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To the Right Honourable

George Lord Lansdown,

Non injufia cano: Te nostræ, Fare, myricæ,

Te Nemus otnne canet; nee Phcebo gratior ulla est,

Quam sibi quxFari præfcripsitpaginanomen.



To the Right Honourable

George Lord Lansdown.

THY forests, Windsor! and thy green retreats,
At once the Monarch's and the Muse's feats,
Invite my lays. Be present, sylvan maids!
Unlock your springs, and open all your shades. .
Granville commands; your aid, O Muses bring!
What Muse for Granville can refuse to sing?

Ver. 3. etc. originally thus,

Chaste goddess of the woods,
Nymphs of the vales, and Naids of the floods,
Lead me thro' arching bow'rs, and glimm'ring glades.
Unlock your springs —

This Poem was written at two different times: the first part
of it, which relates to the country, in the year 1704, at the fame
time with the Pastorals: the latter part was not added till the
year 1713, in which it was published. P,

Ver. 6. neget quis carmina Gallo? Firg.


The Groves of Eden vanish'd now so long,
Live in description, and look green in song:
These, were my breast inspir'd with equal flame,
Like them in beauty, should be like in fame. 10
Here hills and vales, the woodland and the plain,
Here earth and water seem to strive again;
Not Chaos-like together crufh'd and bruis'd,
But, as the world, harmoniously confus'd:
Where order in variety we fee, 15

And where, tho' all things differ, all agree.
Here waving groves a chequer'd scene display,
And part admit, and part exclude the day;
As some coy nymph her lover's warm address
Nor quite indulges, nor can quite repress. 20
There, interspers'd in lawns and op'ning glades,
Thin trees arise that shun each other's shades.
Here in full light the russet plains extend:
There wrapt in clouds the bluehh hills ascend.
Ev'n the wild heath displays her purple dyes, 25
And 'midst the desert fruitful fields arise.

Ver. 25. Originally thus;
Why should I sing our better suns or air,
Whose vital draughts prevent the leach's care,
While thro' fresh fields th'enliv'ning odours'breathe^
Or spread with vernal blooms the purple h^th i ft

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