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Alive, the hand of crooked Age had mar'd
Those lovely features, which cold Death has spard.

No wonder then he sped in love so well,
When his high passion he had breath to tell ;
When that accomplish'd foul, in this fair frame,
No business had, but to persuade that dame ;
Whose mutual love advanc'd the youth fo high,
That, but to heav'n, he could no higher fly.

On a Brede of divers Colors, woven by Four


WICE twenty slender virgin-fingers twine

This curious web, where all their fancies shine : As nature them, so they this shade have wrought ; Soft as their hands, and various as their thought. Not Juno's bird, when, his fair train dis-spread, He woos the female to his painted bed ; No, not the bow, which so adorns the skies, So glorious is, or boasts fo many dies.


of the present Greatness, and joint Interest, of his HIGHNESS, and this Nation.


HILE with a strong, and yet a gentle, hand,

You bridle faction, and our hearts command; Protect us from our selves, and from the foe, Make us unite, and make us conquer too;


Let partial spirits still aloud complain :
Think themselves injur'd that they cannot reign :
And own no liberty, but where they may
Without controul upon their fellows prey.

Above the waves as NEPTUNE few'd his face
To chide the winds, and save the TROJAN race:
So, has your HIGHNESS, rais'd above the rest,
Storms of ambition toffing us represt.

Your drooping country, torn with civil hate,
Restor'd by you, is made a glorious state;
The seat of empire, where the IRISH come,
And the unwilling Scots, to fetch their doom,

The fea's our own: and now, all nations greet,
With bending fails, each vessel of our Fleet :
Your pow'r extends as far as winds can blow,
Or swelling fails upon the globe may go.

Heav'n, (that hath plac'd this Island to give law,
To balance EUROPE, and her states to awe,)
In this conjunction doth on BRITAIN smile ;
The greatest Leader, and the greatest Ifle !

Whether this portion of the world were rent,
By the rude ocean, from the continent ;
Or thus created; it was sure design'd
To be the facred refuge of mankind.

Hither th' oppressed shall henceforth resort,
Justice to crave, and succour at your Court ;


And then your HIGHNE S s, not for ours alone,
But for the world's PROTECTOR shall be known.

FAME, swifter than your winged navy, flies
Thro' ev'ry land that near the ocean lies;
Sounding your name, and telling dreadful news
To all that piracy, and rapine, use.

With such a Chief the meanest nation bleft,
Might hope to lift her head above the rest :
What may be thought impossible to do
By Us, embraced by the sea, and You!

Lords of the world's great waste, the ocean, we
Whole forests send to reign upon the sea ;
And ev'ry coast may trouble, or relieve :
But none can visit us without your leave.

Angels, and we, have this prerogative,
That none can at our happy seats arrive:
While we descend at pleasure, to invade
The bad with vengeance, and the good to aid.

Our little world, the image of the great,
Like that, amidst the boundless ocean fet,
Of her own growth, hath all that nature craves ;
And all that's rare, as tribute from the waves.

As EGYPT does not on the clouds rely,
But to the Nile owes more than to the sky :
So, what our earth, and what our heav'n, denies,
Our ever-constant friend, the fea, supplies.


The taste of hot ARABIA's spice we know,
Free from the scorching sun that makes it grow:
Without the worm, in PERSIAN filks we shine ;
And, without planting, drink of ev'ry vine.

To dig for wealth we weary not our limbs ;
Gold, tho' the heaviest metal, hither swims:
Ours is the harveft where the INDIAN S mow,
We plough the Deep, and reap what others fow.

Things of the noblest kind our own foil breeds ;
Stout are our men, and warlike are our steeds :
Rome, tho' her eagle thro' the world had flown,
Could never make this Ifand all her own.

Here the third EDWARD, and the BLACK PRINCE tocy
France-conqu’ring Henry flourish'd; and now You:
For whom we stay'd, as did the Grecian state,
Till ALEXANDER came to urge their fate.

When for more worlds the MACEDONIAN cry'd,
He wist not Thetis in her lap did hide
Another yet; a world reserv'd for you,
To make more great than That he did subdue.

He safely might old Troops to battel lead,
Against th' unwarlike PERSIAN, and the MEDE;
Whose hafty flight did, from a bloodless field,
More fpoils, than honour, to the victor yield.

A race unconquer’d, by their clime made bold,
The CALEDONIANS, arm'd with want, and cold,

Have, by a fate indulgent to your fame,
Been from all ages kept for you to tame.

Whom the old ROMAN wall so ill confin'd,
With a new chain of garrisons you bind :
Here foreign gold no more shall make them come;
Our ENGLISH iron holds them fast at home.

They, that henceforth must be content to know
No warmer region than their hills of snow,
May blame the fun ; but must extol your grace,
Which in our fenate hath allow'd them place.

Prefer'd by conquest, happily o’erthrown,
Falling they rise, to be with us made one:
So kind Dictators made, when they came home,
Their vanquish'd foes free citizens of Rome.

Like favor find the IRISH, with like fate,
Advanc'd to be a portion of our ftate :
While by your valor, and your bounteous mind,
Nations, divided by the sea, are join'd.

HOLLAND, to gain your friendship, is content
To be our out-guard on the Continent:
She from her fellow-provinces would go,
Rather than hazard to have


her foe.

In our late fight, when cannons did diffuse,
Preventing Pofts, the terror, and the news ;
Our neighbour-Princes trembled at their roar :
But our conjunction makes them tremble more.


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