Chemistry of Arsenic, Antimony and Bismuth

N.C. Norman
Springer Science & Business Media, 31.12.1997 - 484 Seiten
This book provides a detailed, wide ranging and up-to-date review of all aspects of the chemistry of the elements arsenic, antimony and bismuth. The chapters are written by an international team of authors each of whom is both active and expert in their particular field.
The coverage includes chapters on general properties and periodicity, the elements themselves, inorganic derivatives of the elements, co-ordination and solution chemistry, organocompounds, organotransition metal compounds, environmental and medicinal aspects and analytical methods.
This volume will be of particular value to graduate and postgraduate chemists and materials scientists in both industry and academia who are concerned with any aspect of the chemistry of these three elements and will also be an essential addition to the reference section of any chemistry library.

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Arsenic antimony and bismuth some general properties and aspects of periodicity
Metallurgy of the elements
Inorganic derivatives of the elements
Coordination chemistry and solution chemistry
Organoarsenic and organoantimony compounds synthesis properties and uses in organic transformations
Organobismuth compounds synthesis properties and uses in organic transformations
Organotransition metal compounds with element to transition metal bonds
Environmental and medicinal chemistry of arsenic antimony and bismuth
Analytical methods

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