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spiritual humanity, according as it is humanity or spirituality that prevails in her. I invite you to examine whether there can be any appearance of truth in those notions; and how far I am right or wrong, in the application I am going to attempt to a number of verses.

Genesis, 1. 1. In the knowledge with which the Omnipo

tent gifted the matter or substance that was the first act of His creation, concerning the soul, and which was the beginning of her power, and is also the agent of her regeneration, God created the moral or spiritual part, and the physical or human part; or the spirit of the heaven, and the spirit of the earth or of the world; or the spiritual system, and the human system; or the belief of the immortal beings, and the opinion of mortals; or the substance of the heaven that is life, and the substance of the earth that is death,

or that is the mortal part of the soul. 8. And God called the spirit Firmament moral. 14. And God said, let there be enlightening

knowledges in the spirit, or in the moral knowledge, that is the firmament of the spiritual part, or the expansion of the

spiritual knowledge (in the creature). 16. And God made two great luminous know

ledges: the greater light to rule the spiritual knowledge, and the lesser light to rule the human mind. His word made the

knowledges of wisdom also. 17. And God set them in the superior and moral knowledge that is the expansion or extension of the light, or the firmament of faith in God, to give light upon the human

mind. Genesis, 2. 1. Thus the spiritual knowledges or substances,

and the human knowledge and substance were finished (within the inward man or the soul), and all the virtues and qualities

that adorn them, or that are their powers. 4. These are the generations of the moral know

ledges and of the human philosophy, when they were created, in the enlightening knowledge or science wherein the Word of the Lord God made the spirit or substance of the earth and the spirits or substances of the heaven (in His crea

ture). 11. 4. Let us build (within our souls) a philosophi

cal system and a strong knowledge, the highest degree thereof may reach unto

the moral knowledge. 14. 19. And He blessed his soul, and said, blessed

be the soul Abram of the Word of the Most High God, possessor of the spiritual and of the human knowledge, or of the

heavenly and earthly substance. 15. 12. And when the spirit of righteousness was

going down or declining (in the soul Abram), a deep sleep fell upon her, and lo, an horror of great mental darkness fell


her. 17. And it came to pass, that, when the know

ledge of righteousness decreased, and it

was dark (in his soul). 19. 23. The spirit of righteousness was risen upon

the heart of Lot, when his soul entered into the human knowledge or opinion in

the degree Zoar. Genesis, 19. 24. Then the Lord poured into the soul) upon

the opinion of oneself in the degree of wickedness Sodom, and upon the human spirit Gomorrah, the destructive opinions of which brimstone and fire are emblematical, from the Lord out of the spiritual

knowledge, or out of His throne. 22. 11. And the angel or Spirit of the Lord called

unto his soul, out of the moral spirit that is His throne, and said Abraham, Abra

ham; and he said here am I. 17. That in instructing I will bless thy soul, and

in multiplying I will multiply thy instructions as the wise knowledges of the throne of God; or I will multiply the souls that will proceed from thy knowledge as the

high spiritual creatures. 27. 28. Therefore God give thy soul of the pene

trating and refreshing moral knowledge. 39. The dwelling of thy soul shall be the richest

knowledge of the human philosophy, and of the gentle instructions of God's throne

from above. 28. 11. And his soul lighted upon a certain, or sure,

or true, knowledge, and tarried therein during the time of humanity, because the

spirit of righteousness was set (in her). 12. And his soul dreamed, and behold an instruc

tion of various degrees set upon his human mind; and the highest part of it reached to the moral knowledge: and be

hold the Spirits of God ascending and

descending upon it. Genesis, 28. 16. And the soul Jacob awaked out of her sleep:

and she said, surely the Spirit of the Lord

is in this knowledge, and I knew it not. 17. And his soul was afraid and said, How dread

ful is this instruction! This is none other but the house of the Spirit of God; and this is the truth by which the soul enter

eth into the spirit of the heaven. 37. 9. And, behold, the soul in the knowledge of

righteousness, and the soul in that of the spiritual humanity, and the eleven souls acquainted with wisdom made obeisance to mine: or the spirit of human righteousness, and the spiritual humanity, and the eleven knowledges of human wisdom made

obeisance to my superior knowledge. Exodus, 16. 4. I will rain or send instruction from the spirit

that is my throne, or from the spiritual

knowledge for your souls. 20. 11. For in six luminous instructions the Word

of the Lord made (within man) the spiritual substance or system and the human substance or system, the simple philosophy, and all the knowledge that in them is, and His Spirit rested on the seventh luminous instruction: wherefore the Lord blessed the commandment of resting in His Wisdom, Providence, and Mercy, and hal-.

lowed it. 32. Your souls have seen that my Spirit hath

talked with them from the soul that is my throne.

Levit. 26. 19. And I will break the pride of the human

knowledge that is the power of your souls; and I will make the spiritual substance or part of your souls as the knowledge of which iron is emblematical, and the philosophical substance or part of your souls as the knowledge of which brass is an

emblem. Numb. 24. 17. There shall come a spirit of wisdom, or a Son

of God, out of the soul Jacob. Deut. 4. 19. And lest thou lift up the eyes of thy soul

unto the spiritual knowledge, and when thou seest the spirit of righteousness, and the spiritual humanity, and the spirits of wisdom, even all the spirits or virtues of the moral system, shouldest be driven to worship them, and serve them, which the Lord thy God hath divided unto all souls whose knowledge is inferior to the whole

spiritual knowledge (to enlighten them). 36. Out of His spiritual throne He made thy

soul to hear His word, that He might in

struct thee. 1. Hear, O Israel, thy soul is by the knowledge

she receiveth now, to pass over the deep instruction Jordan, to go in and to possess the knowledges of nations greater and mightier than thyself in the human philosophy), philosophical systems great and

fenced up to the moral knowledge. 14. Let me alone, that I may destroy their know

ledge, and blot out their souls from the

spiritual knowledge. 10. 22. And now the Lord thy God hath made the

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