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USE 1. Reproof. 2. Exhortation.

1. Repent of your Lies.

2. Reform. Consider,

1. Liés fpeak you the Children of Satan. 2. Truth is like God, Lies like the Devil,

Deut. xxxi. 4. 3 What you get by Lying, brings a Curse

with it. 4. We must give Account of our idle,

much more of our lying Words, Matt.

xii. 36.

5. You must never enter into Heaven,

Reuel. xxi. 27. 6. Xxii. 15.

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NUM B. xxiii

. io. Let me die the Death of the Righteous;

and let my latter End be like his.

תמות נבטי מות ישרים ותהי אחריתי כמוהן

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E should always defire to die the Death of the Righteous.

I. How do they die ? I. In the Love of God. 2. In Chrift. 3. With a clear Confcience. 4. They die capable of the Enjoyment of

Heaven; having, 1. Their Understandings, 2. Their Wills, 3. Their Affections, fanctifieds. Their Death is but an Entrance into a

State of Bliss; confifting, 1. In Freedom from all Evil.

1. Sin.

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2. Temptation.
3. Trouble and Sorrow.
2. In the Confluence of all Good; being

1. In their Company.
1. Angels and Saints.
2. Chrift.

3. God.

2. In their Relations.
3: In their Pleasures.
4. Honours.
5. Eternity.

II. Hovo

II. How may we die this Death?
1. Repent.
2. Turn to God.
3. Believe on Chrift.

1. For the Pardon of Sin,
2. Acceptance of your Perfon.

3. Implanting of Ġrace.
4. Live the Life of the Righteous, Heb.xii. 14.
5. Meditate on the future Certainties, Death,

Judgment, Heaven, Hell. 6. Be not too much entangled in the World. 7. Live in the continual Expectation of


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vi. 5.

De u T. vi. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with

all thy Heart, and with all thy Soul, and with all thy Might.

THere is

I.: The Agent, Thou, Israel, Acts xiii. 23. Ro

mans ix. 6.

II. The A&, Love, which is Complacentia Boni ; and denotes,

1. Benevolence, or Well-willing, to the Ob

ject beloved; Cant. V. 9, 16. 2. A Defire of the Enjoyment of it. 3. An Acquiescence or Resting in that Enjoyment.

III. The

III. The Object, 71738 7979 1: The Lord Jebovab, as Jehovah, Exod. iii. 14, 2. Thy God, which denotes, 1. Our loving each Person, John Vi 23. 2. As our God.

· IV. The Intenseness of the Act upon that Object, With all thy Heart, and with all thy Soul, and with all thy Might : Which implies, 1. That we love him with the higheft De

gree of Love we can possibly raise up our

Souls to. 2. Consequently, That we love him above

all Things elle, Matt. X. 37. Luke xiy. 26. V. Here is the Necessity of acting thus upon this Object, Thou shalt,

There is a Twofold Necessity of it. .: I; Of the Precept, Matt. xxij. 37.

2. The Means to Heaven.

What Reasons are there why we should love God above all ? 1. Because he is better than all other Things ;

for he is, Luke xviii. 19.
1. A pure and simple Good.
2. An infinite Good, Psal. cxlvii

. 5.
3. A satisfactory Good, Psal. xvi. 11. Pfal.

xvii. 15.

4. An universal Good. 5. An unchangeable Good, Jac. i. 17. 6. An eternal Good, Psal. xc. 2. 7. The only necessary Good. 2. Because all other Goodness comes from

him. c.


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USE. I. Of Reproof, Joh. v. 42. for most Men' do' not love God thus. . If they did,

1. They would think more of him.
2. Long more for him, Phil. iii. 7, 8.
3. Endeavour more to please him.
4. Take more Pleasure in him.
Si Labour more to enjoy him than other

Repent of this Sin.

Consider, i. Unless you love God above all Things you are not worthy to be Christ's Disciples, Luk. xiv, 26.

2. This is the Cause of other Sins.

3. If we die in this Sin, we are undone) i Cor. xvi. 22.

1. The Ground of your Love to God.
1. God's Goodness in himself, Psal. cxix: 68:
2. His Goodnefs to us, Psal. cxlv. 9.
2. The Degrees.
3. The Effects.
1. An endeavour to Obey, Job. xiv. 18:

i Job. ti. Si
2. Honour him.
3. Love others, i Job. iv. 20.

4. Its Constancy.

1. The Excellency of the Grace.
1. It is the first and great Command;

Matt. xxii. 38.
2. It fweetens all Duties, i Job. V. 3.
3: It is the work of Heaven.

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