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ii. 1. 159 blood] fraud Gould conj.
iii. 1. 45 as full as] a full as Gould conj.
iii. 2. 97 paint out] point out Gould conj.
iv. 1. 47 proof] person Gould conj.
v. 1. 65 bruise) weight Gould conj.

196 sad] glad Gould conj.
271 bones] manes Gould conj.

277 right] rite Gould conj.
v. 2. 27 in singing ; but] in singing, not Gould conj.
v. 3. 20 uttered] conquered Gould conj.


i. 1. 106 shows] hearth Cartwright conj.

127 gentility] civility Cartwright conj.
158 will last) will fast Gould conj.
215 soul's] sole Gould conj.

247 passion) pass on Gould conj. ii. 1. 16 sale] tale Gould conj.

247 I'll] He'll Gould conj.

248 my] their Gould conj. iv. 2. 127 intellect] interior Gould conj. iv. 3. 162 gnat] sprat Cartwright conj. 176 men like you, men of inconstancy) men like you, of inconsistency

Cartwright conj. men like women in inconstancy Gould

326 power] pore Gould conj.
340, 341 the voice...heaven] the voice, of all the gods, Makes heaven

Brae conj.
377 no time] nothing Gould conj.
378 betime] become Gould conj.

iv. 3. 380 whirls in] metes out Gould conj.

382 copper buys no better] conduct buys no bitter Gould conj. v. 1. 25 Laus...intelligo] Laus Deo, bone, intelligo Schmidt conj.

38 the style] with style Gould conj.

39 push] tush Gould conj.
v. 2. 43 pencils, ho.] reprisals now Gould conj.

67 perttaunt-like) pert'nently Cartwright conj.
168 behold with...eyes,] behold— Boyet. With...eyes ? Gould conj.
331 flower] slave Gould conj.
465 years] leers Cartwright conj.
471 will] fraud Gould conj.
676 Ates...Ates] sacks...sacks Gould conj.
791 last true] last out Gould conj.


i. 1. 189 tongue] voice Cartwright conj.
ii. 1. 131 Add Having her womb... Cartwright conj.

254 these] those Cartwright conj.

255 there) where Cartwright conj., arranging the lines as Keightley. iii. 2. 57 dead) lead'n Cartwright conj.

144 princess) essence Cartwright conj.

176 thy dear] thy fere Cartwright conj. iv. 1. 163 Melted as] Melted as melts Dyce (ed. 2). Melted as is Cart

wright conj. 188 jewel] double Cartwright conj. v. 1. 59 strange] stained Cartwright conj.

91 poor duty) poor simple duty Cartwright conj.

do] do, but would Abbott conj.
92 might] right Cartwright conj.
221 A lion-fell, nor else] A lion's fell, none else Cartwright conj.
321 lips] O ́s Cartwright conj.
380 house give] hall a Cartwright conj.
381 By] Gives Cartwright conj.


i. 1. 62 me] me up F F4.

89 new court] court Furness conj.
93 into) into a FRF,
126 him] them F4

134 entrap) to entrap F3F4. i. 2. 1 my] om. Pope.

5 any) my F F
34, 35 those...and] om. Rowe (ed. 1).

i. 2. 120 this] this is F4.

121 may] om. Rowe.
157, 158 your eyes...your judgement] your own eyes...your judgment

178 Cel.] Orl. Theobald.
223 promise) promise here Keightley.
248 the] these Rowe.

of] to FF
i. 3. 63 we] we but Pope.

91 Hath] Has Rowe (ed. 2).
112 me] om. F4.
113 curtle-axe] curtelass Capell.

133 go we in content] go in; we consent Neil conj.
ii. 1. 5 but] now Ingleby conj.

8 bites] baits F F
43 it with] in the F4.
44 said] say F.
60 of this] this F F4 through this Rowe (ed. 1).
65 Sec. Lord.] Ami. Capell.
69 First Lord.] 2. Lor. F2F4

As some misapprehension bas arisen in consequence of the bibliographical note on the back of the title to vol. I. it may be as well to make the following statement :

The Cambridge Shakespeare was first published in nine volumes, which appeared at intervals from 1863 to 1866. Volumes I. II. III. were issued in 1863; volumes IV. and V. in 1864 ; volumes VI. and VII. in 1865; and volumes VIII, and IX. in 1866. On the completion of the work the Publishers found it necessary to reprint vol. I. in order to make up sets, and accordingly a limited number of copies was struck off in 1867. This volume was merely reprinted and did not pass through the Editors' hands.

The Editors of the first volume were Mr WILLIAM GEORGE CLARK and Mr John GLOVER. After its publication in 1863 Mr Glover left Cambridge, and I became associated with Mr Clark in the Editorship, an arrangement which continued to the end.



March 1891.

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