The Douglas Cause

Archibald Francis Steuart
W. Hodge & Company, 1909 - 247 Seiten
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Concerning the claim of Archibald Douglas, formerly Stewart, as heir of tailzie to his uncle Archibald, Duke of Douglas.

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Seite 149 - ... than in other animals. A man may survey ten thousand people before he sees two faces perfectly alike, and in an army of a hundred thousand men every one may be known from another. If there should be a likeness of...
Seite 142 - The question before us is short, ' Is the appellant the son of Lady Jane Douglas, or not ? ' If there be any Lords within these walls who do not believe in a future state, these may go to death with the declaration that they believe he is not. For my part, I am for sustaining the positive proof which I find weakened by nothing brought against it : and, in this mind, I lay my hand upon my breast, and declare that, in my soul and conscience, I believe the appellant to be her son.
Seite 149 - I have always considered likeness as an argument of a child's being the son of a parent, and the rather, as the distinction between individuals in the human species is more discernible than in other animals; a man may survey ten thousand people before he sees two faces perfectly alike ; and in an army of a hundred thousand men, every one may be known from another.
Seite 146 - And the Count, in consequence of the application, wrote a letter not only to Lady Jane but to her brother the Duke, in all the language of politeness and humanity, disowning what was said of him. But, my Lords, the Duke of Douglas himself was fully satisfied of the appellant's being the real son of his sister Lady Jane, for on beginning to be known after his marriage and to relish the pleasures of social life he became very inquisitive " about the size, shape, and complexion of the appellant, and...
Seite 149 - Many witnesses have sworn to Mr. Douglas being of the same form and make of body as his father ; he has been known to be the son of colonel...
Seite 149 - Sanry's children, he did in a few days what the acutest genius could not accomplish for years. He found two children; the one, the finished model of himself; and the other, the exact picture in miniature of lady Jane.
Seite 150 - ... woman of such abandoned principles as to make a mock of religion, a jest of the sacrament, a scoff of the most solemn oaths, and rush with a lie in her mouth and perjury in her right hand into the presence of the Judge of All, who at once sees the whole heart of man, and from...
Seite 147 - Tis true, his Grace has sometimes expressed himself warmly against the surname of Hamilton even in Lady Jane's lifetime ; but never so warmly as to prefer a supposititious child to the Duke of that name ; for he only declares, that if he thought the children were Lady Jane's, he would never settle his estate on the family of Hamilton ; nor did he, till after detecting the frauds and conspiracies that had been so long and so industriously carried on against his sister and himself, make any alteration...
Seite 142 - I must own that this cause before us is the greatest and most important that occurs to me : it is no less than an attack upon the virtue and honour of a lady of the first quality, in order to dispossess a young man of an eminent fortune, reduce him to beggary, strip him of his birthright, declare him an alien and a foundling.
Seite 146 - ... continue the vindictive farce after her death ; especially when married to another spouse. And here we may see Sir John as much a parent to the appellant as Lady Jane ; he was every way fond of him ; it is in evidence ; I know it to be true ; my sister and I have been frequently at Mr. Murray's with them, and were always delighted with the care we observed. No mortal harboured any thoughts of their being false children at that time ; I mean in 1750 and 1751. Every person looked upon them as the...

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