Threescore Years: An Autobiography, Containing Incidents of Voyages and Travels, Including Six Years in a Man-of-war. Details of the War Between the United States and the Algerine Government, Bombardment of Algiers by Lord Exmouth, and Its Subjugation by the French. Also, Two Years in California, a Visit to the Crimea During the Bombardment and Captive of Sebastopol, Journey Through Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine and Egypt ...

J. French, 1857 - 504 Seiten

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Seite 326 - Seventy-five men, including officers, were all that remained of my whole crew, after the action, capable of doing duty, and many of them severely wounded, some of whom have since died. The enemy still continued his fire, and my brave, though unfortunate companions, were still falling about me. I directed an opposite gun to be fired, to show them we intended no further resistance ; but they did not desist ; four men were killed at my side, and others in different parts of the ship.
Seite 345 - Decatur and his gallant companions will be as lasting as monumental brass, "in your war of 1812, when your arms on shore were covered by disaster, — when Winchester had been defeated, when the army of the Northwest had surrendered, and when the gloom of despondency hung like a cloud over the land, — who first relit the fires of national glory, and made the welkin ring with the shouts of victory? It was the American sailor.
Seite 326 - The enemy, from the smoothness of the water, and the impossibility of our reaching him with our carronades, and the little apprehension that was excited by our fire, which had now become much slackened, was enabled to take aim at us as at a target: his shot never missed our hull, and my ship was cut up in a manner which was, perhaps, never before witnessed.
Seite 276 - This loss was a death-blow to the Spanish naval force in that quarter of the world ; for, although there were still two Spanish frigates and some smaller vessels in the Pacific, they never afterwards ventured to show themselves, but left Lord Cochrane undisputed master of the coast.
Seite 442 - And he said, Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.
Seite 321 - ... men ; in addition to which they took on board the crew of an English letter of marque lying in port. Both ships had picked crews, and were sent into the Pacific, in company with the Racoon of twenty-two guns, and a store ship of twenty guns, for the express purpose of seeking the Essex; and were prepared with flags bearing the motto, " God and country : British sailors' best rights; Traitors offend both.
Seite 327 - I cannot speak in sufficiently high terms of the conduct of those engaged for such an unparalleled length of time, (under such circumstances) with me, in the arduous and unequal contest. Let it suffice to say, that more bravery, skill, patriotism, and zeal, were never displayed on any occasion; every one seemed determined to die in defence of their much loved country's cause, and nothing but views...
Seite 323 - The only rope not cut was the flyingjib haulyards; and that being the only sail I could set, I caused it to be hoisted, my cable to be cut, and ran down on both ships, with an intention of laying the Phabe on board.
Seite 277 - O'Higgins and Lautaro, under Lieutenants Bell and Robertson, are to set fire to one or more of the headmost hulks ; but these are not to be cut adrift so as to fall down upon the rest. " The watch-word, or parole and countersign, should the white dress not be sufficient distinction in the dark, are ' Gloria !' to be answered by ' Victoria !' (Signed)
Seite 23 - Honor and shame from no condition rise ; Act well your part, there all the honor lies.

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