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her Church does not recognize their ment by a Roman Catholic priest, who heretical marriage, and that if he meditates the abandonment of Popery, wishes to consider her his wife and his He stated, that for six years he has (expected) offspring legitimate, they never ascended the altar with a quiet must be married again by a Catholic conscience, having more than doubted priest. The disconsolate widower, it the truth of transubstantiation. We is conjectured, will follow her advice believe that there are hundreds of and example.—-Western Times.-Ro- priests in the same state of mind in man Catholics in Lancashire.—Some- the Church of Rome at this moment. thing like rebellion against the Pope According to the doctrines of that and his representative Bishop Brown, Church, a priest in this state is incapaV.A., appears to have broken out ble of working the miracle transubamong certain Roman Catholics in stantiation, as the intention of the offiLancashire. At a recent Meeting in ciating priest is necessary to its perClitheroe, which is alleged to have formance ; and, therefore, those perconsisted of five hundred persons, great sons who attend their mass are, on complaint was made of the Leigh their own principle, giving the worship house Roman Catholic Chapel being which is due to God, to a bit of flour closed by the bishop. The following and water.--Achill Herald. Pois a noticeable part of the complaint pery and Potato Rot.-We learn that against that Right Rev. functionary :- the Romish priests in the Isles of Ar“ That having in his apparent determi- ran are turning the potato rot to the nation to wrest from the old Catholic usual pecuniary account, as well as to families and lay patrons the manage the advancement of their superstitious ment of the temporalities of chapels, mummeries. It seems that in order reduced this congregation to a lament- to stay the plague, a mass, which costs able and scandalous condition, in double the ordinary price, and is which their dead are deprived of not a called The Holy Ghost Mass," is part, but of all the masses for which performed throughout the villages. It they bargained with money, and the is really disgusting to be obliged to living, of every religious advantage. record such blasphemies; yet these are Bishop Brown persists in acting as if Maynooth priests who thus act, and it he were judge in his own cause, and is to propagate more Maynooth priests treats with contempt all overtures and that Peel has endowed their manufacmeasures likely to lead to a fair ad- tory.-Dublin Warder. - Bible burnjustment; more especially by having ing in Ireland. The Armagh Guarrefused to allow the Benedictine supe- dian mentions that in that city, on the rior to have the chapel.”-Morning 30th Nov. a Roman Catholic held a Post. Our contemporary does not sword over the head of his wife (a seem at all inclined to sympathize Protestant), and compelled her to kneel with these petitioners in their rebellion down and blow the fire till her Bible against authority. But surely nothing and Prayer-book were consumed. can be worse than to rob the dead, es- Assault of Papists on a Bible Society pecially when, by the robbery, souls Agent.-On Saturday, Dec. 13, when may be kept in purgatory for an inde- a man named Timothy Crawley, agent finite term.)-Britannia.

to the Hibernian Bible Society, was IRELAND.-Maynooth not yet sa- returning from Roscrea to his residence tisfied. The sum of 30,0001. allocated in this town, he was attacked at Oxfor the repairs and extension of the mantown Bridge, within a few yards college buildings at Maynooth, being of the Roman Catholic Chapel, by far below the amount required accord three ruffians, two of whom seized ing to the plans and estimates of the hold of him, while the third, with a architect, Mr. Pugin, the Board ap- knife cut the straps of two cases con. plied for a suitable increase of the taining Bibles and religious books, that grant for the purpose. We understand were around his body, and threw all that a reply has been received pe- into the river. The fellows then cut remptorily refusing any increase what. Crawley's hat, and rifled his pockets ever. Achill. During the last of twenty-five shillings and his account month we were visited at this settie- book. When going away they told

him he got that for being a jumper. with regulating the ceremonial of the Crawley was formerly a Roman Catho- commemoration, had been appointed, lic, but now belongs to the Preshyte- . and the Patriarch of Venice, the Carrian Church. The police succeeded dinal Archbishop of Salzburg, (who in finding several Bibles in the river. expatriated the Zillerthalers,) the A man named Edwards has been ar- Prince Bishop of Goritz, and a numrested and fully committed.-King's ber of German prelates had already County Chronicle.

promised to attend. The Pope, on COLONIAL.-South Australia.- his side, had granted a jubilee of six It is stated that a magnificent Popish months on the occasion; the Bishop cathedral is about to be built at Ade- of Trent had caused the colossal crulaide.

cifix, before which the Fathers of the FOREIGN.-The Romish Popula- Council signed the Acts, and the tion of Switzerland. The population chapel of that Cathedral, in which it of Switzerland at present amounts to is deposited, to be magnificently de2,362,200 souls, of whom 936,000 are corated; and the inhabitants had Papists, 1,433,000 Protestants, and erected, to the east of the Church of 2,600 Jews. The population is distri- St. Mary Major, where the Council buted amongst the different cantons as assembled, a monumental column, follows, viz. :-Zurich has 1,100 Pa- surmounted with the statue of the pists; Appenzell-Rhodes, exterior, 115; Mother of God, “ever victorious over at Schauffhausen there are estimated all heresies." The first stone was 185 Papists, and rather more than laid on the 26th of October, and 33,060 Protestant inhabitants; at the monument inaugurated on the Basle-Ville there are 450 against 13th of December.- Popish Mum25,700 Protestants. In the Canton meries and Delusion.-Night procesof Vaud there are 3,100 Papists out of sions, as well as many other long disa population of 200,000 souls ; at continued usages, have been raked up Neufchâtel, 2,000 out of 63,000 inha- from the chest of ages to dazzle the bitants; at Glaris the number is 4,300 eyes of the faithful in the nineteenth out of 31,600 souls ; at Basle-Cam- century at Treves, the scene of the pagne, 6,300 out of 44,300 inhabitants. holy coat exhibition. They were

The Papists are more numerous at commenced on the 18th of August Geneva, where they are estimated at last, and continued every Friday until 19,700 out of a total population of the 6th of October. Not less than 63,300 souls; Thurgovia includes 4,000 persons, each carrying either a 19,800 Papists, and 71,000 Protest- taper, a lantern, or a torch, and acants; Berne, 52,700 Papists, and companied by a number of white388,000 Protestants; Argovia, 85,000 robed maidens, bearing splendid banPapists, and 109,800 Protestants. In ners of various sizes and devices, all the other cantons the Popish popu- passed at half-past nine o'clock of that lation is in the majority. Whilst there evening across the city market to the is no longer any canton in which there Bishop's Court. There a hymn was are not domiciled some few Catholics, sung, and Bishop Arnoldi appeared on however insignificant in number, Uri, the balcony and dispensed his blessing Schwyz, Unterwalden, Zug, Appen- to the people ; a proof that these rezell-Rhodes, interior, have no Pro- ligious demonstrations, even supposing testant inhabitants whatever. The Va- them not to have originated with the lais has only about 90; Tessini, 210; higher clergy, are at least secretly Lucerne, 520' (against 133,000 Pa- approved and encouraged by them. pists) ; Fribourg, 6000; Soleure, 6,100; Nor are such fooleries confined to the and St. Gall, 65,800, and 106,000 south. M. de Olzewsky, a cavalry Papists.”Times, Dec. 17.- Trent. officer, now seventy-four years old, is - L'Univers " announces that the at present engaged in making the pilcity of Trent was preparing to ce- grimage to Rome on foot, in order to lebrate, with great pomp, the third fulfil a pious vow. Statistics of the centenary of the assembling of the Jesuits.-The " Frankfort Post Ampt Council of Trent in the beginning of Zeitung" and the “Rhenish Beo1846. A Special Committee, charged bachter” gave recently a statement, founded on authentic records, respect- already subscribed, including the 5001. ing the present extent of the so-lately given by Her Majesty's Government, avowed restored Jesuit Order as will fall far short of the architect's follows :-There are at this moment estimate. Considering the great numin Italy 150 houses of the Order of ber of English Protestants who now the Jesuits, containing nearly 4,000 pass through Egypt, a place of worpersons ; of whom 1,800 are priests. ship is essentially necessary, and it is In France there are 56, containing 872 hoped that those connected with India Jesuits ; of whom 362 are priests. and the overland route will come forIn Germany there are 88, of which ward liberally in aid of so desirable 14 are situate in Bavaria, 21 in an object. -- Morning Paper. Austria, 3 in Wurtemberg, 7 in Baden, Dr. Wiseman and the French Bishops. 2 in the two Hesses, 2 in Nassau, 5 in - It is stated in “L'Univers,” that Dr. the province of Rhenish Prussia, 3 in Wiseman, Popish bishop in England, Westphalia, 6 in Silesia, 3 in Saxony, in the month of October last visited 1 in Anhalt Köthen, and 5 in Hanover Paris, and that the principal object of and the Free Cities. In the Grand his journey was to address a letter to Duchy of Posen there are 7, in East the French bishops, in which, after and West Prussia 5, in Pomerania 2, alluding to the Protestant darkness in Brandenburgh, 2, in Saxony 1. which has long enveloped England, The total number of the Jesuits living he says, “the Omnipotent has caused in these houses is 1,000; of whom 400 a ray of hope to shine upon us which are priests. In Spain there are 87 dissipates the darkness of the future.” houses, containing 536 Jesuits; of He makes allusion to the recent perwhom 220 are priests; and in Portu- versions, and speaks of "old prejugal 8, containing 160 Jesuits ; of dices dying away,” and “more affecwhom 75 are priests. The Jesuits tionate sentiments expressed towards at Malta.--A convent of Jesuits has them” (Papists). These results he atrecently been inaugurated at Civita tributes to a “spontaneous impulse of Vecchia, in the island of Malta. On grace, and a providential succession the occasion the Rev. Father Esmonde of circumstances.” He then alludes pronounced a discourse in Italian, in to the recent prayers in France for the course of which he thanked Queen “the conversion of England," and

Victoria for the great favour she had expresses his hope to obtain from the . conferred on his Order, in suffering bishops“ a public demand of prayers

them to establish themselves at Malta. on the part of your priests, your reHe added, that the Jesuits would evi- ligious communities, and the whole dence their gratitude to the Queen by body of your faithful; and if, above labouring to promote the happiness of all, we can obtain from each of the the isle, especially through the chan- priests of your diocese an oblation of nal of education.- Syria. — M. the adorable sacrifice in favour of our Hiliani, Popish Archbishop of Da- unhappy country.” Several of the mascus, arrived at Havre on the 28th bishops have, in consequence, recomult., to solicit pecuniary assistance on mended throughout their dioceses, behalf of the churches and faithful of prayers for the conversion of England. his diocese. The “Univers” pub- JERUSALEM.-We regret to record lishes the first five lists of subscrip- the melancholy intelligence that the tions, amounting to 7,140f.- Alex- Lord Bishop of Jerusalem departed andria. - The English Protestant this life, a short distance from Cairo, church is progressing very fast, but on his way to England, on the 26th of the works are likely soon to be stopped November. for want of funds. The amount


Seven Shillings per Hundred, for Distribution.

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and her national greatness and useSPEECH OF THE REV. HUGH fulness. M'NEILE,

Secondly. By spiritual arguments

and in a Christian spirit to convince AT A RECENT MEETING OF THE LI

those members of the Church of VERPOOL PROTESTANT OPERATIVE

Rome with whom you may have comASSOCIATION.

munication, of the dangerous errors We invite the attention of our which they are taught to venerate as readers to the following con religious truths. densed report of the wise, prac- Thirdly. To resist, by every lawful tical, and spirit-stirring speech of

effort, the national encroachment of

Romanism as a system, opposed as it the Rev. Hugh M`Neile, at a

is to the best interests of civil liberty, recent Meeting in Liverpool :

as well as to the fundamental doctrines The Rev. Mr.Connor having offered of true religion. These are your three a most impressive prayer,

objects. They are objects well worthy The Chairman addressed the Meet- of a Christian and a patriot. In the ing as follows:

first of them you have been eminently Friends and fellow-labourers, I have successful. For, whatever may be the much pleasure in presiding once more state of things amongst other classes at your Annual Meeting, and giving of the community, whatever defection you any encouragement in my power there may be in some of our colleges, to persevere in your Christian exer- extending its poisonous influence into tions. The objects of your exertions some of our pulpits, and into the are threefold.

families of some of our aristocracy 1st. To keep and extend among the and gentry, I do believe that at no working-classes the true spirit of the period since the noble army of our Reformation, to which England is British martyrs sealed their testimony mainly indebted, under the Divine with their blood, were the working blessing, for her national character, classes of England more completely,

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more intelligently, and more resolutely "setting their house in order," and opposed to Romanism, than they are from removing disorderly servants, by at this day. (Loud cheers.) Their whom is the house to be set in order? intelligence and determination on this Peaceably, it seems impossible; and a point are such, that considering their different description of sweeping is numbers and the influence they now what none of us would advocate. We possess in the state, and, backed not are earnestly desirous therefore to see by the hundreds in this rooin only, the right exercise of authority in the but by many thousands in all the large Church of God. Authority belongs to towns of the kingdom, I would send her officers, submission to her children; it as a message from this platform to and I believe the officers of our Church all whom it may concern, candidates do not calculate, as they might, upon for Parliament, or candidates for Cabi- the dutiful submission of her children, nets, that no Government under the if their authority were exercised as suncan impose Romanism upon based upon the Word of God. England. (Immense cheers.) Mauy. With regard to your second object, I Romanizing steps have been taken, think the less that is said in public about but they have not yet reached the your proceedings upon that point the point of imposing Romanism upon better; but I would earnestly entreat you. When the spring is squeezed you to practise kindness and gentletight enough for that, the recoil will ness in all your conversational conastonish him that is at the top! And, troversies. I would entreat you, my as for our Church, - our beloved friends, to beware of any hasty exChurch, whatever may be said against pressions of temper. Remember, in her at home or abroad, she has not her all your controversies with Romanists equal upon earth (cheers) for com- upon subjects of deep and vital imprehension, combination, order, and portance, that the “wrath of man activity, dignity and zeal, animated worketh not the righteousness of fervour and chastened gentleness, so- God.” Remember, that speaking face lidity of truth without any childish or to face with them, they may mistake frivolous fables, and elegance of dic- your honest indignation against their tion without rudeness or vulgarity, system for personal anger or ill-feeling as for our Church, whatever annoy- against themselves. And therefore ance may be felt for a time, or may be you should restrain your expressions occasioned by certain young gentle even of honest indignation against men of architectural tastes or accom- their system in the hope of winning plishments,—whatever pain may be a fair hearing from them to what you experienced because of the defection have to say for your own. Example from our pale of certain brethren is a more powerful teacher than the whom we loved, and from whom we best of precepts, and “a soft answer expected better things ; still, I believe turneth away wrath." I know and am that all the Jesuits in England,—and willing to admit to you how difficult they are not a few at present,-cannot it is to be calm when the heart is ensucceed in Romanizing the Established gaged, when zeal inflames the tongue; Church. (Enthusiastic cheers.) I but it is the prerogative of the real would, however, take the liberty of Christian, in whom the Spirit of God adding, with all due respect to the dwells, to combine discretion and selfMost Rev. and the Right Rev. Pre- restraint with zeal. I speak to you lates of our Church, that if in trying then, as to persons engaged from day times like these, they leave the de- to day in controversy, amicably, with fences of our Zion in the hands of the Roman Catholics, and I entreat you to Protestant operatives, they are not have respect to their feelings, though adopting the course likely to secure in you cannot respect the falsehoods they the sequel that well-balanced order, have been educated in; have respect and that dignified moderation which to their feelings and use language we all prefer, though we might not which shall convey your own sentibe able to maintain it. If, through the ments without wounding their feelings difficulty or impossibility of agreeing or causing you the loss of their attenamong themselves, they refrain from tion. In the third branch of your

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