Serapeum, Zeitschrift für Bibliothekwissenschaft, Handschriftenkunde und ältere Litteratur. herausg. von R. Naumann. [With] Intelligenzblatt, Band 11

Emil Wilhelm Robert Naumann

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Seite 70 - pp. 258, boards. 8s. 6d. Smith (S.) — Elementary Sketches of Moral Philosophy; delivered at the Royal Institution in the years 1804, 1805, and 1806. By the late Rev. Sydney Smith. 8vo. pp. 432, cloth. 12s. Trench (RC) — Notes on the Parables of Our Lord. By R.
Seite 77 - History of Modern Europe: with an Account of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and a View of the Progress of Society , from the Rise of the Modern Kingdom to the Peace of Paris in 1763. New edition, continued to the present time, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth lettered.
Seite 118 - Loudon (JC) — Hortus Britannicus: a Catalogue of all the Plants indigenous to, cultivated in, or introduced into Britain. By JC Loudon, FLS, &c. A new edition (1850), with a Supplement, including all the Plants down to March, 1850; and a New General Index to the whole work. Edited by Mrs. Loudon and WH
Seite 78 - Pictures of Nuremberg and Ramble in the Hills and Valleys of Franconia. By HJ Whitling. 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 626, cloth. 21s. Woodham (HA) — The Apology of Tertullian; with English Notes and a Preface: intended as an Introduction to the Study of Patristical and Ecclesiastical Latinity. By H.
Seite 150 - Gumming (RG) — Five Years of a Hunter's Life in the Far Interior of South Africa. By Roualeyn Gordon Gumming. 2d edit, with illustrations, 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 802, cl. 24s.
Seite 94 - Collections towards a History of Pottery and Porcelain in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries; with a Description of the Manufacture, a Glossary, and a List of Monograms. By Joseph Marryat. Illustrated with coloured Plates and Woodcuts. 8vo. pp. 402, cloth. 31s. 6d.
Seite 53 - The Oration of Hyperides against Demosthenes. respecting the Treasure of Harpalus. The Fragments of the Greek Text now first edited from the Fac-simile of the Manuscript discovered at Egyptian Thebes in 1847; together with other Fragments of the same Oration cited in Ancient Writers. With a Preliminary Dissertation and Notes, and a Fac-simile
Seite 118 - Plants down to March, 1850; and a New General Index to the whole work. Edited by Mrs. Loudon and WH Baxter, Esq. 8vo. pp. 816, cloth 31s. 6d. The New Supplement separately. 14s. M'Gauley
Seite 45 - (T.) — Norway in 1848 and 1849; containing Rambles among the Fjelds and Fjords of the Central and Western Districts, and including Remarks on its Political, Military, Ecclesiastical, and Social Organisation. By
Seite 76 - (J.) — Moses and the Judges: forming the Second Volume of ,,Daily Bible Illustrations:" being Original Readings for a Year on subjects from Sacred History, Biography, Geography, Antiquities, and Theology. By John Kitto, DD 12mo pp. 522, cloth. 6s.

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