The Future of Constantinople

G. Allen & Unwin Limited, 1917 - 109 Seiten
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Seite 109 - The Suez Maritime Canal shall always be free and open, in time of war as in time of peace, to every Vessel of commerce or of war, without distinction of flag.
Seite 23 - So far as practicable, moreover, every great people now struggling towards a full development of its resources and of its powers should be assured a direct outlet to the great highways of the sea. Where this cannot be done by the cession of territory, it can no doubt be done by the neutralization of direct rights of way under the general guarantee which will assure the peace itself. With a right comity of arrangement no nation need be shut away from free access to the open paths of the world's...
Seite 46 - En conséquence, il ne sera perçu aucun péage basé uniquement sur le fait de la navigation du fleuve, ni aucun droit sur les marchandises qui se trouvent à bord des navires.
Seite 46 - Puissances contractantes stipulent entre elles , qu'à l'avenir ces principes seront également appliqués au Danube et à ses embouchures. Elles déclarent que cette disposition fait désormais partie du droit public de l'Europe, et la prennent sous leur garantie. La navigation du Danube ne pourra être assujettie à aucune entrave ni redevance qui ne serait pas expressément prévue par les stipulations contenues dans les articles suivants.
Seite 43 - was a wild open seaboard strewn with wrecks, the hulls and masts of which, sticking out of the submerged sandbanks, gave to mariners the only guide where the deepest channel was to be found.
Seite 46 - Vienna ayant etabli les principes destines a regler la navigation des fleuves qui separent ou traversent plusieurs Etats, les Puissances contractantes stipulent entre elles qu'a 1'avenir ces...
Seite 11 - From it, and about it, have radiated continually international rivalries and hatreds and suspicions. It was the direct origin and cause of a large number of the wars fought in the nineteenth century. It is not improbable that when Europe in her last ditch has fought the last battle of the Great War, we shall find that what we have again been fighting about is really Constantinople".** Now, this perpetual centre of intrigue and endless cause of trouble must be done away with.
Seite 47 - En consequence il ne sera percu aucun peage base uniquement sur le fait de la navigation du fleuve, ni aucun droit sur les marchandises qui se trouvent a bord des navires. Les reglements de police et de quarantaine a...
Seite 40 - ... about 9 feet. This bar was a quarter of a mile in length between the deep water of the river and that of the sea ; the channel through it was narrow and varying in direction. Numerous wrecks strewed the entrance, and helped to consolidate and extend the bar...

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