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reign pri'vate sta'tion buoy va' por north'ern gleam pau'per no'bod y

The king reigns.

6. The post of honor is the private station."

Buoys warn sailors of danger.
“ No clouds are in the morning sky,

The vapors hug the stream;
Who says that life and love can die

In all this northern gleam ?”
“He's only a pauper whom nobody owns.”
The monkey is an agile animal.


7 beck'on “ Time did beckon to the flowers, and cun'ning ly they with'er By noon most cunningly did steal away with'ered And withered in my hand.” shep'herd “ And every shepherd tells his tale haw'thorn Under the hawthorn in the dale." dale

“ Laziness travels so slowly that poverty la'zi ness

overtakes him."

The approach to the house is by a gentle ap proach' rise of ground. rise


o ver take

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cre ate scan'dal

gos'sip ed'u cate gas'es Aulid noise'less

8 " It takes two to create a scandal, one gossip to tell it, and one to listen to it.”

Every man must educate himself.” All liquids, air, and all gases are called fluids, because they flow.

“ With noiseless step, sweet memory comes."

Spring has clad the grove in green.' The house is vacant at present.

mem'o ry

va' cant


ca nal'

zebra thresh shield gnash mix'ture

to bac'co car'ry ing taint bel'low ve'hi cle heav'y heav'i ly qui'et ly

men'tion wreck cornet

lath'er bru'tal

ex pense' cam'phor sau'cer ex cur'sion cush'ion

bay'o net sum'mit

10 “Evil company is like tobacco smoke - you cannot be long in its presence without carrying away its taint."

Do you hear the cattle bellow?

"Our minds are like certain vehicles, — when they have little to carry, they make much noise about it; but when heavily loaded, they run quietly.”

“I lie amid the goldenrod,
I love to see it lean and nod.”
“Never spur a willing horse.”

a mid



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aisle an'them tan'gle tan'gled de ceive' gild dis grace

re tire

im pel'
im pelled'

To the anthem of the free.” “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive."

“A sunny temper gilds the edges of life's blackest clouds."

In disgrace, the thief retires to his hovel, to die. · The horse moves at a slow gait. “In union, there is strength."

12 “I feel impelled to select a few of the little gems from this casket of song.”

It is a pleasure to ride a horse that canters.

Health is better than wealth.
My aunt will knit a mitten.
The lady in the choir sings alto.

6 For in the inn, there was no better room."

se lect'

cas'ket can'ter health wealth knit al'to inn

nat'u ral cas cade' bee'hive soothe man'tle bel'lows forge fam'ine gaunt

“ They fall like a natural cascade from
rock to rock."

“ Mine be a cot beside the hill,
A beehive's hum shall soothe my ear.”
“ Now Nature hangs her mantle green

On every blooming tree.”
" I blow the bellows, I forge the steel

In all the shapes of trade.” “ Famine comes like a gaunt wolf.”

rank state wood'land rud'dy am'ber com pel' com pelled' flor'ist ex pend' slug'gard con sid'er

14 “It is not birth, nor rank, nor state, But get-up-and-get that makes men

great." “ On woodlands ruddy with autumn, the sunshine lies."

The florist is compelled to expend several hundred dollars to repair the damage done by the storm.

“Go to the ant, thou sluggard ; consider her ways, and be wise.”


re ceive'
prin'ci ple

be lief' gaunt man'tle jeal'ous cot

coarse health av'e nue leopard seize

ex pense
de ceive
prin'ci pal
be lieve


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“ Learn the luxury of doing good." cor'o net 6. Kind hearts are more than coronets." cul'ti vate “ Great men cultivate love ; only little cher'ish men cherish a spirit of hatred.” ha'tred “ And the maize field grew and ripened splen'dor

Till it stood in all the splendor gar'ment Of its garment green and yellow.” boss

6. There isn't any such thing as being tramp your own boss unless you're a tramp, and con'sta ble then there's the constable."

quaint cou'ple

madam hy'phen lynch

breadth tun'nel de stroy' ar'bor


rai'sin yolk myth

ce ment' mar'row tram'ple

isth'mus ex plode

17 strength'en “ He that wrestles with us strengthwrestle

nerves and sharpens our sharp'en skill." hoist'ed The sailors hoisted the distress dis tress' signal.

“ The heights by great men reached height

and kept at tain'

Were not attained by sudden flight; at taîned' But they, while their companions com pan'ion

slept, Were toiling upward in the night."

par take'



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