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ARY! How the tones of Jesus softly, delicately fell

On the ears of Magdalenè, sweeter than a silver bell !
Mary! Just one word, no other, but sufficient to recall

That the Speaker was her Saviour and her Master and her All.
Mary! Oh! the soft, rich accents of the well-remembered voice,

Lighting up her face with sunshine, bidding her lone heart rejoice. Mary! Oh! the mystic music on the Stranger's sacred tongue,

What a chain of recollections on that one sweet “Mary' hung! Mary! Then it was no fiction that her Lord should rise again,

And the watch of Roman soldiers had for once been made in vain.

Mary! How the sound melodious quickly dried her weeping eyes,

As of old they calmed the tumult of her penitential cries.
Mary! Blest that from thy bosom seven foul demons had been cast,

Happy now thy mind reflecting on the sadness of the past.
Mary! Oh! the free outpouring of the fragrant alabaster

On the weary head of Jesus, her beloved and loving Master : Mary! Oh! the burning rapture! Ah! the long, luxuriant tresses,

O'er the feet so hot and toil-worn bathed in tears and love's caresses !


Mary! Since that Easter morning eighteen hundred years have passed !

But the tones have not yet faded, nor shall fade while time shall last. Mary! Pride and superstition, strife, contention, battle-din

Eighteen hundred years of suffering, eighteen hundred years of sin !
Mary! But above the havoc and above the battle cry,

Still we feel the air vibrating as the ripple draweth nigh :
Mary! And as through the ages, through the eighteen hundred years

Fall they in the nineteenth century on His true disciples' ears-
Mary! Like the sacred echo of a Heaven-begotten sound,

They with Jesus Christ's most precious words and promises abound.


“ Mary! Frail and sin-encumbered, lone, bewildered, and distressed,

Come to me all ye that labour, I will give you heavenly rest ; Mary! Thine is all the mercy, I have borne the guilt and shame,

Thou art Mine for I have called thee I have called thee by thy name ; " Mary! Oh the matchless odours, fragrant, lasting, pare and sweet,

That to all who love the Master in that one word “Mary" meet!


She turned herself, and saith unto Him, Rabboni ; which is to say, Master.”—John xx. 16.

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Rabboni ! While coming, I mused and reflected

“Now, who shall remove us the stone from the door ? " But lo! it was gone, and an angel protected

The sepulchre, filling the keepers with awe.

Rabboni ! Thy head I'd have fondly anointed,

Thy body enriched with sweet spice that I brought;
But I mourned and I wept and bewailed, disappointed,

To find not the Master so lovingly sought.

Rabboni ! The tones of Thy voice are far sweeter

Than warble at even of love-making bird ;
One look was enough for impetuous Peter,

For Mary the Magdalen one single word.

Rabboni! Thy tones and Thine accents I'll cherish,

As long as Thou wilt that on earth I abide;
And when all my bodily faculties perish,

On wings of affection I'll haste to Thy side.

And when I emerge from the sepulchre's portal,

As Thou hast emerged, the First-fruits from the dead,
I'll sing in Thy presence in glory immortal,

“Rabboni, Rabboni! my Master and Head!”

Rabboni, on all who like Mary, have waited,

So near to their Lord, yet their backs to His face,
And anxiously seeking, with zeal unabated,

Yet failing in Jesus, their Master to trace:

Oh! speak as no tongue that is human e'er speaketh,

And speak with soul stirring, omnipotent tone;
And invoke from the heart of each sinner that seeketh,

“Rabboni, my Master! my Saviour, my Own!”


Wherefore God also hath highly exalted Him, and given Him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in Heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.". . . . . . . . Phil. ii. 9-11.


VEFORE the name of Jesus shall every knee bow down,

And all men own before the Throne, His sceptre and His crown;
And low shall fall before Him on that great Judgment day,
And no-one dare who standeth there dispute His sovereign sway:

Then sing the name of Jesus !
Loud ring the name of Jesus !
O'er fertile land and scorching sand
Let every ransomed holy band

Extol the name of Jesus !


Strong in the name of Jesus have myriad fights been fought;
? Saved by the blood of Jesus have myriad souls been bought:
Pure in the blood of Jesus are crimson souls made white:
Calm in the blood of Jesus are burdened souls made light:

Then sing the name of Jesus !

Loud ring the name of Jesus !
To furthest bound the world around
In one consent with noblest sound,

Extol the name of Jesus !

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Ye slain upon the battle-field rise from your gory graves !

And ye who deep in ocean sleep rise from the heaving waves !
Ye martyrs, faithful unto death, who strong in that loved name
Shrank not from foe or fire or flood, fierce malice or deep shame-

And sing that name of Jesus !

Loud ring that name of Jesus !
From fire and sword and blood outpour'd,
Triumphant through your risen Lord,

Extol the name of Jesus !

• See note G, page 84.


To bow before King Jesus comes on the mighty host

From ocean's coral islets and land's remotest coast;
For Jew and Greek and Scythian, barbarian, bond and free,
Uncircumcised and circumcised in homage bend the knee :

Then sing the name of Jesus !

Loud ring the name of Jesus !
Let every race on earth's broad face
To praise the Master's matchless grace

Extol the name of Jesus!


Who love the name of Jesus desire that glorious day,

Yearn for its speedy advent, sigh o'er its long delay; Impatient cry to Jesus in psalm, or prayer, or song, “Why linger yet Thy chariot wheels : how long, O Lord, how long?"

Then sing the name of Jesus !

Loud ring the name of Jesus !
And though He stay, and we yet stray
We'll still, to cheer the weary way,

Extol the name of Jesus !


Before the throne of Jesus shall sinners, too, bend down,

And at His feet shall abject meet His unrelenting frown; Those who have turned a heedless ear to mercy's ceaseless call Shall quail before their Sovereign Judge and own Him Lord of all :

Then sing the name of Jesus !

Loud ring the name of Jesus !
Repent each crime while yet there's time,
And in your truest, loftiest rhyme

Extol the name of Jesus !


And on the head of Jesus shall many a crown be worn :

And heaven's surpassing splendours King Jesus sball adorn;
While round the throne of Jesus a rainbow circles o'er,

And angels and archangels King Jesus shall adore.
And as He sits upon the throne, one God in persons three,

All things shall humbly worship Him in earth and air and sea; But all His saints with waving palms to Him their Lord Most High, Shall raise their Hallelujah psalms and shout their glorious cry

“We sing the name of Jesus !
Come, ring the name of Jesus !
Down-fling your crowns to Jesus !

Sweet anthems bring to Jesus !
In solemn lays our voice we raise,

To Thee whose blood our ransom pays;
And through the never-ending days
We'll no-one's else, but with high praise

Extol THY name, 0 Jesus !


" And she shall bring forth a Son, and thou shalt call His name Jesus: for He shall save His people from their sins."

Matt, i. 21.

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