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" And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.”—Epues. v. 30.


RIEVE not the Holy Spirit: let not trifles,

Things of the earth and earthly, hold thine heart;
He who the voice of conscience madly stifles

May find, too late, that monitor depart.

'Tis thus God's Spirit with thy spirit pleadeth,

The voice unheard, unknown to all beside ;
And He all those who listen to Him leadeth

To view the precious things of Christ that died.

Thy Counsellor, He intercession maketh

For thee with groans that cannot uttered be ; *
Thine Advocate, thy cause He undertaketh,

That an offended Judge may pardon thee.

And pleading with thyself, He too inciteth

In softest accents, but impressive tone,
And to forsake each evil course inviteth

Thy sins acknowledge, thy transgressions own.

Is thine heart frozen that it will not soften:

Is thine ear heavy that it will not hear :
Have these monitions been repelled so often

That thou canst now repel them without fear?

Perhaps thy conscience, though in nowise tender,

May still be able to explain the cause,
But can, alas ! no better reason render

Than the oft-breaking of thy Maker's laws.

Heed then, O heed, the Spirit's earnest pleading!

Fall down e'en now upon thy bended knee ;
Let not this moment slip without thy turning

That from the wrath to come thou mayest flee.

'Tis but thy duty though it seem unpleasant:

He is the Potter, thou art but the clay;
What thon preferest is but evanescent,

Nor hast thou right to say thy Master nay;

'Tis but in love He bids thee to surrender

That which seems pleasing to thy earthly eyes :
Yield then to Him, thy Guide and thy Defender ;

Grieve, then, no longer His unspoken cries.

* Rom. viii. 26.


“..... One of His disciples said unto Him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.”—LURE xi. 1.

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Teach me to pray: upon the chilly mountain

Hast thou petitioned through the night and day;
Our prayers are streams, Thou art the living Fountain,

Then teach us, Lord, and hear us when we pray.

* Isai. i. 17.


Say among the heathen that the LORD reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved : He shall judge the people righteously.. . . . . . . . . . .

. Psalm xcvi. 10. Tell it out among the heathen that the LORD is King : etc.. . . . . . Prayer Book Vorsion.

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ELL it out among the heathen that the Lord Jehovah reigneth !

Tell it out!
Tell it out among the nations where the weary earth complaineth,

Tell it out where sin's pollution all the fair creation staineth
That a sinner who repenteth ne'er the Lord of all disdaineth :

Tell it out: Tell it out!


Tell it out, ye constellations, glowing in the azure heaven;

Though your praises be unspoken let them not the less be given :

And among the pagan nations, from all peace and pardon riven
Tell it out, ye Christian churches, seething like a sacred leaven:

Tell it out!


Things inanimate may tell them of a King of power and glory

By their startling revelations and their grand traditions hoary;

But of Sinai and Bethlehem, Olivet and Calvary gory
Souls redeemed by matchless mercy can alone unfold the story,

And tell it out.


Then, ye ransomed, raise your voices with a loud exultant shout,

And of Him Who loved and washed you, tell ye out, tell ye out !

Far and wide through all the countries, let there be not one exemption,
But the tale of Adam's sinning and of Jesus Christ's redemption

Tell ye out! Tell ye out! Tell ye out !

First, ye soulless, speechless creatures, tell ye out to every nation

Of the glorious King Jehovah, Sovereign Lord of all creation;

For as in your several places each fulfils its high vocation
By your Master's will obeying, ye set forth your adoration,
And,—though lips and tongues without-

Tell it out, Tell it out.


Tell it out, thon moon of silver, tell it out thou golden sun,
Tell it out, ye swift-winged comets, as your wondrous course ye run:

Tell it out, thou midnight darkness, tell it out thou light of day,
Tell it out, ye sparkling jewels that compose the Milky Way:

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