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arise from irreligious fellowships, the pery stand then? Will she dare, to fatal rock against which many a repeat her horrible doctrine that the goodly bark launched forth into the blood of God's saints is of no more ocean of the world, by the hand of value than the blood of thieves, murparental anxiety, and fraught with derers, and robbers. God will teach rich stores of knowledge and moral her differently. God will teach her worth, has struck, and split, and sank then, that the blood of his people to rise no more.

cannot be shed with impunity; that The cup of social pleasure which is as the blood of Abel cried aloud to not consecrated to virtue and to God, God for vengeance, so the blood of may sparkle in the view, and contain his slaughtered servants calls, trumpetsome ingredients which in the moment tongued, to the Almighty, for judgof participation, are peculiarly stimu- ment upon Rome. When God shall lating to the spirits, and agreeable to bare his arm and grasp the thunderthe taste ;- but it is forgotten that it bolts of his vengeance, where will is nevertheless, an intoxicating and Popery stand then? will she, can she, poisonous draught, which tends to endure the power of the holy God? undermine the moral constitution, and To whom then will she cry? To the to produce the worst evils.

blessed Virgin? She will rejoice over When apprised of their peril, youth her downfall? To the saints? They are commonly disposed to think they will shout in a boly rapture of joy and are able at any time, either to secure praise to God, for bringing into judga safe retreat from unholy companion- ment, the accursed system, which ship, or to withstand its pernicious blasphemed his glorious majesty, and influence. But it would be well to dishonoured their names. Will Peter remember that however sincere their save her? He and all the holy aposresolutions may be, it requires a far tles and prophets are described in the greater degree of fortitude, prudence, Revelations as rejoicing over her. and stability of character, to guard Will angels save her? No; the areffectually against the danger, than mies of heaven shall unite in one song usually belongs to their period of life, of triumph: the vault of heaven shall and that few have ventured unbidden, ring with the triumphant shout, Halleand in the spirit of self confidence luiah (Rev. xix. 1–3), and her smoke upon such an unequal contest, with- shall rise up for ever and ever. out giving in the sequel, melancholy AsceticISM.—The conduct of the proof of having overrated the strength ascetic often conceals under an asof their moral principles - Muston. sumed sanctity, the worst feelings of

A Mother's Love.—There is an the heart. How frequently has it enduring tenderness in the love of a been made the cloak of covetousness mother to a son that transcends all and the subterfuge of pride ! other affections of the heart. It is Nor is religion less libelled by the neither to be chilled by selfishness, churl who pours contempt upon the nor daunted by danger, nor weakened eommon civilities of life :-or by the by worthlessness, nor stified by in- pharisaical spirit, which under the gratitude. She will sacrifice every pretence of superior purity, acts as comfort to his convenience; she will though it would be contaminated by surrender every pleasure to his enjoy- coming into ordinary contact with ment; she will glory in his fame, and human nature.—Muston, exult in his prosperity: and if adver- . Books. It is chiefly through books sity overtake him, he will be the that we enjoy intercourse with supedearer to her by misfortune; and if rior minds; and these invaluable disgrace settle upon his name, she will means of communication are in reach still love and cherish him; and if all of all. In the best books great men the world beside cast him off, she will talk to us—give us their most precious be all the world to him.

thoughts, and pour their souls into The Doom OP POPERY.- When ours. God be thanked for books. God shall arise in awful majesty to They are the voices of the distant and judge the world, when he shall make the dead, and make us heirs of the inquisition for blood—where will Po- spiritual life of past ages. Books are the true levellers. They give to all the expense of his morals is the worse who will faithfully use them, the so- for his education. ciety, the spiritual presence of the best and greatest of our race. No matter . . how poor I am; no matter though the


POETRY. prosperous of my own time will not

[FROM A CORRESPONDENT.) enter my obscure dwelling. If the sacred writers will enter and take up The two following Humns were comtheir abode under my roof; if Milton posed by Bishop Heber. We do not will cross my threshold to sing to me know that they have ever before been of paradise, and Shakspeare to open published :to me the worlds of imagination and the workings of the human heart, and LORD! whose love, in power excelling, Franklin to enrich me with his prac- ' Wash'd the leper's stains away, tical wisdom, I shall not pine for want Jesus! from thy heavenly dwelling, of intellectual companionship, and I Hear us, help us, when we pray. may become a cultivated man, though


From the filth bf vire and follo

From the filth of vice and folly, excluded from what is called the best

From infuriate passions' rage, society, in the place where I live. alu

toch Evil thoughts and hopes unholy, HOLY EMULATION. VOU) 1911 Every Christian's prayer ought to

Heedless youth and selfish age. be the same as that of an apostolic From the lusts whose deep pollutions Bishop of former days, who says, “I - Adam's ancient taint disclose, pray God that the time may be draw From the tempter's dark intrusions, ing near, when the strife between Restless doubt and blind repose, Christians will not be like that be- From the miser's cursed treasure, tween the aspen and the poplar leaves, From the drunkard's jest obscene, as to who shall rustle most and make From the world, its pomp and pleasure, most noise, but like the olive and the Jesus! Master! make us clean. vine-trees, who shall yield most fatness and bear most fruit." H it 10 9 GOD'S RICHES OF PROVIDENCE. Lord of mercy, and of might!

He who fed his prophet by the ra- Of mankind the life and light! vens, made the widow's cruise to yield Maker, teacher, infinite! an unfailing supply, brought relief to

Jesus! hear and save! a famishing city by the instrumen- Who, when sin's tremendous doom, tality of four leprous men, and so Gave creation to the tomb, multiplied by his blessing a few loaves Did'st not scorn the Virgin's womb, and fishes, that the multitude had

Jesus! hear and save. enough and to spare, can never want resources for the fulfilment of all that

Mighty monarch! Saviour mild ! he has promised. TOT OW 111

Humbled to a mortal child, - 10 esiilivio toros Captive, beaten, bound, revil'd, and so the Tibada

Jesus! hear and save. P3 339B VULCABINET. 10 DES! TH Thron'd above celestial things, REVERENCE the writings of holy men, Borne aloft on Angel's wings, but lodge not thy faith upon them, Lord of lords, and King of kings! because but men; they are good posts , Jesus ! hear and save! but no fountains. Build on Paul him- Who shall yet return from high, self no longer than he builds on Christ; Robed in might and majesty, if Peter renounce his Master, renounce Heed us! help us when we cry! Peter. The word of man may con

Jesus! hear and save! vince reason, but the Word of God alone can compel conscience.

The work of Heaven is not likely to be done by a tongue set on fire of hell.

NOTICES OF BOOKS. The fruits of the Spirit are like links History of the Reformation in the in a chain-one draws on another. Sixteenth Century. By J. H. MERLE

He who acquires his learning at D'AUBIGNE, D.D. A New Trans

Ć lation, by HENRY BEVERIDGE, Esq., DAY, May 13, 1846. Chair to be

Advocate; with a portrait of Lu- taken at twelve o'clock. ther. Collins : Edinburgh and Lon- ENGLAND.Bristol.--Several of don.

the Sisters of Charity have just estabVols. I., II., and III., are now before

lished themselves in Pritchard-street,

Bristol.- Bridgewater.-A Popish us, a new translation from the edition of 1842, and in which a translation of

chapel has just been opened in this all the Latin notes and quotations is

town, and already numbers a con

siderable attendance. given.

Beverley. This excellent work of D'Aubigné,

A Popish chapel has been opened is now brought out at so moderate a

during the past month in this town. 4

price as to secure for it a very exten

M. D'Aubigné. - This eminent sive circulation. The more widely it

divine has written a long letter, preis known and read, the better will

vious to his departure from England, Protestants be armed against the tor

to the Bishop of Chester, on the state rent of Popery, which now, like an

of religion in this country M. D'Auinundation, threatens, if not resisted,

bigné, though fully 'assured that to sweep down all before it.

England will always sustain her Protestant character, cannot but lament

that whilst the progress of enlightenHigh Treason.The Trial of Arch

ment on the Continent is making hard bishop Laud, in 1644, for traitor

against Popery, the tide in England is ously endeavouring to subvert the

moving exactly in the contrary direcLaws by arbitrary Government, and

tion. to reconcile the Church of England

· WALES.- A short time since, we with the Church of Rome. Compiled

stated that it was intended to introfrom authorized records by the Rev.

duce into the Principality several John SPURGIN, Vicar of Hockham, Norfolk.-Pp. 101. Norwich: Mus- and Welsh languages have a great

priests from Britanny, as the Breton kett, Old Haymarket. London:

affinity. Three priests have lately L. and G. Seeley, 169, Fleet-street. been imported, and it is expected On reading this tract, which is well that others will soon follow worthy the perusal of our readers, it : IRELAND.-Reformation in Dubis remarkable to observe how similar lin.-We never witnessed such a mass are the efforts which are now making, of human beings within the walls of a to those which were made by some, Church, as we beheld in Saint Autwo centuries ago, to demolish the doen's on Sunday, March 1; and have work of the Reformation, and build never seen a more attentive or silent up again amongst us the errors and congregation, though some men even superstitious ceremonies of Rome. fainted by reason of the heat and However such efforts may seem for a pressure. Whatever inconvenience the time successful, their plots will, sooner people might have suffered from these or later, recoil with terrific force, upon circumstances, they were amply rethose who contrive them.

paid by witnessing the interesting The Protestants of this country are ceremony of one priest of the Church not prepared for Popery, and though of Rome, the Rev. William Davock, statesmen and theologians, taking and ten other respectable persons, advantage of their position, may seek formally and publicly abjuring the to force it on them, they never can errors of Romanism, and embracing bring about a reconciliation between the Protestant faiththe ancient and the Bible-reading people of this coun primitive faith of the Church of Iretry, and the Romish apostasy.

land, before it was corrupted by the human and modern inventions of the

Italian creed. The Rev. Thomas INTELLIGENCE.

Scott preached on the sacred occasion THE ANNUAL MEETING of the on the subject of the Atonement.PROTESTANT ASSOCIATION will Dublin Statesman. be held (D.v.) in the Large Hall, FOREIGN.-Constantinople. The EXETER HALL, on WEDNES- Armenian Patriarch has pronounced

his' excommunication and anathema Athens concerning the Rev. Jonas on “Gospel Readers.” The effects King, American missionary. Mr. have been most deplorable. Fathers "King was charged with uttering imand mothers who have Gospel-reading pious and injurious language respectchildren, have turned their sons and ing the Virgin Mary. He defended daughters out of doors, in a state of himself against the charges in the destitution, lest the curse they have columns of a newspaper, and quoted incurred should spread through the the opinions of the early Greek fawhole family. Many of the excom- thers, and especially the sentiment of municated have been dismissed from Epiphanius, Bishop of Cyprus, whose their employment. None of their feast is still observed by the Greeks. countrymen will buy of them, none This father says expressly, “Let the will sell to them. Many have been Father and the Son and the Holy refused the license necessary to enable Ghost be worshipped ; Mary let no them to carry on their various trades, one worship.” This increased the exand subjected to other persecu- citement and induced Mr. King to tions. Portugal Riot against the prepare and publish a book of about Jesuits.Oporto, Friday, March 13, 220 pages in his defence, in which he 1846.-Since my last, there has been quoted largely the sentiments of the a most serious disturbance in Oporto. early Greek fathers, and showed their On Sunday last, the Society for the agreement with himself. About 900 Propagation of the Faith, held an As- of this volume had been circulated sembly in one of the principal among the most distinguished men in churches of the city. Shortly after Greece, and others, and by many was the commencement of the sermon, a well received, who declared their envoice was heard from amidst the con- tire conviction that the Virgin Mary gregation, exhorting the preacher to ought not to be worshipped. But the elevate his tone. This was followed Greek ecclesiastics raised an oppofrom the pulpit by a rather untoward sition, and threats of violence were attack on the Christian principles of made against Mr. King. He has been part of the multitude assembled, and excommunicated, and summoned bethis untimely accusation gave birth to fore the courts.-"American Paper." a general tumult. All was now one Recent accounts state that the excitescene of tumult and confusion. The ment still continues. Several copies of cavalry was called out, and on its ar- the book have been seized and burned, rival the congregation made its retreat, but this only makes the demand for it amidst loud yells ånd hootings, of the greater. Mr. King is still in great « Down with the Jesuits !,"'« Death to peril. - Romish Toleration. The the Jesuits !” The infantry next ar- 16 Allgemeine Zeitung," of Feb. 18, rived, and seeing the attitude of de- - 'under the head of “Vienna," says:fiance which the people had taken, The Government will not publish were proceeding to measures, which, any decree relative to the Catholic Distending to 'exasperate more the 'mob, "sidents; it will content itself with prewere desisted froin. The cavalry, scribing to the authorities the followlikewise thought it. more prudent to “ing course :- The foreign Catholic sheathe their swords; which act threw 'Dissidents shall not be admitted ; they a calm over the ebullition of popular will be made to retrace their steps at feeling, and night closed the scene. the frontiers. Those of the country --Malta.--Disturbances have been who have embraced the new doctrine created here by the Papists, because will be allowed to erpatriate themselves, the Governor would not permit mas- for the Government will recognise no querades on Sundays. Persecution other confession than that already exof an American Missionary.- An in- isting." tense excitement has been created at


Seven Shillings per Hundred, for Distribution.
Macintosh, Printer, Great New Street, London.

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If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”—Isaiah vifi. 20.

1 No. 74.

MAY, 1846.

Vol. VII.


country has gained unprecedented na

tional prosperity, and the knowledge TESTANT OPERATIVE ASSOCIA.

of God's Truth has been perpetuated - TION.

amongst her people. The year 1845 adds one more link to. In the conscientious persuasion of the chain of troublous, if not disas- this duty, your Committee have first trous, events in the history of British to notice, that they have deemed it Protestantism. The godless and indis advisable to make some alterations in creet desire for change which reigns the style and rules of the Association, in the minds of great masses of our and they have, after due consideration, countrymen, and directs to an unhal- adopted the style of “ The Norwich lowed 'subversion of the fundamental Operative Protestant Association, for element of our constitution Protest- making known the principles and pracant ascendancy, has, during the past tices of Popery, and maintaining and year, received a manifest token of dis- promoting the sound Protestant princouragement from the parliamentary ciples of the Church of England." The counsels of our country; the Papacy alterations of the rules are in accordhas gained a step in advancement ance with this style, but effect no very endowment in perpetuity; Protestant material change in our practical deism has sustained a heavy discourage- tails. ment and fore-warning of future be Your Committee have the pleasure trayal. In such case, the Truth-loving to state, that the operations of the Asand loyal Protestant (in the confidence sociation have been conducted in their that he is discharging a needful Chris- usual course of Tract distribution, octian duty, and committing the result casional Lectures, and Meetings, and to the will of his Heavenly Master,) they cordially bring to remembrance should arouse himself with increased the proceedings of the Meeting held energy in contending for and uphold on the 5th of March last, when James ing the great principles of Church and Lord, Esq., attended, and addressed an State policy under which our beloved attentive auditory on the prevailing

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