German Exercises, with a Grammatical Introduction: A Guide to German Writing

Cradock & Company, 1841

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Seite 6 - IN ITALIAN LITERATURE. A Selection from the Prose Writings of the best Italian Authors from the thirteenth century to the present time ; with Critical and Explanatory Notes and Biographical Notices, for the Use of Students. By G. CANNIZZARO.
Seite 6 - COMPLETE THEORETICAL and PRACTICAL GRAMMAR of the SPANISH LANGUAGE, in a Series of Lectures, with copious Examples and Exercises written with the new Spanish Orthography, and particularly adapted for SelfTuition.
Seite 6 - NEW GUIDE to SPANISH and ENGLISH CONVERSATIONS, consisting not only of Modern Phrases, Idioms, and Proverbs, but containing also a copious Vocabulary ; with Tables of Spanish Moneys, Weights, and Measures, for the use of the Spaniards as well as the English. 3rd Edition, enlarged and improved, square 18mo, cloth, 3s.
Seite 2 - EXTRACTS FROM THE BEST GERMAN AUTHORS. Eighth edition, entirely remodelled and considerably enlarged, with Analytical Translation, Notes, and a copious Vocabulary, for the Use of Beginners in Schools and private Tuition. By DR. HAUSMANN. 12mo, cloth, 5s. ELEMENTS OF GERMAN AND ENGLISH CONVERSATION ON FAMILIAR SUBJECTS, with a Vocabulary to each Dialogue. Eleventh edition. By DR. BERNAYS. 12mo, cloth, 3s.
Seite 2 - DEUTSCHES LESEBUCH, or GERMAN READING BOOK. New edition, enlarged, improved, and adapted to the use of English Students, by DR. A. HEIMANN, Professor of German at the London University.
Seite 3 - GERMAN AND ENGLISH AND ENGLISH AND GERMAN DICTIONARY. New edition, adapted to the English Student, with great additions and improvements, by CA FEILING, DR.
Seite 6 - Grammar of the Spanish Language, In a Series of Lectures, with Copious Examples and Exercises written with the new Spanish Orthography, and particularly adapted for Self-Tuition.
Seite 3 - This very admirable little work. compiled by the Professor of German at the London University. has met with much success; and is as well suited for adults commencing the study of the Languages as for children.
Seite 7 - MODERN LINGUIST; or, Conversations in English and French, followed by Models of Receipts, Bills of Exchange, Letters, Notes, Tables of French and English Coins, &c.

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