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2. The Reasonableness of the Duty.

1. How loving God is to us.
1. He made us.

2. He upholds us, Akin 18.
3. He directs us.

4. He protects us.

5. He purchased us.
6. He fanctifies us.

7. And all because he loves us, Deut. vi. 7,8.

2. How lovely he is in himself.


1. In Wisdom.

2. Juftice.
3. Mercy.

3. The Happiness of thofe that perform it.
1. All Things work for their good, Rom.

viii. 28.

2. They have an infallible Evidence of their Title to Heaven.

3. They fhall enjoy and live with God to Eternity, 1 Cor. ii. 9.

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DEUT. VI. 13.

Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God, and ferve him.

IT is our Duty to ferve GOD.

I. What is it to ferve GOD?

1. To Dedicate our felves wholly to Him. 1. Our Souls, 1 Cor. vi. 20.




2. Our Bodies, I Cor. vi. 20.
3. Eftates, Prov. iii. 9.
4. Gifts.

5. Authority.

6. Time, Eph. v. 16.

2. To make his Laws the Rule of our Lives.
Obeying the Commands, Eccl. xii. 13.
Of the First and Second Table.

3. To endeavour to please him in all Things, and glorifie him, I Thef, iv. 1. Rom. xii. 1. In all our Natural, 1 Cor. x. 30.

Spiritual Actions

II. Why ferve GOD?

1. He is our Maker, Pfal. xcv. 6.
2. Preferver, A&t. xvii. 23.

3. Redeemer, I Cor. vi. 20.

4. Mafter, by Covenant, Deut. xxvi. 17.


Reproof to fuch as,
I. Serve the Devil.
2. Themselves.

3. The World.

4. Sin, Rom. vi. 16. and not Gød,Matt. vi. 24.



1. Scripturally.

2. Obedientially, 1 Sam. xv. 22. 3. Willingly, 1 Chron. xxix. 17. 4. Chearfully, Rom. xii. 8.

5. Faithfully, Rom. xiv. 23.

6. Understandingly, 1 Cor. xiv. 15. Pfal.xlvii. 7. 7. Wholly, with all your Power, Eccl. ix. 10. 8. Conftantly.

9. Humbly, Luke xvii. 10. 10. Thankfully.


1. This is the End of your Creation by God. 2. Of all God's Mercies to you.

3. What a good and glorious Mafter he is, the King of Heaven, Jer. x. 7.

4. There is nothing thou haft but what thou receiveft from him, 1 Cor. iv. 7.

5. To ferve God, is not only thy Duty, but thy Privilege, Pfal. xix. 11.

6. Unless thou ferveft God, thou must serve the Devil,a Servant thou wilt be, Matt. vi.24. Rom. vi. 16.

7. It is the Work of Heaven.

8. What Wages God will give to his Servants, Rom. vi. 23.

Grace and Comfort here,
Glory and Happiness hereafter.

D 2

2. Set


2. Set about his Service now.

1. You have a great deal to do for him.
2. Much, if not moft, of your Time is
fpent already, Job. ix. 4.

3. You know not how foon He may call
you to an Account, Matt. XXV. 21, 30.

DEUT. xiii. 4:

Te fball walk after the Lord your God, and fear him, &c.

TALK with GOD, Gen. V. 22, 24.


ויתחלך חניך אתאלהיב

2. Before GOD, Gen. xvii. x. 494. Evægńsnos TW OL, Heb. xi. 5.

3. After GOD.

1. So as to have him for our God, Jer. vii. 6. 2. To imitate him, 1 Pet. i. 15.

To frequent the Places of his publick Worship, Pfal. cxxii. 1. Ecclef. v. 1. 4. To walk in his Ways, Dem. viii. 6.

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DE Ụ T, xxi. 7, 8.



Our Hands have not shed this Blood,&c.

T is not enough that we be not guilty of a

protelt our

1. Commit no Sin thy felf: For,
1. It will bring a Blot upon thy Name.
2. A Curfe upon thy Eftate,

3. Damnation to thy Soul.

2. Keep others from it.

1. By Reproofs, Luk. xix. 17.
2. By Exhortations.

3. By Example, Matt, y. 16. 3. Partake not with others in their Sins. 1. By confenting to it, Pfal. I, 18 2. By conniving at it. 3. By not reproving of it. Profefs thy Innocency in it. 3 1. Humbly, Luk, xviii. 11. 2. With a Deteftation of it. 3. Sorrow for it.

1. That it tranfgreffes God's Law, Pfal. cxix. 136.

2. Eclipfes his Glory, Ifa. iii. 8.
3. Incenfes his Wrath.

4. Endangers thy Brother's Soul,

5. With Thankfulnefs that thou didst not act in it. For,

1. Thou haft the Seed of it in thy Heart. 2. Thou haft Temptations to it.

3. It is only of God's Grace and Mercy that thou didft not commit it.

USE. 1. Deteft the King's Death.

2. Be forry for it,



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