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8. His Eternity, Deut. xxxiii. 27.

I. Reverence him, Dan. vii. 9, 14.

2. Lay hold upon him as your Portion. 9. His Infinity, Psal. cxlvii. s.

1. Love him.

2. Rejoyce in him.
TO. His Simplicity, Job. xiv. 6.

1. Get simple Apprehensions of him.
2. Get simple Affections to Him, even

to Him, and to Him alone; as he is
not divided nor compounded in Himself,
so neither let him be in your Affe&i-
ons ; but love Him wholly, and wholly

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EXOD. XX. Aexéroq@, Deut. iv. 13. TWO

The Preface exciting and obliging to Obedience.

1. I am the Lord, 171,171, 2. Thy God, 7752 3. That brought thee out of the Land of

Egypt, that delivers us from all our Troubles, Spiritual and Temporal.

PRECEPT. 1. Thou shalt have no other Gods besides me.

All internal Duties to GOD here com

manded. 1. To know and acknowledge Him. 2. To believe on Him." 3. To hope and trust in Him. 4. To love Him. 5. To fear Him. 6. To submit to Him.

This Command is broken, 1. By Atheists, Idolaters, Astrologers, and

all that consult them, or the Devil, or

Conjurers. 2. By Despair and Presumption. 3. By preferring Riches, or ought elfe before



1. THE

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Levit. xi. 44.
For I am the Lord your God: You shall

therefore san&tifie your selves, and
çe ye shall be holy, for I am holy.
*HE Lord Jehovah is to be our GOD:

1. Who is the Lord Fehovah? 1. The Creator, Preserver, and Governor of

the World. 7. A God giving a&ual Being to his Pro

mises, under which Norion he was not known before Moses, Exod. vi. 2, 3. He was Do&rinally known fo, I, To Abrabam, Gen. xv. 6. 2. To Ifaat, Gen. xxvi. 24, 25. 3. To facob, Gen. xxviii. 13, 16. but not Experimentally II. What is i CO Rrow the Lord to be our GOD?

1. As by our Fall we lof the Favour, so also the Knowledge of the True GOD.

2. But all still acknowledge fome GOD, 11 d v ZES 28.

Hoy hdr, Justin. tamen effe vim naturam Divinam arbia trantur. Cicero. TOT

II. Gentium Dii qui habentur, hinc a nobis profe&ti repea rientur... Cicero.

3o Diodorus Sicülts, Lucian, Porphyry, Aurelius Vi&tor, and Sanchoniathon himself acknowledge.

3. But most acknowledge and worship falso Gods.

1. Meny Jupiter, Saturn, &c.

2. Bevils, Levit. xvii. 7. OzYw, Hirci, in the Syriack and Arabick, Dæmonia.


3. Beasts.

Fall win

.אני יהוה אלהיכם

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3. Beasts. The Egyptians, Ta euxsusa {wir cés és Edour, Laert.

So Plutarch, Lucian, Strabo, Alian.
So also the Syrians, Tbeffalians, Samjans.
Εξεθείασον ο Τάαυτος, Sanchoniathon,

4. Sun, Moon, and Stars: As the Indians, Phrygians, Athenians, Zabeans, Perftans, Romans, Grecians, Old Saracens, Fer. vii. 18.

5. Images, Exod. xx. 4. They are referted by Eutychims to Ebers, by Epiphanius to Abrabum and Terab's Time.

4. The true God was pleased to reveal himfelf to Abrabam, Gen. xii

. I. 5. Of all the Gods that are worshipped, wę are to chuse this Jehovah to be our God.

III. Why should we have Jehovah for our God?

1. He is the Living, i Theff. i. 9.
2. True, Fer. x. 10.

3. Only God, Deat. iv. 34. Ifa. xlv. 5. IV. What kind of Worship should we perform to this God 1. Inward, Feb. iv. 24

1. In our Understandings, 1 Cor. xiv. 14. 2. Wills. Prov. iii. I.

3. Affections.
2. Outward.

1. In our Bodies, Rom. xii. 1. Pfal. xcv. 6.
2. Lives.
3. Aicions, 1 Cor. x. 31.

1. Bless the Lord for revealing himself to you.
2. Beware of Idols, ! Job. V. 21.

1. Idol Honours.
2. Idol Pleasures, Phil. iii. 19.
3. Idol Riches, Col. iii. 5. Eph. v.s.

4. Idol

4. Idol Relations, Matt. x. 37

5. Idol Self, Luk. xiv. 26. 3. Take the Lord for your God. 1. Consider, He will be your God, Heb. viii, 10. I. He is all.

1. An All-merciful God to pardon, Exod: Xxxiv. 6. Jer. xxxi. 34. Mich. vii. 18. Psal. xxxii. I.

2. An All-wise God to dire&, i Tim. i. 17. Isa. xlv. 13. 3. An All-powerful God, Matt. xix: 26.

And so, 1. Can protect them from, 2. Give them Victory over, their Enemics. I. Spiritual.

I. Sin
2. Satan.

3. The World, Job. v. 4.
2. Temporal.
4. An Omnipresent God, Psal. cxxxix. 7.

So that he can every where,
1. Help, Ifa. xli. 10, 13, 14. Psal. xlvi. 1.

2. Comfort us, Ifa. 51. 12. 2 Cor. i. 3, 4. S. An All-faithful God to his Promises..! II. He bath all, Psal. xxiv. 1.

1. Grace to make us holy,Ezek. XXXVI.25,26. 2. Comforts to make us chearful, Fobxvi. 2.

3. Glory to make us happy: III. He doth all. 1. By his ordinary Providence, Rom. viii. 28.

2. Or by his extraordinary Power ; as in foSepb, the Three Children, Daniel, Peter.

2. Consider the Happiness of those that have the Lord to be their God. Plal.cxliv. 15. 1. It is he alone that made

2. That preserves you, Acts xvii. 28.

3. That can satisfie your Souls, isa. Iv. 2. ::


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