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Danger His M A J E S TY

(being PRINCE)

Escaped in the Road at Saint Andero.

OW had his HIGHNES s bid farewel to

And reach'd the sphere of his own pow'r,

the Main ;

With BRITISH bounty in his ship he feasts Th'HE SPERIAN Princes, his amazed guests, To find that wat'ry wilderness exceed The entertainment of their great MADRID. Healths to both Kings, attended with the roar Of cannons echo'd from th' affrighted shore, With loud resemblance of his thunder, prove BACCHUS the seed of cloud-compelling Jove: While to his harp divine Arion sings The loves, and conquests, of our ALBION Kings.

Of the fourth EDWARD was his noble song, Fierce, goodly, valiant, beautiful and young :



He rent the crown from vanquishid Henry's head;
Rais'd the White Rose, and trampled on the Red:
'Till Love, triumphing o'er the victor's pride,
Brought Mars and WARWICK to the conquer'd fide :
Neglected WARWICK (whose bold hand, like Fate,
Gives and resumes the sceptre of our State)
Woos for his Master ; and, with double shame,
Himself deluded, mocks the Princely Dame,
The Lady BONA; whom juft anger burns,
And foreign war with civil rage returns.
Ah! spare your swords, where beauty is to blame;
Love gave th' affront, and must repair the same :
When France shall boast of her, whose conqu’ring eyes
Have made the best of English hearts their prize ;
Have pow'r to alter the decrees of Fate,
And change again the counsels of our State.

What the prophetic Muse intends, alone
To him that feels the secret wound is known.

With the sweet sound of this harmonious Lay
About the keel delighted dolphins play ;
Too sure a sign of sea's ensuing rage,
Which must anon this Royal troop engage:
To whom soft sleep seems more secure and sweet,
Within the town commanded by our fleet.

These mighty Peers plac'd in the gilded barge,
Proud with the burden of so brave a charge;
With painted oars the youths begin to sweep
Neptune's smooth face, and cleave the yielding Deep:
Which foon becomes the seat of sudden war
Between the wind and tide, that fiercely jar.
As when a sort of lufty shepherds try
Their force at foot-ball, care of victory


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