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Treaty Series No. 20 (1927)

Extradition Treaty

between the

United Kingdom

and Albania

Signed at Tirana, July 22, 1926
[Ratifications exchanged at Tirana, January 29, 1927]

Presented by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
to Parliament by Command of His Majesty


To be purchased directly from H.M. STATIONERY OFFICE at the following addresse:
Adastral House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2; 120, George Street, Edinburgh;
York Street, Manchester; 1, St. Andrew's Crescent, Cardiff;

15, Donegall Square West, Lelfast;

or through any Bookseller.


Price 3d. Net

Cmd. 2920

Extradition Treaty between the United Kingdom and Albania.

Signed at Tirana, July 22, 1926.

[Ratifications exchanged at Tirana, January 29, 1927.]

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company, or fraudulent con


19. Obtaining money, valuable security, or goods by false pretences; receiving any money, valuable security. or other property, knowing the same to have been stolen or feloniously obtained.

20. (a.) Counterfeiting or altering money, or bringing into circulation counterfeited or altered money.

(b.) Knowingly making without lawful authority any instrument, tool, or engine adapted and intended for the counterfeiting of the coin of the realm.

21. Forgery, or uttering what is forged.

22. Crimes against bankruptcy law.

23. Any malicious act done with intent to endanger the to endanger the safety of any persons travelling or being upon a railway.

24. Malicious injury to property, if such offence be indictable.

25. Piracy and other crimes or offences committed at sea against persons or things which, according to the laws of the High Contracting Parties, are extradition crimes or offences.

26. Dealing in slaves in such manner as to constitute a crime or offence against the laws of both States.

The extradition is also to be granted for participation in any of the aforesaid crimes or offences, providing such participation be punishable by the laws of both High Contracting Parties.

Extradition may also be granted at the discretion of the State applied to in respect of any

banqeri, faktori, administratori, direktori, anetari ose ofiqali publik te ndonji kompanije, gjithashtu konvertim fraudolose.

19. Te marit e te hollave, sigurimet vlefshme ose sende te tjera me pretendim te reme; dhe pronje te hollash, sigurime vlefshme dhe pasuni me dijenise jane te vjedhura a te maruna me te


20.-(a.) Remesim ose jaterim i te hollave ose te venit ne qarkullim te hollat te remsuara ose te jatersuara.

(b.) Te berit, tue dite, pa autoritet ligjuere e çdo far vegel ose maqine te adoptuara me qellim per te falsifikuar a imituar monedhat e mbreterise.

21. Falsifikim ose perhapje e gjas se falsifikuar.

22. Krime kundra ligjes per faliment.

23. Çdo akt i bere me qellim keqdashjes qe te vere ne rezik sigurimin e njerezve qe udhetojne ose qi gjinden ne udhe te hekurit.

24. Demtimi me keqdashjes kundra pronjeve, ne asht se ky demtim ndiqet prej ligjes.

25. Pirateria dhe krime ose delikte te tjera qe behen ne dete kundra njerzve ose plaçkave, te cilat krime ose delikte mbas nomevet te Anevet Kontraktuese te Nalta, jane krime ose delikte ekstradicjoni.

26. Tregtja e sklevevet ne menyre te tille qe formon nji krime ose delikt kundra nomeve dhe te dy Shteteve.

Ekstradicjoni akordohet dhe per participim per ndonje prej krimevet ose delikteve te shenuara me siper ne qoft se participimi kesodore asht i denuarshum prej nomeve te dy Partive Kontraktuese te Larta.

Ekstradicjoni mund akordohet gjithashtu, ne qoft se Shteti te cillit i behet kerkesa e gjen

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