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lated to present a barrier against have been forced on the country by Popery, in the present trying and the present. perilous position of the country, and to The Protestant Operatives of this prove to our infatuated rulers that town, have nobly done their duty in there yet remains a powerful body in the late petitioning struggle against this land, who are determined to with- the Maynooth Endowment measure, stand every pernicious step, which, in having with unwearying zeal taken their blindness, may yet be intended the petitions from house to house to against the truth of the Gospel of procure signatures, and we are happy Jesus Christ, and the Protestant prin- to say they met with a most ready and ciples of the British Constitution. willing response from the Protestants

The Derby Operative Protestant of Derby. They have also been unAssociation has been in existence for ceasingly engaged in the distribution the last five years; and though not of tracts, and altogther it is confidently encouraged hitherto with that cordial believed, that this little body of Prosupport or sympathy which it deserves, testant watchmen have been, since it has yet steadily pursued its uncom- their formation, a very great blessing promising course, and has been en- both to our town and neighbourhood, abled, under God's blessing, to assist in in sounding an alarm against Popery, opening the eyes of many to the dan- in awakening many to a sense of their gerous errors of Popery, and to rouse imminent danger, and preventing not numbers to exertion, who at first, had a few from embracing the false religion either thought or cared little about of Rome. such matters.

We would, therefore, after having This Association, for which we would shewn the necessity for such an Instirequest the immediate support and tution, now more especially than ever ; assistance of our fellow-Protestants, after having described our wants both both of town and country, at present in members, money, and books, in consists of 200 members. They have order to the more complete carrying a library consisting of more than 200 out of the objects of the Association; volumes, open to the members in their and having detailed the nature of the public reading-room once a-week, a work already engaged in, invite all selected portion of which are lent out right-minded, faithful, and God-loving under the direction of an annually ap- Protestants to join themselves with pointed Committee.

our little band; to increase its funds Protestants may perhaps inquire, by their subscriptions or donations; to “ What can we do?" We would re- add to the extent of its library, and to commend them more especially now assist in enlarging its sphere of usethan ever to become members of this fulness, that the world may say—that Association immediately. The threat of a truth, Protestants are actuated by ening aspect of the times renders it PRINCIPLE, and that that principle is, most necessary, that real Protestants a sincere love of the Lord Jesus of all denominations should enrol Christ, and of the souls of their fellowthemselves together, for the purpose of men, whether Protestants or Papistsopposing the further meditated endow- all of whom they would endeavour to ment of Popery, and of endeavouring convince of the truth as it is in Jesus by the return of really anti-Popish by the written Word of God, and by representatives only to the next Par- that alone, under the Divine blessing liament, to ensure the repeal of those of the Holy Spirit. most highly obnoxious measures which Derby, 1845.



I confess that the Holy Catholic Church is the company of the faithful, gathered out of the world, in all ages.

I protest that the Church of Rome is not the Catholic Church, she has persecuted the faithful, in all parts of the world.


II. I confess that holy Scripture is the I protest that tradition is no part of only rule of faith and practice, that it the rule of faith, that the Church of contains all things necessary to salva- Rome has no exclusive authority to tion, and that it is to be read of all expound the Scripture, nor any right men.

to withhold the Bible from the people. III.

III. I confess that we are justified freely I protest that we cannot be justified and fully by faith in the Lord Jesus wholly or in part by our own works; Christ alone, without the works of the for, by the deeds of the law shall no law.

flesh be justified.

[blocks in formation]



I confess that good works are an I protest that works of supererogaevidence that we are justified, but that tion cannot be performed, much less they cannot merit the favour of God laid up in a treasury, out of which or procure the pardon of our sins. pardons and indulgences may be sold.

Introduced A.D. 1563.

v. I confess that God alone can forgive I protest that a priest has no power sins, and that there is only one Me- to forgive sins, and that saints and diator and Intercessor between God angels cannot perform the office of and men, the man Christ Jesus. mediators or intercessors.

VI. I confess that the blood of Jesus I protest that there is no cleansing Christ cleanses from all sin.

efficacy in holy water. VII. I confess that the Lord Jesus Christ I protest that St. Peter had no preis given of God to be head over all eminence over the rest of the apostles, things to his Church, which is his and that his pretended successor, the body.

Pope, has no supremacy in the Church.

Introduced, A.D. 1215.

VIII. I confess that the Holy Ghost is an I protest that the Church of Rome unerring guide to the Church of Christ is not infallible ; for she has erred both in all things spiritual.

in faith and practice. — Introduced,

A.D. 1076. IX. I confess that God alone in the I protest that we ought not to worunity of the Trinity is to be worshipped, ship the Virgin Mary nor to bow and that as he is a Spirit, he is to be down to crucifixes, images, and relics, worshipped in spirit and in truth. this being idolatry.- Introduced, A.D.




I confess that marriage is honourable I protest that forbidding priests to in all, and that every creature of God marry and commanding to abstain is good and nothing to be refused, if from meats, is a departure from the it be received with thanksgiving. faith and is akin to the doctrine of


XI. I confess that it is the duty and I protest that to have public prayer, privilege of every one to hear and to or to minister the sacraments in an read in his own tongue, the wonderful unknown tongue (Latin) is plainly reworks of God.

pugnant to the Word of God. XII.

XII. I confess that the command to re- I protest that the command to obmember the Sabbath-day, to keep it serve holy days and saints' days, as holy, is to be obeyed by all faithful the Lord's-day, tends to make vold people; who are not to be judged in the command, “Six days shalt thou respect of meats, and drinks, and holy labour and do all thy work." days.


XIII. I confess that there are two sacra- I protest that five of the sacraments ments only, ordained by Christ our of the Church of Rome, viz., confirLord in the Gospel, i.e. baptism, of nation, penance, orders, matrimony, which water, and the Lord's Supper, and extreme unction, are not to be of which bread and wine are the visi- accounted as such, for they have no ble signs.

visible sign ordained of God.--Intro

duced, A.D. 1547. XIV.

xiv. I confess that the Lord Jesus Christ I protest that the bread and wine has ascended into heaven and that he are not changed by consecration into is seated at the right hand of the the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Father; and that he is spiritually the Lord Jesus Christ, and that he is present with his faithful people when not present therein, except to the they partake of the bread and wine, faith of the communicants, and that both of which are to be received by the cup is not to be withheld from the all, at the holy communion.

laity.--Introduced, A.D. 1215. XV.

XV. I confess that without shedding of I protest that the sacrifice of the blood there is no remission of sins, mass and the daily offering of an unand that the Lord Jesus by his one bloody sacrifice, by a sacrificing priestoffering of himself, as of a Lamb hood is contrary to Holy Scripture, without spot or blemish, hath per- and tends to dishonour the sacrifice of fected for ever them that are sancti- Christ, and to destroy the efficacy of his fied.

atonement.-- Introduced, A.D. 1563. XVI,

XVI. I confess that as we die so shall we I protest that purgatory or a place live for ever, that accordingly as we of purification by fire, through which are the friends or enemies of God, we the souls of the faithful pass before shall either inherit the kingdom pre- they enter heaven, is a doctrine nopared for us from the foundation of where to be found in Scripture, and the world, or “ depart into everlasting that the dead cannot be helped by fire, prepared for the devil and his masses and prayers of the living. angels." -Matt. xxv. 34-41.



FIRMAN FOR BUILDING THE their not possessing a place of worship

PROTESTANT CHURCH AT for the observance of Protestant rites, JERUSALEM.

and it has been requested that perIt is with unfeigned thankfulness to

mission should be given to erect, for Almighty God, the author of all good,

a the first time, a special Protestant that we lay before our readers the fol

place of worship, within the British lowing translation of the Firman for

Consular residence at Jerusalem. building the Protestant Church at Je

Whereas, it is in accordance with rusalem, which has been issued by the

the perfect amity and cordial relations Sultan :

existing between the Government of

Great Britain and my Sublime Porte, Translation of a Firman addressed to that the requests of that Government the Vallee of Saida, the Governor

shall be complied with as far as of Jerusalem, and others.

possible; and whereas, moreover, the It has been represented, both now aforesaid place of worship is to be and before, on the part of the British within the Consular residence, my Embassy residing at my Court, that Royal permission is therefore granted British and Prussian Protestant sub- for the erection of the aforesaid jects visiting Jerusalem, meet with special place of worship within the difficulties and obstructions owing to aforesaid Consular residence. And


my Imperial order having been issued queathed to his followers, not his coat, for that purpose, the present decree, but his Spirit. containing permission, has been specially given from my Imperial “Rome makes men slaves, under Divan.

the mask of piety.” When, therefore, it becomes known We should keep possession of our unto you, Vallee of Saida, Governor souls, though we can keep possession of Jerusalem, and others as aforesaid, of nothing else. that our Royal permission has been granted for the erection, in the manner

POETRY. above stated, of the aforesaid place of TRANSLATED FROM BOETIUS. worship, you will be careful that no 0 Thou, whose pow'r o'er moving person do in any manner whatever worlds presides, oppose the erection of the aforesaid Whose voice created, and whose wisplace of worship in the manner stated.

dom guides; And you will not act in contrayention

On darkling man in pure effulgence hereof. For which purpose my Im- shine, perial Firman is issued.

And cheer the clouded mind with On its arrival you will act in ac- light divine: cordance with my Imperial Firman 'Tis thine alone to calm the pious issued for this purpose in the manner breast, aforesaid ; be it thus known unto you, With silent confidence and holy rest. giving full faith to the Imperial cipher. From Thee, Great God, we spring, to

Written on the first day of Ramazan, Thee we tend, 1261 (10th Sept. 1845).

Path, motive, guide, original, and end. It may be well to add that there is no reason for apprehending that the provision requiring that the Church

“GOD MANIFEST IN THE FLESH.” should be built within the precincts of Jesus of Bethlehem! Bright was the the Consular residence can lead to star, any inconvenience, as we have the

That arose in the skies of the east, best authority for asserting that the And led the grey travellers onwards Church cannot be brought under the provisions of the Consular Act.

To Canaan the type-land of rest. Jesus of Nazareth! Calm was the


That once solaced the pilgrim's lone Oxford Tendencies. — Does Ox heart, ford education lead to the Church of And bade the poor tempted one turn Rome or the Church of England ? In and rejoice, the Vice-Chancellor's Court of Eng. In a love that shall never depart. land, Sir Lancelot Shadwell, Vice- Jesus of Bethany! Blest was the tear, Chancellor, the following took place That furrowed thy countenance wan, on the 26th ult. :-Mr. J. Parkes At the grave of the sinner whom mentioned a petition in the case of grace counted dear, Johnson v. Tucker, which related to And loosed from mortality's ban. the maintenance of a ward who ex- Jesus of Calvary! Rich was the blood pressed his desire to enter the Church That meandered, a life-giving of England as a priest, and wished to stream, matriculate at the University of Ox- From the spear-stricken side of the ford. His Honour the Vice-Chan meek Son of God, cellor, smiling, said, that it was a Who bowed and who died to redeem. doubtful question whether matricula- Jesus of Olivet! Swift was thy flight tion at Oxford was likely to make him Through the lovely repose of the a priest of the Church of England.

air, To the mansions of glory all brilliant

and bright, CABINET.

A place for thy flock to prepare. The Founder of Christianity be- Cambridge, Dec., 1845.



NOTICES OF BOOKS. 16, in Albion Hall, London-wall, by The Sin of England, and the Duty

Duster the Rev. S. A. Dubourg. The subject of British Christians ; or, Twelve

was—" Against the Use of Pictures Letters on the Maynooth Bill. By

and Images in the Worship of God.” the Rev. T. R. BIRKS, Rector of

Manchester.-The Seventh Annual Kelshall, Herts. London: Pub

Meeting of the Manchester and Salford lished for the Protestant Associa

Tradesmen and Operatives' Protestant tion, by W. H. Dalton, Cockspur

Association, took place on Friday,

Nov. 27, at the Corn Exchange. Upstreet. 1845. These truly Christian and Pro

na Pro wards of thirty clergymen were on the testant Letters originally appeared in

platform, among whom were the folthe “ Record.” We think the Pro- lowing, who took part in the proceedtestant Association have done good

ings of the Meeting; the Rev. Canon

Stowell, in the chair; Rev. R. J. service to the cause by reprinting them in their present cheap and at

M'Ghee, Rev. J. H. M'Guire, Rev.

H. W. M'Grath, Rev. W. K. Tatam, tractive form.

Rev. W. Huntingdon, Rev. T. The writer and the letters are too

T. well known to require our praise ; but


In consequence of the unprecedented we cordially recommend our friends to give as wide a circulation as they can

sale of Bibles at Manchester, an octoto these letters, for we are well satis

" genarian friend has forwarded to the fied that the welfare of our Church

Bible Society of that town the sum of and country depends on the mainte

5001. through the Right Rev. the Lord nance of our national protest against

Bishop of Chester, who has forwarded Popery, and acting in conformity to

the same to Mr. Dudley in a very af

fectionate letter. the precepts and principles of inspired wisdom.

LIVERPOOL.—The Seventh Annual Meeting of the Liverpool Association

was held in the Music Hall in that Protestant Catechism for the Use of

town on Monday, Dec. 15; the Rev. Schools, especially Sunday Schools. Hugh M'Neile, Canon of Chester, in By the Rev. B. RICHINGS, Vicar of the chair; the Rev. J. R. Connor, Mancetter, Warwickshire. pp. 72.

Rev. G. Cuthbert, Rev. D. Anderson, London: Seeley, Burnside, and Rev. F. Parry, and Mr. J. Parker.

took part in the proceedings of the This is a very useful and excellent Meeting. little book. We have great need to Dr. °Pusey. — The Papists, in a train up the rising generation in the recent number of the “ Tablet," nurture and admonition of the Lord,

announced their intention of prayand to warn them against the wiles of ing, “by name," for Dr. Pusey's con

version. Although they have won It is of special importance at this Mr. Newman, (or rather he has retime that they should be able to give a

turned to the party to which he always reason of the hope that is in them, belonged,) they consider their triumph and to refute the opponent of their

incomplete without the halting Docfaith.

tor.--Perversion.—The Misses Poole, The Jesuits have long been at work

of Bridgewater, while on a visit, last 10 education, and we rejoice in every summer, to their brother-in-law, the good effort made to counteract them. * Rev. J. S. Northcote, the late Curate

of Ilfracombe, were introduced to the wat? INTELLIGENCE.

acquaintance of Dr. Pusey, and went

over to the Church of Rome. But the A LECTURE was delivered in connexion

Protestant clergyman thought the tranwith the City of London Protestant

sition so trifling that he allowed the Association, on Tuesday evening, Dec.

young ladies still to teach in the Sun"We have received several other day-school; and during the last week works, notices of which we are com- or two (middle of Dec.) Mrs. North

ed to postpone to a subsequent cote, too, has become a Romanist, and number.

has written to her husband to say that



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