University of Illinois Studies in Language and Literature

University of Illinois Press, 1918
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Seite 24 - She is one of the few persons who surpass expectation ; she has every sort of talent, and would be universally popular, if, in society, she were to confine herself to her inferior talents, — pleasantry, anecdote, and literature, — which are so much more suited to conversation than her eloquence and genius.
Seite 40 - I perpetually longed to write to her, but imperious obstacles are in the way ; and next, to you, to tell you as the person most likely to sympathise with me sincerely — the pleasure, the transport rather, with which I read nearly every phrase : such acuteness of thought, such vivacity of ideas, and such brilliancy of expression, I know not where I have met before. I often lay the * The Cotnte de Narbonne and Comte F.
Seite 29 - Quarterly' had done her more justice. It was impossible for a foreigner to understand fully the merit of her works. Madame de Stael to whom he had recommended one of her novels, found no interest in it, and in her note to him in reply said it was
Seite 47 - No book can possibly possess a higher interest than this which is now before us. It is the last, dying bequest of the most brilliant writer that has appeared in our days ; — and it treats of a period of history which we already know to be the most important that has occurred for centuries; and which those who look back on it, after other centuries have elapsed, will probably consider as still more important. We cannot stop now to say all that we think of Madame de...
Seite 28 - Called this morning on Madame de Stael at 3, George Street, Hanover Square. It is singular that, having in Germany assisted her as a student of philosophy, I should now render her service as a lawyer.
Seite 37 - She is pleased to be much pleased with my mention of her and her last work in my notes. I spoke as I thought. Her works are my delight, and so is she herself, for — half an hour.
Seite 11 - She is a woman of the first abilities, I think, I have ever seen ; she is more in the style of Mrs. Thrale than of any other celebrated character, but she has infinitely more depth, and seems an even profound politician and metaphysician. She has suffered us to hear some of her works in MS., which are truly wonderful, for powers both of thinking and expression.
Seite 24 - She treats me as the person whom she most delights to honour. I am generally ordered with her to dinner, as one orders beans and bacon : I have in consequence dined with her at the houses of almost all the cabinet ministers.
Seite 32 - ... among the works of women ; and which, in the union of the graces of society and literature with the genius of philosophy. is not surpassed by many among those of men.
Seite 36 - Papers, vol. ip 327) describes her as "ugly, and ' not of an intellectual ugliness. Her features were coarse, and the 'ordinary expression rather vulgar, she had an ugly mouth, and 'one or two irregularly prominent teeth, which perhaps gave her 'countenance an habitual gaiety. Her eye was full, dark, and ' expressive ; and when she declaimed, which was almost whenever 'she spoke, she looked eloquent, and one forgot that she was

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