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A person surrendered can in no case be kept in custody or be brought to trial in the State to which the surrender has been made for any other crime or offence, or on account of any other matters, than those for which the extradition shall have taken place, until he has been restored, or has had an opportunity of returning, to the State by which he has been surrendered.

This stipulation does not apply to crimes or offences committed after the extradition.


The requisition for extradition shall be made through the diplomatic agents of the High Contracting Parties respectively.

The requisition for the extradition of an accused person must be accompanied by a warrant of arrest issued by the competent authority of the State requiring the extradition, and by such evidence as, according to the laws of the place where the the accused is found, would justify his arrest if the crime or offence had been committed there.

If the requisition relates to a person already convicted, it must be accompanied by the sentence of condemnation passed against the convicted person by the competent court of the State that makes the requisition for extradition.

A sentence passed in contumaciam is not to be deemed a conviction, but a person so sentenced may be dealt with as an accused person.


If the requisition for extradition be in accordance with the


Nji njeri i dorezuar as me ndonji menyre s'mund te mbahet ne burg ose te hiqet ne gjygq ne Shtetin te cilit i u be dorezimi per ndonji krim ose delikt tjeter ose per arsye te tjera, perveç atyreve per te cilat do te jete bere ekstradicjoni gjer sa i dorezuari te jete kethyer prape ose te kete patur rast te kethehet prap ne Shtetin prej te cillit ka qene dorezuar.

Kejo marreveshtje ("stipulation") nuk asht e aplikushme per krimet dhe deliktet qe jane bere pas ekstradicjonit.


Kerkesa per ekstradicjon do te behet respektivisht me anen agjenteve diplomatike te dy Partive Kontraktuese te Nalta.

Kerkesa e ekstradicjonit per nji person t'akuzuar lypset te jete e shoqeruar prej nji vendimit gjykates ("mandat d'arrêt ") te dalun nga autoritetet kompetente te Shtetit qi kerkon ekstradicjonin dhe ky mandat duhet te jete keshtu qe sikur krimi ose delikti ne fjale t'ishte bere mbrenda ne Shtetin prej te cilit kerkohet ekstradicjoni, te konstituente dhe atje nji krim ose delikt.

Ne qoft se kerkesa i perket nji njerju qi ka qene denuar qe perpara duhet te jete e shoqeruar prej vendimit te denimit qi asht dhene kundra personit te denuar prej autoriteteve kompetente te Shtetit i cilli bene kerkesen per ekstradicjon.

Nji vendim i dhane ne mungese ("in contumaciam ") nuk do te quhet si nji denim, po nji njeri i denuar keshtu mund te konsiderohet si nji njeri i akuzuar.

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foregoing stipulations, the competent authorities of the State applied to shall proceed to the arrest of the fugitive.


A criminal fugitive may be apprehended under a warrant issued by any police magistrate, justice of the peace, or other competent authority in either State, on such information or complaint and such evidence, or after such proceedings, as would, in the opinion of the authority issuing the warrant, justify the issue of a warrant if the crime or offence had been committed or the person convicted in that part of the dominions of the two Contracting Parties in which the magistrate, justice of the peace, or other competent authority, exercises jurisdiction. He shall, in accordance with this article, be discharged if within the term of thirty days a requisition for extradition shall not have been made by the diplomatic agent of the State claiming his extradition in accordance with the stipulations of this treaty. The same rule shall apply to the cases of persons accused or convicted of any of the crimes or offences specified in this treaty, and committed on the high seas on board any vessel of either State which inay come into a port of the



The extradition shall take place only if the evidence be found sufficient, according to the laws of the State applied to, either to justify the committal of the prisoner for trial, in case the crime or offence had been committed in the territory of the same State, or to prove that the prisoner is the identical person

marreveshtje ("stipulation ") e sipermendum, autoritetet kompetente te Shtetit prej te cillit kerkohet duhet t'arestojne t'aratisunin.


Nji kriminal i aratisun mund te zihet me nji mandate te dhene prej çdo gjykatese policore, giykatese paqsore, ose nji tjeter autoritet kompetent ne njerin prej te dy Shteteve, ne qoft se ka te tilla informata ose qarje dhe te tilla prova ose pas asish procedurash, te cillat ne mendjen e autoritetit qi ka nxjere mandaten justifikjon te nxjerit e nji mandate po qe, qe krimi ose delikti t'ish bere ose personi t'ish denuar ne ate pjese te Dominioneve te dy Partive Kontraktuese, ne te cillen gjykatasi, gjykates i paqes ose tjeter autoritet kompetent ka (eksercon) jurisdikcjon. Ne konformitet me kete artikulli i kerkuari do te lirohet sikur se mbrenda ne 30 dite nuk bahet nga ana e nji agjentit diplomatik te Shtetit kerkues ne kerkes per ekstradicjon ne konformitet me stipulacjonet te ketij traktati. Gjith kejo regull do te aplikohet ne rastin e personave t'akuzuar ose te denuar per ndnje nga krimet ose deliktet te specifikuem ne kete traktat kur behet ne det hapet mbi ndonji anie te njerit ose te tjetrit Shtet e cilla anie mund te vije ne nji liman te Shtetit tjeter.


Ekstradicjoni do te behet vetun ne qoft se prova ("evidence") duket e mjaft pas nomeve te Shtetit prej te cillit kerkohet ja se per te justifikuar te hequret nen gjyq ne raste qe krimi ose delikti t'ish bere ne token e ketij Shteti, ose per te provuar se i burgosuni esht gjith ay njeri qe esht denuar nga gjykatoret e

convicted by the courts of the State which makes the requisition, and that the crime or offence of which he has been convicted is one in respect of which extradition could, at the time of such conviction, have been granted by the State applied to; and no criminal shall be surrendered until after the expiration of fifteen days from the date of his committal to prison to await the warrant for his surrender.


In the examinations which they have to make in accordance with the foregoing stipulations the authorities of the State applied to shall admit as valid evidence the sworn depositions or the affirmations of witnesses taken in the other State, or copies thereof, and likewise the warrants and sentences issued therein, or copies thereof, and certificates of, or judicial documents stating the fact of a conviction, provided the same are authenticated as follows:

1. A warrant, or copy thereof, must purport to be signed by a judge, magistrate, or officer of the other State, or purport to be certified under the hand of a judge, magistrate or officer of the other State to be a true copy thereof, as the case may require.

2. Depositions or affirmations, or the copics thereof, must purport to be certified, under the hand of a judge, magistrate, or officer of the other State, to be the original depositions or affirmations, or to be true copies thereof, as the case may require.

3. A certificate of, or judicial document stating the fact of a conviction must purport to be certified by a judge, magistrate, or officer of the other State.

Shteti qi ka bere kerkesen, dhe se krimi ose delikti per te cillen asht denuar kriminali asht prej atyre per te cillat ekstradicjoni ne kohen e nji denimi te tille mund te akordohet nga ana e Shtetit prej te cilit kerkohet; dhe as ndonji kriminal nuk do te dorezohet pa shkuar 15 dite qe nga data e burgimit te tij per te pritur mandaten per dorezimin e tij.


Ne qyrjen qi do te behet si mbas marreveshtjeve ("stipulation") e sipermendun auktoritetet e Shtetit ku u ba kerkesa do te pranojue si prova te shendoshe deshmimet ose vertetimet e betuara te deshmoreve te berra ne Shtetin tjeter, ose kopjet e tyre, dhe gith keshtu mandatet dhe vendimet qe vine s'andejmi, ose kopjet e tyre, dhe certifikatat ose dokumentat gjyqesore duke treguar faktin e nji denimi, me kondita qe te jene authentike si pason:

1. Nji mandat ose kopje e saj duhet te jet e nenshkruar prej nji gjykatesi ose zyrtari te Shtetit tjeter, ose duhet te jete e vertetuar nga ana e nji gjykatesi, ose zyrtari te Shtetit tjeter se asht nji kopje e vertet e mandates si t'a kerkoje rasti.

2. Deshmimet ose pohimet ose kopjet e tyre do te jene te vertetuara nga dor'e nji magistrati, gjykatesi ose zyrtari te Shtetit tjeter se jane deshmimet dhe pohimet origjinale ose qe jane kopjet te verteta te tyre, ashtu si ta kerkoje rasti.

3. Nji certifikate ose dokument gjyqsuar te cillat tregojne faktin e nji denimi duhet te jete e vertetuar nga ana e nji gjykatesi, magistrat, ose zyrtari te Shtetit tjeter.

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Each of the High Contracting Parties shall defray the expenses occasioned by the arrest within its territories, the detention, and the conveyance to its frontier, of the persons whom it may have consented to surrender in pursuance of the present treaty.


The stipulations of the present treaty shall be applicable, so far as the laws permit, to all His Britannic Majesty's Dominions, except to the self-governing Dominions hereinafter namedthat is to say, the Dominion of Canada, the Commonwealth of Australia (including for this purpose Papua and Norfolk Island), the Dominion of New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, the Irish Free State, and Newfoundland—and India, provided always that the said stipulations shall be applicable to any of the abovenamed Dominions or India in respect of which notice to that effect shall have been given on behalf of the Government of such Dominion or India by His Britannic Majesty's Representative at Durazzo, and provided also that it shall be competent for either of the High Contracting Parties to terminate separately the application of this treaty to any of the above-named Dominions or India by a notice to that effect not exceeding one year and not less than six months.


Ç'do Ane Kontraktuese e Larte do te heqe shpenzimet e shkaktuara nga te zenit ne token e vet nga burgimi dhe nga te shpenit gjer ne kufi te vet te njerzvet te cillet mund te kete pranuar te dorezoje si mbas ketij traktati.


Marreveshtjet ("stipulations ") e ketij traktati do te jene te zbatueshme deri ku japin leje nomet, ne te gjith Dominionet e Madhenis Tij Britanike perveç Dominioneve te vet-qeverisura te shenuara ketu ma posht Dominioni i Kanades, Kommonvelth i Australise (zihen mbrenda Papua edhe Norfolk Island), Dominioni i Zelandes se Re, Bashkimi i Afrikes se Juges, Shtet'i Lire i Irlandes dhe Newfoundlandes dhe Ihdia, me kondite gjithnji qe marreveshtjet ("stipulations") e sipershenuara do te jene te aplikushme ne çdo Dominion te sipershenuar ose ne Indie, per te cillat perfaqesonjesi i Madhenis Tij Britanike Durres do te jape nje note per Qeverin e Dominionit ose te Indies, me qellim te aplikimit te ketij traktati edhe prap me konditen qi te jene kompetent qe te dy Partit Kontraktuese te perfundojne veç e veç aplikimin e ketij traktati ne çdo Dominion te sipershenuar ose ne Indie me anen e nji note me kete qellim e cilla te mos kaperxeje nji vit dhe te mos jete ma pak se gjasht muaj.



The requisition for the surrender of a fugitive criminal, who has taken refuge in any of His Britannic Majesty's selfMajesty's selfgoverning Dominions, Colonies,


Kerkesa per dorezimin e kriminalit t'aratisun, i cili ka gjet refugjin ne ndonje prej Dominioneve, Kolonive ose Posesioneve te vet -qeveruese te

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