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Seite 219 - And hardly do we guess aright at things that are upon earth, And with labour do we find the things that are before us...
Seite 3 - Pray, my Dear,' quoth my mother, 'have you not forgot to wind up the clock?' 'Good G — !' cried my father, making an exclamation, but taking care to moderate his voice at the same time, ' Did ever woman, since the creation of the world, interrupt a man with such a silly question ? ' Pray, what was your father saying ? Nothing.
Seite 19 - ... so long as a man rides his HobbyHorse peaceably and quietly along the King's highway, and neither compels you or me to get up behind him, — pray, Sir, what have either you or I to do with it?
Seite 123 - For in this long digression which I was accidentally led into, as in all my digressions (one only excepted) there is a masterstroke of digressive skill, the merit of which has all along, I fear, been overlooked by my reader, — not for want of penetration in him, —but because 'tis an excellence seldom looked for, or expected indeed, in a digression; — and it is this: That tho...
Seite 1 - I WISH either my father or my mother, or indeed both of them, as they were in duty both equally bound to it, had minded what they were about when they begot me...
Seite 196 - ... as feelingly as a man could do; — but he was of a peaceful, placid nature, — no jarring element in it, — all was mixed up so kindly within him; my uncle Toby had scarce a heart to retaliate upon a fly. Go...
Seite 46 - English, without any periphrasis ; — and too oft without much distinction of either person, time, or place ; — so that when mention was made of a pitiful or an ungenerous proceeding, he never gave himself a moment's time to reflect who was the hero of the piece, what his station, or how far he had power to hurt him hereafter ; but, if it was a dirty action, — without more ado, — The man was a dirty fellow ; and so on.
Seite 283 - A MAN'S body and his mind, with the utmost reverence to both I speak it, are exactly like a jerkin, and a jerkin's lining; — rumple the one, you rumple the other.
Seite 14 - ... my own way: or if I should seem now and then to trifle upon the road, or should sometimes put on a fool's cap with a bell to it, for a moment or two as we pass along, — don't fly off, — but rather courteously give me credit for a little more wisdom than appears upon my outside; — and as we jog on, either laugh with me, or at me ; or in short, do any thing, — only keep your temper.
Seite xv - I can never be yours, for I verily believe I have not long to live — but I have left you every shilling of my fortune ;" — upon that she showed me her will — this generosity overpowered me.

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