Caraboo: A Narrative of a Singular Imposition, Practised by a Young Woman of the Name of Mary Willcocks, Alias Baker, Alias Bakerstendht

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Seite 56 - Yet, amid a very credulous and ignorant population, it is astonishing what success may be attained by an impostor, who is, at the same time, an enthusiast. It is such as to remind us of the couplet which assures us that " The pleasure is as great In being cheated as to cheat.
Seite 47 - FRIENDSHIP, thou charmer of the mind, Thou sweet deluding ill, The brightest minute mortals find, And sharpest hour we feel. Fate has divided all our shares Of pleasure and of pain ; In love the comforts and the cares Are mix'd and join'd again.
Seite 18 - ... fashionable society, eager for a new The Princess has a Social Success sensation; and rumours of this lionization reached the faithful Worrall, with the result that this lady followed her charge within a week of her escape, determined, at all costs, to protect her, and if possible to reimprison her. 'She found the Princess at the very pinnacle of her glory and ambition in the drawing-room of a lady of haut ton. Cervantes himself could not have expected the realization of so fine a scene. What...
Seite 20 - ... all the assistance to be derived from a polyglot bible, Fry's Pantographia, or Dr. Hager's Elementary Characters of the Chinese, do not enable us to ascertain either the nature of her language or the country to which she belongs: one or two characters bear some resemblance to the Chinese, particularly the Chinese cho, a reed.
Seite 1 - ... but not speaking a language which its inhabitants or the overseer understood, the officer " thought it right to refer to Mr. W., a magistrate, for his advice. Thus it was that she was first
Seite 28 - She stayed there two years, looking after children ; at this place she often carried a sack of corn or apples on her back, endeavouring to do more than the labouring men.
Seite 3 - If so, and distress has driven you to the expedient, make a friend of me; I am a female as yourself, and can feel for you, and will give you money and clothes, and will put you on your journey, without disclosing your conduct to anyone; but it must be on condition that you speak the truth. If you deceive me, I think it right to inform you that Mr. Worrall is a magistrate, and has the power of sending you to prison, committing you to hard labour, and passing you as a vagrant to your own parish.
Seite 28 - ... disclose her real name, her parentage and history. Mrs. Neale being dismissed, the girl immediately commenced a narrative to Mr. Mortimer, the gentleman in whose house the éclaircissement took place, in which, to account for her knowledge of Eastern customs, she attempted to show that she had resided for four months at Bombay, and also at the Isle of France, as nurse in an European family. But Mr. Mortimer, having visited Bombay, soon detected her ; and she refused at that time to communicate...

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