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Therlambs with wolves shall graze the verdant mead,

And boys in flow'ry bands the tiger lead!

The steer and lion at one crib shall meet,

And harmlessq serpents lick the pilgrim's feet. 80

The smiling infant in his hand shall take

The crested basilisk and speckled snake,

Pleas'd the green lustre of the scales survey,

And with their forky tongue shall innocently play.

Rise, crown'd with light, imperialr Salem, rise! 8 5

Exalt thy tow'ry head, and lift thy eyes!

Imitations. Iv. j> 13. "Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir-tree, and instead of the briar shall come up the myrtle tree. P. Ver. 77. The Iambs with wolves, etc.] Virg. E. iv. f 21. Ipfæ lacte domum referent diilenta capcllæ Ubera, nee magnos rnetuertt armenta leones —. Occidet et ferpens, et fallax herba veneni Occidet. — "The goats shall bear to the fold their udders distended with "milk: nor shall the herds be afraid of the greatest lions. The *• serpent {hall die, and the herb that conceals poison fl»all die.

Isaiah, Ch. xi. jfr 16, etc. "The wolf shall dwell with the "lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid, and the calf "and the young lion and the fading together: and a little child "shall lead them.—And the lionfhall eatstrawlike theox. And "the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the "weaned child shall put his nand on the den of the cockatrice. P. Ver. 85. Rife crown'd with light, imperial Salem, rife ! j The thoughts of Isaiah, which compose the latter part of the poerp, are wonderfully elevated ,and much above those general exclamations of Virgil, which make the loftiest parts of his Pollio. Magnus ab integro sæclorum nascitur ordo!

— toto surget gens aurea mundo!

— incipient magni procedere menses j
Aspice, venturo lætentur ut omnia sæclo! etc.

'Ch, xi. * 6, 7, 8. iCh. Ixv. $ 25. 'Ch.lx. i 1.

Sec, a long' race thy spacious courts adorn;

See future sons, and daughters yet unborn,

In crouding ranks on ev'ry side arise,

Pemanding life, impatient for the skies! 90

See barb'rous * nations at thy gates attend,

Walk in thy light, and in thy temple bend;

See thy bright altars throng'd with prostrate kings,

And heap'd with products ofv Sabæan springs!

for thee Idume's spicy forests blow, 95

And feeds of gold in Ophir's mountains glow.

See heav'n its sparkling portals wide display,

And break upon thee in a flood of day.

No more the rising* Sun shall gild the morn,

Nor ev'ning Cynthia fill her silver horn $ 100.

But lost, dissolv'd in thy superior rays,

One tide of glory, one unclouded blaze

O'erflow thy courts: the Light himself shall shine

Reveal'd, and God's eternal day be thine!

The "seas shall waste, the skies in smoke decay, 105

Rocks fall to dust, and mountains melt away;

But fix'd his word, his saving pow'r remains;

Thy realm for ever lasts, thy ownMESs 1 Ah reigns!

Imitations. The reader needs only to turn to the passages of Iseiah, here pited. P.

•Ch.lx. *4- tCk.1x.f^. 'Ch.lx. * 6. ?Ch. IxJty $0. * Ch. Ii. * 6. and Ch. liv. ver. io»

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