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Armies, and feets, which kept you out fo long,
Own'd their great Sov'reign, and redress’d his wrong.
When strait the people, by no force compelled,
Nor longer from their inclination held,
Break forth at once, like powder set on fire;
And, with a noble rage, their King require.
So th' injur'd sea, which from her wonted course,
To gain some acres, avarice did force,
If the new banks, neglected once, decay,
No longer will from her old channel ftay;
Raging, the late-got land the overflows,
And all that's built upon't to ruin goes.

Offenders now, the chiefest, do begin
To strive for grace, and expiate their fin:
All winds blow fair, that did the world imbroil;
Your vipers treacle yield, and scorpions oil.

If then such praise the * MACEDONIAN got,
For having rudely cut the GORDIAN knot ;
What glory's due to him, that could divide
Such rayell'd int'rests ? has the knot unty'd,
And without stroke so smooth a passage made,
Where craft, and malice, such impeachments laid?

But while we praise you, you ascribe it all
To his high hand, which threw the untouch'd wall
Of self-demolish'd JERICHO fo low :
His Angel 'twas that did before you go;
Tam'd savage hearts, and made affection yield,
Like ears of corn when wind falutes the field.

Thus, patience crown'd, like Joe's, your trouble ends,
Having your foes to pardon, and your friends :
For, tho' your courage were so firm a rock,
What rivate virtue could indure the shock?
* Alexander.


Like your Great Master, you the storm withstood,
And pity'd those who love with frailty thew'd,

Rude INDIAN S, tort'ring all the royal race,
Him with the throne, and dear-bought fceptre grace,
That suffers beft: what region could be found,


heroic head had not been crown'd?
The next experience of your mighty mind,
Is, how you combat Fortune now she's kind :
And this way too you are victorious found ;
She flatters with the fame success the frown'd.
While, to your self severe, to others kind,
With pow'r unbounded, and a will confind,
Of this vast empire you possess the care,
The softer parts fall to the people's share.
Safety, and equal government, are things
Which subjects make as happy as their Kings.

Faith, law, and piety, (that banith'd train!)
Justice and truth, with you return again :
The city's trade, and country's easy life,
Once more shall flourish, without fraud, or strife.
Your reign no less affures the ploughman's peace,
Than the warm fun advances his increase ;
And does the shepherds as fecurely keep
From all their fears, as they preserve their sheep.

But above all, the Muse-inspired train
Triumph, and raife their drooping heads again:
Kind heav'n at once has, in your person, sent
Their sacred judge, their guard, and argument.

Nec magis exprefh vultus per abenea figna,
Quàm per vatis opus mores, animique, virorum
Clarorum apparent


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On St. JAMES's Park, as lately improv'd

by his MAJESTY.
F the first Paradise there's nothing found,

Plants set by heav'n are vanish'd, and the ground;
Yet the description lafts: who knows the fate
Of lines that shall this Paradise relate?

Instead of rivers rowling by the side
Of Eden's garden, here flows-in the tide :
The sea, which always serv'd his empire, now
Pays tribute to our Prince's pleasure too.
Of famous cities we the founders know;
But rivers, old as feas to which they go,
Are nature's bounty : 'tis of more renown
To make a river, than to build a town.

For future shade, young trees upon the banks
Of the new stream appear in even ranks :
The voice of ORPHE U s, or AMPHION's hand,
In better order could not make them ftand.
May they increase as faft, and spread their boughs,
As the high fame of their great owner grows !
May he live long enough, to see them all
Dark shadows caft, and as his palace tall |
Methinks I see the love that shall be made,
The lovers walking in that am'rous shade :
The Gallants dancing by the river fide;
They bathe in summer, and in winter slide.
Methinks I hear the musick in the boats,
And the loud Echo which returns the Notes:
While over-head a flock of new- v-sprung fowl
Hangs in the air, and does the fun controul,


Dark’ning the sky: they hover o'er, and throwd
The wanton failers with a feather'd cloud.
Beneath, a shole of filver fishes glides,
And plays about the gilded barges' fides:
The Ladies, angling in the chryftal lake,
Feast on the waters with the prey they take:
At once victorious with their lines, and eyes,
They make the fishes, and the men, their prize.
A thousand Cupids on the billows ride,
And Sea-Nymphs enter with the swelling tide:
From Thetis sent as spies, to make report,
And tell the wonders of her Sov'reign's Court.
All that can, living, feed the greedy eye,
Or dead, the palate, here you may descry:
The choicest things that furnish'd Noah's ark,
Or Peter's sheet, inhabiting this Park:
All with a border of rich fruit-trees crown's,
Whose loaded branches hide the lofty mound.
Such various ways the spacious alleys lead,
My doubtful Muse knows not what path to tread.
Yonder, the harvest of cold months laid up,
Gives a fresh coolness to the royal cup:
There ice, like chryftal firm, and never lost,
Tempers hot July with December's frost;
Winter's dark prison, whence he cannot fly,
Tho' the warm spring, his enemy, draws nigh.
Strange! that extremes should thus preserve the snow,
High on the ALPs, or in deep caves below.

Here, a well-polith'd Mall gives us the joy,
To see our Prince his matchless force imploy:
His manly posture, and his graceful mein,
Vigor, and youth, in all his motions seen;


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His shape so lovely, and his limbs so strong,
Confirm our hopes we shall obey him long.
No sooner has he touch'd the flying ball,
But 'tis already more than half the Mall:
And such a fury from his arm has got,
As from a smoaking culverin 'twere shot.

Near this my Muse, what most delights her, fees
A living gallery of aged trees:
Bold fons of earth, that thrust their arms so high,
As if once more they would invade the sky.
In such green palaces the first Kings reign'd,
Slept in their shades, and Angels entertain'd:
With such old counsellors they did advise,
And, by frequenting sacred groves, grew wile.
Free from th’impediments of light, and noise,
Man thus retir'd, his nobler thoughts imploys.
Here CHARLES contrives the ord'ring of his states,
Here he resolves his neighb'ring Princes' fates :
What nation shall have peace, where war be made,
Determind is in this oraculous fhade;
The world, from INDIA to the frozen north,
Concern'd in what this folitude brings forth.
His fancy objects from his view receives ;
The prospect thought, and contemplation, gives.
That seat of empire here salutes his eye,
To which three kingdoms do themselves apply;
The structure by a * Prelate rais'd, WHITE-HALL,
Built with the fortune of Rome's Capitol :
Both, dil-proportion'd to the present state
Of their proud founders, were approv'd by Fate.

Cardinal Wolfey.


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