd. 2855.] Convention between His Britannic Majesty and His Majesty the King of Spain revising certain provisions of the Anglo-Spanish Treaty of Commerce and Navigation of 31st October, 1922, and Notes Exchanged. 441

Proof Marks on Firearms :

[Cmd. 2975.] Notes exchanged between His Majesty's Government in Great Britain and the Spanish Government respecting the reciprocal recognition of Proof Marks on Fire-Arms. 453


Finances, Administration, etc. :

[Cmd. 2991.] Report on the Finances, Administration and condition of the Sudan in 1926. 459


[Cmd. 2872.] Despatch from the Governor-General of the Sudan to the Secretary-General of the League of Nations relating to Slavery in the Sudan. 577

Telegraph Cable :

[Cmd. 2845.] Agreement between the Sudan Government and the Hejaz Government, His Majesty's Government assenting, relating to the Port Sudan-Jeddah Telegraph Cable. 581


Frontier Treaty :

[Cmd. 2912.] Treaty between the United Kingdom and Iraq and Turkey regarding the Settlement of the Frontier between Turkey and Iraq, with Notes Exchanged (in continuation of [Cmd. 2679] of 1926).


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[Cmd. 2877.)


Pecuniary Claims :

Notes exchanged between His
His Britannic
Majesty's Government and the Government of the
United States of America regarding the disposal of
certain Pecuniary Claims arising out of the Recent

p. 599

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Experts' Plan (Allocation from Annuities):

[Cmd. 2886.] Agreement regulating the amounts to be allocated out of the Annuities of the Experts' Plan for the Armies of Occupation, the Rhineland High Commission and the Military Commission of Control for the period 1st April, 1926, to 10th January, 1930 (in continuation of [Cmd. 2558] of 1925).

Inland Navigation :


[Cmd. 2952.] Convention regarding the Measurement of Vessels employed in Inland Navigation, with Protocol of Signature.

International Labour Conference :


[Cmd. 2890.] Proposed action by the British Government regarding the Draft Convention and the Recommendation adopted by the Conference at its Eighth Session, 26th May to 5th June, 1926.


[Cmd. 2961.] Draft Conventions and Recommendation adopted by the Conference at its Tenth Session, 25th May to 16th June, 1927.


[Cmd. 2995.] Report by the British Government Delegates on the Tenth Session, Geneva, 25th May to 16th June,


League of Nations :


[Cmd. 2799.] Report by the Rt. Hon. Sir Austen Chamberlain, K.G., M.P., British Representative, on the FortyThird Session of the Council.


[Cmd. 2894.] Report by the same on the Forty-Fourth Session of the Council.


[Cmd. 2925.] Report by the same on the Forty-Fifth Session of the Council. 729

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