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MR . Pope, in bsan
I himself, 213

higher concerns, in preprez
and complete Editio n :
and, with his usual dan , 13-
licitous to prevent B V
they might occafios, co n
Friend whom he bene ?
them to the Public:

4 7 X 315

'_“I own the kz escrimes “ ftitution make me gsete “ care about me or Sy wr wus 26 one in a full refgarco sing

I " of by the Father cé i Vat: “ (though indeed a trie, 122- 12 - "Sample) I would commit 2

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“sible and reflection dge, ze 23** *
“ of every short-fiç
“ vertent and cenfu
6 them in fo good

:-“ I also give
“ burton, the proper uchi T*

« printed as he bach
«ries or Notes upon c h: 2
“ disposed of or alien

" ; * end Teftament.


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R . Pope, in his last illness, amused V I himself, amidst the care of his higher concerns, in preparing a corrected and complete Edition of his Writingsa; and, with his usual delicacy, was even solicitous to prevent any share of the offence they might occasion, from falling on the Friend whom he had engaged to give them to the Public b.


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“I own the late encroachments upon my con « ftitution make me willing to see the end of all further “ care about me or my works. I would rest for the « one in a full resignation of my being to be disposed 66 of by the Father of all Mercy ; and for the other “ (though indeed a trifle, yet a trifle may be some ex«s ample) I would commit them to the candour of a sen« sible and reflecting judge, rather than to the malice “ of every short-lighted and malevolent critic, or inad“ vertent and censorious Reader. And no hand can set 6 them in so good a light, &c.” Let, cxx. to Mr. W.

" I also give and bequeath to the said Mr. War« burton, the property of all such of my Works already os printed as he hath written or shall write Commenta« ries or Notes upon, and which I have not otherwise “ disposed of or alienated, and as he shall publish " WITHOUT FUTURE ALTERATIONS." His last Will and Testament,

Vol. I.

wa Burton, the proach written Ohich I have

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