The Colliery Manager's Handbook

Van Nostrand, 1904
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Seite 829 - All the interior angles of any rectilineal figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.
Seite iii - THE COLLIERY MANAGER'S HANDBOOK: A Comprehensive Treatise on the Laying-out and Working of Collieries, Designed as a Book of Reference for Colliery Managers, and for the Use of Coal-Mining Students preparing for First-class Certificates. By CALEB PAMELY, Mining Engineer and Surveyor; Member of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers ; and Member of the South Wales Institute of Mining Engineers. With nearly 500 Plans, Diagrams, and other Illustrations.
Seite 725 - Transactions of the North of England Institute of Mining Engineers, and accompany a short paper by Mr.
Seite 590 - Law. — The temperature remaining the same, the volume of a given quantity of gas varies inversely as the pressure.
Seite 52 - Briavels, of the age of twenty-one years and upwards, who shall have worked a year and a day in a coal or iron mine within the said Hundred of St. Briavels, shall be deemed and taken to be free miners for the purposes of this Act.
Seite 814 - ... more perfectly, after tightening the collar, D, by the clamping screw c. There is also a clamping screw, c, for fixing the upper, or vernier, plate to the lower plate, and a tangent screw, t, for giving the vernier plate a slow motion upon the lower plate, when so clamped.
Seite 122 - COLLIERIES. — Undoubted evidence exists of the explosion of fire-damp in collieries through sparks from atmospheric electricity being led into the mine by the wire ropes of the shaft and the iron rails of the galleries. Hence the head gear of all shafts should be protected by proper lightning conductors.
Seite 12 - Llano Estacado." The boring is done by means of oak poles, 1| inches in diameter, in 16 feet sections joined in twos by heavy iron straps. Each boring rod is therefore 32 feet long with a male screw at one end and a female screw at the other, both having very strong and heavy threads. The drill has a straight edge of 3.^ inches, and is attached to an iron rod 30 feet long and 1£ inch in diameter. To the upper end of this rod (or sinker) is attached a pair of iron slips, having a play of 16 inches...
Seite 839 - ... position selected as one of the points in the desired line, measure the horizontal angle from the said line to the sun or fixed star (whichever is used), when it is not near the highest or lowest point of its apparent daily course, and take also the altitude, adjusting the intersection of the hairs of the telescope to it, in some marked and definite manner. Leave the limb clamped, and let the instrument remain quite undisturbed until the sun or star is approaching the same altitude at the other...
Seite 460 - When the chest piston has traveled a certain distance, a port on the opposite end is uncovered and steam there enters, stopping its further travel by giving it the necessary cushion. In other words, when the rotative motion is given to the auxiliary or valve driving piston by the mechanism outside, it opens the port to steam admission on' one end, and at the same time opens the port on the other end to the exhaust.

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