Flowers and the flower garden

Frederick Warne & Company, 1866 - 182 Seiten

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Seite 65 - large in size, and decided and distinct in colour. The form of the flower, whether it be cupped, globular, or widely expanded, should be symmetrical; the petals even and regular in their arrangement, full, but not too crowded ; the outer range broad and firmly set, rendering the flower lasting. In texture they should be firm and thick, not thin and flimsy. Fragrance, and a
Seite 62 - as soon as the sap rises and the buds are observed to swell. If they are planted out in the autumn of their first year they may need a little shortening then, to prevent the wind having too much power over them, but they should not be pruned closely when newly planted.
Seite 70 - The yellow picotee carnations are very striking. These beautiful flowers, in all their varieties, need by no means be neglected by persons who do not care for them as florists' flowers, for their culture is quite within the scope of any
Seite 11 - :—"A layer of stones, brickbats, shells, or clinkers, six inches deep, to form a dry bottom ; a layer of chalk or lime, in the proportion of one to ten of the stones or other foundation, and well rolled and watered, to the thickness of three inches, with a rise of two inches in the centre; over this, half an inch of gravel and lime or fine chalk. Water and roll
Seite 103 - is very nice for borders, from its low bushy growth and abundance of bloom, keeping in flower from June for many months. It will grow very readily from seed, in any garden soil. It is in almost all colours.
Seite 60 - half that quantity to small ones. Dig the hole for the root quite large enough, spread the roots evenly to their full extent, level the earth and shake it in about the roots, holding the plant the while, that it may not sink too deep, and tread in the earth.
Seite 56 - It is a good plan, in planting the cutting, to make a hole, put in the cutting, fill up the hole with silver sand, water, and press the earth tight. Cuttings may be made in spring, summer, or autumn, but we have found no time so good as June
Seite 130 - must have regular attention in necessary pruning and training, keeping under the too rampant growth of the most luxuriant among them. The garden should be gone over regularly at least once a week, to place stakes and sticks wherever they are needed, prune back rampant growth wherever it appears, cut off dead flowers and withered sprays, stir the
Seite 11 - quite solid. Have the walk two inches wider on each side than you desire, as this checks the turf and weeds from encroaching, and prevents the rain-water getting to the foundation of the walk.
Seite 56 - the common wild rose of England, suckers of which can be taken out of hedges, or tall stems of which can be grown, as cuttings, planted deep. They are fittest for standards, as the stems grow more kindly than those of stocks of a more aristocratic descent.

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