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Marshall, Williams & Butler, 1841 - 1 Seiten

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Seite 141 - The gerund in DO of the ablative case is governed by the prepositions a, ab, de, e, ex, or in ; as, POKIUL a peccando absterret, Punishment frightens from sinning.
Seite 48 - I shall have loved, thou wilt have loved, he will have loved ; we shall have loved, you will have loved, they will have loved.
Seite 101 - Any Verb may have the same Case after it as before it, when both words refer to the same thing; as, Ego sum discipulus, I am a scholar. Tu vocäris Joannes, Той are named John. ¡lia incldit regina, She walks as a queen.
Seite 142 - Gerunds turned into participles in dus. XXXVI. Gerunds governing the accusative are elegantly turned into participles in dus, which, like adjectives, agree with their substantives in gender, number, and case ; as, By the Gerund. By the Participle or Gerundive.
Seite 163 - The relative Qui, Qua, Quod, agrees with its antecedent in gender, number, and person; and is construed through all the cases, as the antecedent would be in its place ; as, Vir qui, Foemma quae, Negotium quod, the man who.

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