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Reports, 1927-continued.

Air Force and Air Ministry-cont.

-Auxiliary Air

Armoured cars, system of charging, Nicholson 6217-23Force, cost of, Nicholson 6316-9, App. 54 (p. 688). Bakeries: Cost accounts, form, 2nd Report 25- -Cranwell and Halton, hand work, Nicholson 6064- -Form of accounts, Ramsay 6056, Conferences to be held with War Office with view to compilation on comparable basis, Watson 6057-8 Justification for, Nicholson 6065-6- -Price of bread, comparison with contract prices, Nicholson 6059-63- Submission of detailed accounts, possibility of, Watson


Balances, surrender of, Ramsay 4091-2.

Cardington Airship Works, see that title.

Civil Aviation: Expenditure, comparison with estimate, Ramsay 5710; Nicholson 5711-Iraq to India service, arrangement with Imperial Airways re, and position re crossing Persia, Nicholson 6320-25Light aeroplane clubs, system and subsidies to, Nicholson 6309-10, 6326-32; Fass 6329- -Machines, inspection, Nicholson 5682-7-Over-estimating, Nicholson 5724-7-Subsidies, particulars re, and system, Nicholson 6307-13, 6340-52; Ramsay 6307-8- -Transfer of original charges for, to military purposes, question of, Nicholson 6259-61.

Civilians, number, total, and probable number of natives, Nicholson 6137-8, 6177-81.

Claims on Government of India: Adjustments for clothing, settlement arrived at, Nicholson 5761-2-Home effective charges, position re, and dependence of settlement on settlement between India and War Office, Nicholson 5730, 5736-44, 5749-59, 5766-70, 6139-48, App. 48 (pp. 683-4); Fass 5745-8, 5771- -Position re, Ramsay 5728, 5760, 5763; Fass 5729, 5736, 5745-8; Nicholson 5730, 5736-44, 5749-65, App. 48 (pp. 683-4) -Rate of departmental expenses to be added to value of aeronautical stores supplied to India, position re, Nicholson 5763, 5764-5; Ramsay 5763- -Sea transport of R.A.F. personnel to India, dependent on War Office settlement, Nicholson 5760; Ramsay 5760; Fass 5760.

Compensation for damage due to forced landing of aeroplane, Ramsay 6004- Contractors, special advances to, Ramsay 5660-1, 5785; Fass 5662; Nicholson 5781-4, 5786-7; Treasury Minute App. 2 (p. 606)– Estimates and surrenders, 2nd Report 1- -Estimates, interleaved sheets, Ramsay 5659; Treasury Minute App. 2 (p. 606)Estimating, super-cut, Nicholson 5719, 5720-1; Ramsay 5719; Fass 5720, 5722-Excess expenditure, Nicholson 6355--Expenditure, comparison with estimate and surrender of balances, Ramsay 4091-2, 5709, decrease, Nicholson 6368-75 Farnborough Áircraft Establishment, see that title-Ferro-silicon contract, Fass 5663; Treasury Minute App. 2 (p. 606) Half-pay, pensions, etc., under-expendture, Nicholson 6353-4- -Horses and forage, expenditure on, Nicholson 6182-3; Ramsay 6184-India, see under India-Iraq, see that title Irrecoverable claims for housing fees, and petrol and oil supplied to two civil aircraft stores at R.A.F. station, Ramsay 6005. Laundries: Cost accounts, form, 2nd Report 25- -Form of accounts, Ramsay 6056, Conferences to be held with War Office with view to compilation on comparable basis, Watson 6057-8- -Submission of detailed accounts, possibility of, Watson 7298.


Reports, 1927-continued.

Air Force and Air Ministry-cont.

Ledger balances, Russian accounts, explanation of inclusion, Fass 6378; Watson 6378-9- -Losses, arrangement with Treasury re, 2nd Report 24; Ramsay 7220; Fass 7221.

Medical Services, recruitment and pay, conditions not identical with those in Army, Nicholson 6314, recommendations of Committee accepted, Nicholson 6314.

Ministry: Accommodation, provision of, at Gwydyr House, Earle 852-3- -Air Council and Department of the Secretary, Salaries and allowances, over-expenditure, Nicholson 6353-5- Staff, civilianisation, progress, Nicholson 5678-81.

Motor cars: Maintenance, repair and purchase, system, Nicholson 6188-200-Purchase, assignment of types between departments,

Nicholson 6228.

Net deficit, explanation of entry in accounts, and meeting of, by surpluses under other Votes, Ramsay 5713.

Officers: Ex-Service reserve pilots, numbers, and direct entry pilots, Nicholson 6333-4.

on Flying duties: Cost of pay, maintenance, training and gratuities, Nicholson 6119-23, App. 51 (p. 687) Number of permanent and short service officers, Nicholson 6101- Service in reserve, Nicholson 6124-33- Short service, position as on 1st May, 1927, and total figures since 1st August, 1919, Nicholson 6101-18, App. 50 (p. 686)- Sources of, Nicholson 6133, 6164-5. Officials owing patent rights, assignment to commercial firm, suggested invidious position as result of, reply to, Nicholson 5875-8, 5879, 5886-9; Fass 5878-9; Ramsay 5884; Watson 5885, practice re assignment, Fass 5880-3 -Petrol and oil, purchase, co-ordination with other departments, Nicholson 6224-5- Quartering, stores, supplies and transport, under-estimate of receipts from sales, explanation, Ramsay 6185-7. Recruiting: Curtailment owing to change of policy, Nicholson 5703, 5707 Good on the whole, Nicholson 5708- Co-ordination of Army and, considered, but difficulties in connection with, Creedy 7327-32 -Recruits, sources of, Nicholson 6158-63- -Rejections, particulars given in medical return, Nicholson 5705-6- -Rewards, Nicholson 6168-9- -Staff, number and cost of, and results as regards number of recruits, Nicholson 6082-94, 6170, 6174, App. 47 (p. 683); Fass 6171-3 Statistics, Nicholson 5673, App. 47 (p. 683) Total cost, question of, Nicholson 6149-57, 6166, 6168-70, 6174; Fass 6167, 6173; Watson 6175-6.

Skilled mechanics, reserve, number, Nicholson 6335-6, App. 50 (p. 686). Stores Accounts, Malta, Egypt and Palestine, improvement, Ramsay 6067.


Deficiencies: of Hangar canvas and components at stores depot, dummy entry only, Ramsay 6069, 6361-7-Progressive improvement, Nicholson 6068; Ramsay 6069.

Report of Inter-departmental Committee re stores and valuation of them accepted by Air Council, Nicholson 6009 Stocktaking and test audit, Nicholson 6070-3-Valuation, system of showing, in future accounts, Nicholson 6297-9; Watson 6299-War Reserves, scales not determined, Ramsay 6075; Nicholson 6075-80stocks practically used up, Nicholson 6078-80.



Reports, 1927-continued.

Air Force and Air Ministry—cont.

Strength aimed at, Nicholson 5703-4

Strength and maximum num

ber authorised, Nicholson 5674-7. Training establishments: Cost, further details given in Estimates, Fass 5670; Nicholson 5670, Treasury Minute, App. 2 (p. 606). Vote A, inclusion of force in India, question of, Nicholson 5688-99, 5702; Ramsay 5701, possibility of, Fass 5700-1.

Works, Buildings, etc.: Agency works carried out by Office of Works to certain extent, Nicholson 6262-4-Buildings all put up by outside contractors, Nicholson 6276-7-New buildings, design and expense, responsibility for, and position re Treasury control, Nicholson 6255-9, 6273-4; Fass 6269-73, 6274- -Repairs, renewals and maintenance, Nicholson 6278-83, difficulty of obtaining information of value of buildings on which sum spent, Nicholson 6300-4- -Unsatisfactory state of buildings in many stations, Nicholson 6274; Fass 6274. Airship Guarantee Company.-Construction of R100 by, see under Airships under Air Force- -Purchase of hydrogen kerosene engine from, see under Airships under Air Force.

Anglo-Turkish Mixed Arbitral Tribunal.-British members: Appointment year before Tribunal formally constituted, and employment during interval, Ramsay 1059; Butler 1060-5, 1073-5, 1096-106, 1109-10; F. Phillips 1107-8- -Leave arrangements, Butler 1077-82, App. 56 (p. 689)Salaries, Butler 1076-7, 1094-5, App. 56 (p. 689). Neutral Chairman, proceedings re appointment, Butler 1060, 1065, and salary, Butler 1060-1, 1069, 1092-3- -Non-recovery of costs from claimants, Butler 1083-9- -Travelling expenses, Ramsay 1059; Butler 1066-8, App. 56 (p. 689-90).

Angora. Position re provision of Residency, Earle 712.

Anstruther Harbour.-Breakwater, scheme rejected by Development Commissioners, Jones 3236-46 Dredging work, Jones 3236. Appropriation Accounts.-1924-25, comparison of audited expenditure with Exchequer issues and general abstract, App. 1, outturn, Treasury Minute App. 2 (p. 600)Abstract Account, uniformity desirable for fighting services, 2nd Report 3-Form of, and question of showing total cost of different departments, F. Phillips 3020-2, 3036; Lamb 3034-5; Ramsay 3037, 3040-1- Surrender of balances, Ramsay 4090-2, general average of percentage of, to grants, 1924-25, 1925-26, correction of paragraph in Report, Ramsay 4087 Total Costs statement, Phillips 5059, 5061, inclusion in Accounts formerly but present practice of presenting separately, Niemeyer 3990; Ramsay 3991, submission to Public Accounts Committee in proof, suggestion, Niemeyer 3990, 3992-5, 4015, no difficulty anticipated, Ramsay 3991.

Army. 2nd Report 24-25-Accommodation for Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes, negotiations re payment for, Ramsay 6953, 6958; Creedy 6954-7, 6959-60; Crosland 6958- Aerodromes, reinstatement of, explanation of charge to Army Vote, Ramsay 7238; Creedy 7239. Appropriation Accounts.-1924-25, abstract, App. 1 (p. 592), comparison of audited expenditure with Exchequer issue, App. 1 (p. 591)Abstract, question of form, Watson 5712, 5713-7; Ramsay 5713, 5717; Fass, 6894, 6895, uniformity with other fighting services desirable, 2nd Report 3- -Form of, Creedy 6889-93.


Reports, 1927-continued.


Bakeries: Accounts, form of, Watson 6057-8- -Cost, comparison with 1924-5, Ramsay 7254-6, comparison with outside, Crosland 7270-1Cost at hand bakery and machinery bakery, Ramsay 7263; Creedy 7264-5- -Cost of military labour charged in account at commercial value, Crosland 7266-9— Cost accounts, form, 2nd Report 25Separate accounts kept for each bakery but not published, Crosland 7259; Creedy 7260-1-Submission of detailed accounts, possibility of, Creedy 7296-8.

Barracks, valuation, abandonment of attempt, Ramsay 6305-6

-Clothing, war remnants, using up, Creedy 7334-40- Contracts, cost plus percentage, for experimental types of mechanical traction, etc., explanation and particulars re, Creedy 6961-73, 6978; Ramsay 6963; Crosland 6974-8.

Cost accounting: Difficulties in connection with, Ramsay 7248Results, Creedy 6892-3.

in Egypt, see under Egypt-Electricity supply stations, depreciation rates, Ramsay 7249; Creedy 7253- -Estimates and surrenders, 2nd Report 1; Ramsay 6897- -Estimating, closeness of, Ramsay 6897Financial adjustments with India Office, position re, Creedy 6898-906; Ramsay 6900-in Germany, see under Germany. Hospitals: Cost accounting, Ramsay 7246; Creedy 7247- -Joint service with Navy in some cases, Murray 6599-600. Laundries: Accounts, form of, Watson 6057-8- -Colchester to be closed, Creedy 7288 Cost per laundry unit, and comparison with outside, Creedy 7300-10- -Cost accounts, form, 2nd Report 25Geographical distribution of, Creedy 7299-additional Machinery purchased and awaiting installation, Ramsay 7287, probable disposal of, Creedy 7288-93- general Policy under consideration, Ramsay 7287; Creedy 7309- -Submission of detailed accounts, possibility of, Creedy 7296-8- -Water softening plants, question of, Ramsay 7287 -Woolwich, cost per laundry unit, Creedy 7300-4, 7306. Losses and Comparison with previous year, Creedy 7372-5-Write-off of, arrangement with Treasury re, 2nd Report 24; Ramsay 7220; Fass 7221, Treasury Minute, App. 2 (p. 605).

Mechanical Transport: Cost of running, comparison made with ordinary commercial vehicles, Crosland 7285- -Petrol, lubricants, etc., cost, Crosland 7281-4- -Workshops, rate of oncosts to direct labour, Ramsay, 7272, soldier artificers, pay of, Ramsay 7286.

Motor cars for personal use: Measures taken to ensure economy, Creedy 7280- Mileage compared with other mechanical transport, Creedy 7279-Number and comparison with previous year, Creedy 7273-7.

Numbers authorised and numbers actually, Creedy 6873-6.

Officers: Allowances of, awaiting re-absorption after seconded service in Crown Colonies, cases of charge of whole amount to Army funds, but repetition impossible, Creedy 6999-7002; Ramsay 7001--Cash allowance in lieu of rations, Creedy 7023-4, 7026-8; Ramsay 7025– Chair allowance, overissue in China, Creedy 7376-8- -Extra remuneration for examination work, Ramsay 7243; Creedy 7244-5— -Irregular issues of fuel and light allowances to officers at Military Academy, Ramsay 7029; Fass 7030; Creedy 7030-2-Recreation facilities, Treasury Minute, App. 2 (p. 605) prolonged Sick leave on full pay to officer transferred to Air Force and back, case of, and repetition impossible, Creedy 7003-20.


Reports, 1927—continued.


Ordnance Factories: Allocation of work to trade or, Ramsay 7171. Appropriation Accounts: 1924-25, abstract, App. 1 (p. 592), comparison of audited expenditure with Exchequer. issue, App. 1 (p. 591) Form and change to be made, Creedy 7138, 7144, 7160, 7190; Crosland 7139, 7191; Fass 7187-9; Watson 7193. Buildings and machinery, charge of depreciation on, in Classes A and B but not Class C, owing to re-valuation having been made, Creedy 7131; Townsend 7132-3 Damage to glass by hailstorm, Ramsay 7172-Depreciation, on capital account, Townsend 7145-6, 7195; Crosland 7147; Watson 7196-9, 7201, no charge of, for Class C, owing to being reserve plant, explanation, Creedy 7161-2, 7167, 7169; Townsend 7163, Crosland 7164-6; Fass 7168Gas and electric mains, system of accounting, Townsend 7200, Watson 7201-Imperial reserves, policy, Ramsay 7170, 7179-80; Townsend 7174-5, 7177-8; Crosland 7175; Creedy 7175-6- -Indirect expenditure chargeable to productive departments, Creedy 7183; Townsend, 7184-Labour, productive and non-productive, Townsend 7210-9- -Permanent way, maintenance, Crosland 7148-51 Townsend, 7153-8; Creedy 7159, no depreciation on, Watson 7194; Ramsay 7194– Prices, comparison made with trade prices, Ramsay 7171; Creedy 7181- -Supplies Suspense Account, Ramsay 7135; Creedy 7136-7; Crosland 7136- Water power at Waltham Abbey, Townsend 7203-9-Work for Army, Navy, Air Force, India and Dominions, system of charging, and results, Crosland 7140; Ramsay, 7141; Watson 7142-3.

Pay, reduction, Crosland 6877; Creedy 6878.

Recruiting: not very Good and possible reasons, Creedy 6878-84Offices, Creedy 7326- -Offices, co-ordination with Air Ministry and Navy, considered but difficulties in connection with, Creedy 7327-32. Rents due from Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes for cinemas, etc., agreement re, Ramsay 6952-Royal Army Clothing Factory, accounts, system, Creedy 7363, 7369-71; Crosland 7364-8.

Stores: Deposits paid by purchasers, method of dealing with, Creedy 6996; Ramsay 6997-annual Valuation of stocks, Treasury Minute App 2. (p. 605).

Supplementary estimate owing to Shanghai, Creedy 6896-Supplies, road transport and remounts, deficit, explanation, Creedy 7333Supply Reserve Depot, purchase of Deptford Old Cattle Market, Creedy 7223-7, use of Woolwich Dockyard formerly, Creedy 7236-7

-Vocational training and demand in excess of supply, Creedy 6882-8-Vote A, number and comparison with 1913-14, Creedy 7321-5, number of Colonial and Native troops included in, Creedy 7324-5.

War Department Rentals: Drainage services, increased rental now charged to cover, in certain cases, Ramsay 7240-Putting up of to amount above lodging allowances, consequent conversion of quarters into Army quarters and stopping of lodging allowances, Ramsay 7240, 7241; Creedy 7241.

War Department Vessels, particulars re use of, etc., and profit on, Ramsay 7312, 7315; Creedy 7313-8- -War Reserves, temporary deficiencies, Ramsay 7319- -Water-supply by War Office on repayment, Ramsay 7242; Creedy 7242.


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