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When WALLER, kindling with coeleftial rage, View'd the bright HARLEY of that wond'ring age, His pleasing pain he taught the lute to breathe; The GRACES fung, and wove his myrtle wreath. In youth, of patrimonial wealth possest, The praise of science faintly warm'd his breast: But, fir’d to fame by SIDNEY's rofy smile, Swift o'er the laureat realm he urg'd his toil. His Muse, by nature form’d to please the Fair, Or fing of Heroes with majestic air, To melting strains attun'd her voice, and strove To waken all the tender Pow'rs of love : More sweetly soft her awful beauty shone, Than Juno grac'd with CYTHERE A's zone.

As Angels love, congenial fouls unite
Their radiance, and refine each other's light:
The florid, and sublime, the grave, and gay,
From WALLER's beams imbibe a purer ray:
Illumin’d thence in equal Lays to bound
Their copious sense, and harmonise the found;
With varied Notes the curious ear to please,
And turn a nervous thought with artful ease.
Maker, and model, of melodious verse!
Accept these votive honors at thy herse.
While I with filial awe attempt thy praise,
Infuse thy Genius, and my fansy raise !


So, warbling o'er his urn, the woodland choir's To ORPHEUS pay the song his Shade inspires.

In WALLER's fame, O faireft HARLEY! view What verdant palms shall owe their birth to You. To You what deathless charms are thence decreed, In SACHARISSA's fate vouchsafe to read. Secure beneath the wing of with’ring TIME, Her beauties flourish in Ambrofial prime: Still kindling rapture, see! she moves in state; Gods, Nymphs, and Heroes, on her triumph wait. Nor think the lover's praise of love's delight In purest minds may stain the virgin-white: How bright, and chaste, the Poet and his Theme So CYNTHIA shines on ARETHUSA's stream. A fainted VIRTUE to the spheres may sing Those strains, that ravish'd here the Martyr-King. Plenteous of native wit, in letter'd ease Politely form’d, to profit and to please, To Fame whate’er was due he gave to FAME; And, what he could not praise, forgot to name: Thus Eden's rose without a thorn display'd Her bloom, and in a fragrant blush decay'd.

Such soul-attracting airs were sung of old, When blissful years in golden circles rolld: Pure from deceit, devoid of fear and strife, While love was all the penfive care of life,

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The swains in green retreats, with flourets crown'd, Taught the young groves their passion to resound: Fancy persu'd the paths where beauty led, To please the living, or deplore the dead. While to their warbled woe the rocks reply'd, The rills remurmur'd, and the Zephyrs figh’d; From death redeem'd by verse, the vanilh'd Fair Breath'd in a flow'r, or sparkled in a star. Bright as the stars, and fragrant as the flow'rs. Where SPRING resides in soft ELYSIAN bow'rs; While these the bow'rs adorn, and they the sphere, Will SACHARISSA's charms in song appear. Yet, in the present age, her radiant name Must take a dimmer interval of fame; When You to full meridian luftre rise, With MORTON's shape, and GLORIANA's eyes ; With CARLISLE's wit, her gesture, and her mein And, like seraphic Rich, with zeal serene: In sweet assemblage all their graces join'd To language, mode, and manners more refin'd! That Angel-frame, with chafte attraction gay, Mild as the dove-ey'd Morn awakes the MAY, Of noblest youths will reign the public care, Their joy, their wish, their wonder, and despair. Far-beaming thence what bright ideas Aow! The fifter-arts with sudden rapture glow: Her Titran tints the PAINTER-Nymph resumes ; The canvas warm with roseate beauty blooms:

Inspir’d with life by SCULPTUR E 's happy toil,
The marble breathes, and softens with your smile:
Proud to receive the form, by fate design'd
The fairelt model of the fairer kind.
But hear, O hear the MU S E 's heav'nly voice!
The waving woods, and echoing vales rejoice :
Attend, ye gales ! to MARGARETA's praise ;
And all ye liftning Loves record the Lays!
So, PHILOMELA charms th' IDALIAN grove,
When Venus, in the glowing Orb of love,
O'er ocean, earth, and air, extends her reign;
The first, the brightest, of the starry train.

What fav'rite Youth assign the Fates to rise,
In bridal pomp to lead the blooming prize?
Whether his father's Garter'd shield sustains
Trophies, atchiev'd on GALLIA's viny plains :
Or, smiling Peace a mingled wreath displays,
The Patriot's olive, and the Poet's bays :
Adorn, ye

Fates! the fav’rite Youth assign'd,
With each ennobling grace of form, and mind:
In merit make him great, as great in blood;
Great without pride, and amiably good :
His breast the guardian Ark of heav'n-born law,
To strike a faithless age with conscious awe.
In choice of friends by manly reason sway'd ;
Not fear’d, but honor'd ; and with love obey'd,

In courts, and camps, in council, and retreat,
Wise, brave, and studious to support the State.
With candor firm ; without ambition, bold ;
No deed discolor'd with the guilt of gold.
That Heav'n may judge the choicest bleffings due ;
And give the various Good compriz’d in You.

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