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Tell it out, ye journeying planets, tell it out each standing star,
Tell it out, all heavenly bodies shining on us from afar:

Tell it out!


Tell it out in tones majestic, loud-voiced, deep-voiced, pealing thunder,
And each subterranean furnace, cleaving earth and sea asunder !
Tell it out, ye scathing flashes, wild and weird and dazzling bright,
And to all the Arctic dwellers, tell it out, thou Northern Light!

Tell it out, ye Alpine glaciers, as in stateliness ye slide
O'er the rocks and o'er the ravines down the rugged mountain-side!

Tell it out, ye heathclad moorlands, tell it out ye snowclad mountains, Tell it out, ye sweeping rivers, tell it out, ye boiling fountains !


Ancient Nile and Livingstone, tell to Afric's sons and daughters, And thou Amazon's broad channel, stateliest king of inland waters !

And with all thy bounding beauty, fit for such a monarch's bride,
Tell it out, Niagara, with thy matchless, peerless tide!
Tell it out, ye rolling prairies, tell it out, ye boundless plains,
Tell it, grand primeval forests, that the Lord Jehovah reigns !

Tell it out! Tell it out!


Tell it out, ye feathered beauties, for the gift to you belongs

To tell out in gentlest warbles and in louder clarion songs:
Tell it linnet's liquid larynx, tell it thrushes' thrilling throats,
Tell it out in newest numbers, nightingales' nocturnal notes !

Tell it out, thou eagle soaring,
Tell it out, thou lion roaring,

Tell it, wild gazelle :
Swallow, swift, or greyhound speeding,
Loving hind or roebuck feeding

In the peaceful dell!


Tell it out, ye gold-eyed daisies, little children's cherished flowers,

By a loving Father given to beguile their sunny hours-
Like ten thousand pearl-set amethysts shining in the emerald meads
With the buttercups and cowslips and the grasses and the reeds!

O, ye mosses and ye ferns!
brooklets and


burns! O, ye mountains and dales ! O, ye woodlands and ye vales !

Tell it out!

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Tell it out, ye oceans !

Tell it out, ye seas !
Tell it out, ye hurricanes !

Tell it, every breeze!
Tell it, floods and torrents !

Tell it out, ye rills !
And ye lakes in silence lying

Up among the hills !
Orchards rich in beauty glowing,
Silver streams through green-sward flowing,
Plants and shrubs and lichens growing,
Bleating flocks and cattle lowing:

Tell it out!


Tell it, buds that burst in spring,
Homeward swallows on the wing :
As ye
bloom and as ye sing

Tell it out!

Tell it, summer's rainbow flowers,
Fiercest heat and cooling showers,
Sunniest spots and shadiest bowers :
Exercising all your powers

Tell it out!

Autumn's loveliest sunset skies,
Gorgeous in surpassing dyes,
Let your heartiest praise arise,
And to dull half-dreaming eyes

Tell it out!

Wintry winds that keenly blow,
Waters that have ceased to flow,
Storms and hoarfrost, ice and snow

Tell it out!


O, ye clinging, purple vines

Yielding pure and luscious wines :
O, ye dry and juicy fruits,

And ye ripe nutritious roots :
O, ye many-tinted leaves,
O, ye glorious, golden sheaves

Tell it out!


Tell it, hearts of man and woman beating with responsive love,
Tell it, souls that are indwelling, seeking something up above:

Tell it, memory and muscle, tell it matter, tell it mind,
Tell it, instinct of affection, making each to other kind.

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Tell it, O, surpassing beauty of the features of the face,
And in form and fitting purpose, moulded with exceeding grace :
Tell it, joy and tell it sorrow, pain and pleasure, hope and will
That it is a God Who made you with such wondrous thought and skill :
Tell it out, all things existing from the poles to the equator,
That ye sprang not out of nothing, but were formed by a Creator;
And that ye have any being is because He so ordaineth,
For He is the Lord Jehovah and above you all He reigneth.


Things inanimate bear witness to a King of power and glory,
By their revelations startling and their grave traditions hoary;
But of Sinai and Bethlehem, Olivet and Calvary gory
Souls redeemed by matchless mercy can alone unfold the story :
Then, O ransomed! raise your voices with a load exultant shout,
And of Jesus Christ the Saviour, tell ye out, tell ye

Far and wide through all the countries let there be not one exemption,
But tell out of Adam's sinning and of Jesus Christ's redemption.




Ye who know by glad experience of the joy of pardoned sin,
Ye who steadfast on life's racecourse look a Crown of Life to win :
Ye whose minds are keen and active, ever bent on something new-
Some incentive to high purpose holding out before your view:
Ye whose hearts are soft and tender and can feel for others' grief,
And can find your greatest pleasure in administering relief :


Tell to those who live in darkness of a glorious, risen Light
Who from this dark world of sorrow has dispelled the gloom of night:

Find in using all your talents to the glory of His name
Something worthier your ambition than in power or wealth or fame;
Find your greatest joy in saying to the sad and aching breast
“Come to Me, ye heavy-laden, come, and I will give you rest.'



several scenes of labour, pulpit, platform, press, or pew,
Seek the Holy Spirit's guidance to instruct and counsel

And, beneath His blessed influence, speak or write or hear or preacn,
Solace those in need of kindness, those in ignorance guide and teach :
Train the young, reclaim the erring, dry the red and weeping eyes;
When the scenes of earth are shifting, point them upwards to the skies.

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Tell of Jesus Christ the Saviour
By your chaste and right behaviour :
Spread the glorious gospel sound
By your love to all around :
Triumphing yourself o'er sin,
Strive some other souls to win:
Always patient be and meek,
“Swift to hear and slow to speak":
Use your gifts, whate'er they be,
So that men may plainly see,
By your radiance shining far
Whom ye serve and Whose ye are;


And whate'er your calling be, trade or other avocation,
Subject to the rule of others or placed high before the nation :
Whether in the shop or household, or upon the chair of state,
Living humbly with the lowly or advanced among the great:
Use your tongue and use your talents, use your purse and use your pen,
To the honour of your Saviour, and the good of other men,-
Where the shores of dear old England the surrounding water laves,
Or in foreign, pagan countries, far across, beyond the waves :
Let your influence be exerted for the glory of your God,
Till, your pilgrimage completed, ye are laid beneath the sod,
But at Trump of the Archangel, with a louder, nobler shout
Heaven's eternal gates to enter, and, for ever, tell it out.


Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.”—Prov. xxxi. 8.

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Kinsmen UnsaTED.

I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost, That I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart. For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh.

Rom, ix, 1-3.

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