Gold Seeking in South Africa: A Handbook of Hints for Intending Explorers, Prospectors, and Settlers : with a Chapter on the Agricultural Prospects of South Africa

C. Griffin, 1902 - 134 Seiten
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Seite 48 - FGS, Borough Engineer and Surveyor, Fulham ; late Borough Engineer, Bacup, Lanes. GENERAL CONTENTS. Introduction. — Hydraulics. — Velocity of Water in Pipes. — Earth Pressures and Retaining Walls. — Powers. — House Drainage.- Land Drainage. — Sewers. — Separate System. — Sewage Pumping.— Sewer Ventilation. — Drainage Areas.— Sewers, Manholes, &c.— Trade Refuse.— Sewage Disposal Works.
Seite 25 - ENGINE-ROOM PRACTICE : A Handbook for Engineers and Officers in the Royal Navy and Mercantile Marine, including the Management of the Main and Auxiliary Engines on Board Ship. BY JOHN G. LIVERSIDGE...
Seite 44 - Review of the Cement Industry — The Early Days of Portland Cement — Composition of Portland Cement — PROCESSES OF MANUFACTURE — The Washmill and the Backs — Flue and Chamber Drying Processes — Calcination of the Cement Mixture — Grinding of the Cement — Composition of Mortar and Concrete — CEMENT TESTING — CHEMICAL ANALYSIS of Portland Cement, Lime, and Raw Materials — Employment of Slags for Cement Making — • Scott's Cement, Selenitic Cement, and Cements produced from Sewage...
Seite 36 - Societies — Loading of Ships — Shipping Legislation, 1884 to 1894 — Statistics of Shipping. THE PERSONNEL : Shipowners— Officers— Mariners — Duties and Present Position. EDUCATION : A Seaman's Education : what it should be — Present Means of Education — Hints. DISCIPLINE AND DUTY — Postscript — The Serious Decrease in the Number of British Seamen, a Matter demanding the Attention of the Nation.
Seite 28 - BY THE SAME AUTHOR. KITCHEN BOILER EXPLOSIONS: Why they Occur, and How to Prevent their Occurrence. A Practical Handbook based on Actual Experiment. With Diagram and Coloured Plate. Price 33.
Seite 40 - SHIP. BY THOMAS WALTON, NAVAL ARCHITECT. Specially arranged to suit the requirements of Ships' Officers, Shipowners, Superintendents, Draughtsmen, Engineers, and Others. This work explains, in a simple manner, such important subjects as: — Displacement. — Deadweight.— Tonnage. — Freeboard. —Moments. — Buoyancy.— Strain Structure. — Stability.— Rolling — Ballasting. — Loading. — Shifting Cargoes. — Admission of Water.— Sail Area.— &c.
Seite 46 - THE MEAN DENSITY OF THE EARTH : An Essay to which the Adams Prize was adjudged in 1893 in the University of Cambridge. By JH POYNTING, Sc.D., FRS, Late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of Physics, Birmingham University. In Large 8vo, with Bibliography, Illustrations in the Text, and Seven Lithographed Plates. 12s. 6d. " Cannot fail to be of GREAT and GENERAL INTEREST."— Athenteum.
Seite 39 - General Contents. — The Qualification for the Position of Shipmaster — The Contract with the Shipowner — The Master's Duty in respect of the Crew : Engagement ; Apprentices ; Discipline ; Provisions, Accommodation, and Medical Comforts ; Payment of Wages and Discharge — The Master's Duty in respect of the Passengers — The Master's Financial Responsibilities— The Master's Duty in respect of the Cargo— The Master...
Seite 20 - In Quarto, Handsome Cloth. With Numerous Plates. 255. THE HEAT EFFICIENCY OF STEAM BOILERS (LAND, MARINE, AND LOCOMOTIVE). With many Tests and Experiments on different Types of Boilers, as to the Heating Value of Fuels, &c., with Analyses of Gases and Amount of Evaporation, and Suggestions for the Testing of Boilers.
Seite 35 - Quite the BEST PUBLICATION on this subject."— Shipping Gazette. Latitude and Longitude : How to find them. By WJ MILLAR, CE SECOND EDITION, Revised. 2s. " Cannot but prove an acquisition to those studying Navigation."— Marine Engineer, Practical Mechanics : Applied to the requirements of the Sailor.

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